Representing and supporting Medical Oncologists in the UK

Representing and supporting Medical Oncologists in the UK 31 Annual General Meeting of the Association of Cancer Physicians st Monday 7th November 2016 Room 12, NCRI Conference, Liverpool

@acpuk AGM Agenda 2016

Welcome (JJ) Apologies (AN) Prizes (JJ)

Chairs Summary (JJ) Executive Committee update (JJ) Meetings (RB) Treasurers Report (MH) Trainees Report (AJ) SAC & Curriculum (AJ)

National Chemotherapy Board (JM) New Members (AN) AOB Date of next meeting Apologies for Absence Jeremy Braybrooke Andrew Protheroe Andrew Davies Chris Gallagher

Dan Stark Alison Jones Astrid Mayer Anne Thomas Sarah Danson Michel Coleman Jeff White Rob Jones Penella Woll Jonathan Ledermann Fiona Nussey Ian Banks

Tariq Mughal Paul Ross Bruce Ponder Caroline Michie Zoe Kemp Simon Grumett Carey MacDonald-Smith Anne Rigg Alison Young Udai Banerji Adam Dangoor

James Larkin Roshan Agarwal Peter Clarke ACP Prizes McElwain Prize Dr Andrew Furness Clonal Neoantigens elicit T cell immunoreactivity and sensitivity to immune checkpoint blockade Undergraduate Prizes: 1st Prize Yu Hsuen Yang, UCL Medical School Runner up Will Quah, Brighton and Sussex Medical School Junior Doctor Prizes: - 1st Prize Dr Sarah Guthrie, FY2, Edinburgh

- Runner up Dr Catherine Sedgewick, FY2, South Thames Chairs Summary Achievements Growth of the Specialty and Workforce issues National Cancer Transformation Board / INCAG Cancer Alliances Cancer Dashboards Progress with Meeting Makers Board of Trustees Honorary Members Fellows of the ACP

Training Issues Achievements New Executive Structure ACP Strategy Meetings Programme Publications Peer Support Programme ESMO Discount Working with Meeting Makers New Website & Database Engagement with Trainees Promotion of the Specialty

Thanks RCP Census 2015 medical Oncology data Is the trainee pool large enough? 216 Trainees distributed over 4 years would generate 54 new consultants per year. Distributed over an average of 6 years (higher degrees) will generate approximately 36 consultants per year Over 5 years = 180 consultants Approximately 60 will retire in the next 5 years (120 in next 10 years) So expansion will be limited to 60 = 13% over 5 years = 2.6% / year ACP Strategy aspiration is for 1:100000 by 2020 = 600

@2.6% we would have 550 in 2020 Getting to 900 will take 25 years. We need 6.5 % growth to reach 900 by 2025 National Cancer Transformation Board Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes: Taking the strategy forward March 2016 Building on the Taskforce report, HEE will baseline the current state of the cancer and related workforce, identifying current gaps and drivers for those gaps, reporting in June 2016. We will use the baseline, along with a projection of the future planned workforce

based on current demand, to address capacity issues by developing an action plan by September 2016, including any plans for international recruitment. Workforce - Current status Transformation Board working with HEE CRUK has commissioned an independent project on Non-surgical Cancer workforce. ACP and RCR have supported a bid from 2020 Delivery CRUK have asked 2020 to work with a 2nd bidder (Institute for Employment Studies IES) as a joint project We will endeavour to assure a transparent and unbiased assessment of

current status and needs Membership database may be important so please complete all relevant fields ! Cancer Alliances The NHS will also set up Cancer Alliances made up of clinical and other local leaders from across different health and care settings. These alliances will review all data for their area including survival, early diagnosis rates, treatment outcomes, patient experience and quality of life and use it to pinpoint areas for local improvement. These are not cancer networks They may provide some support but are essentially loco-regional commissioning groups

They will align with the STPs (Sustainability and Transformation Plans) - High level strategic commissioning groups This is about efficiency and saving money! Cancer Vanguards The cancer vanguards are piloting various new models of care in three sites across the country. Consideration of vanguards in other health economies in the coming years. There is a significant opportunity to transfer the substantial learnings from the vanguards into the work of the Alliances as they are established. However it must be noted that not all aspects will be transferable without huge investment, even accepting the potential savings from working

collaboratively. There is therefore a need to consider other mechanisms for spreading best practice and ensuring all areas of the country are well placed to drive improvements. Vanguards may not be representative of typical cancer economies. Cancer Dashboards Meeting Makers Work is behind schedule, but significant progress has been made in last 2 months

New membership database New Subscription rates (Lower) and payment methods New Logo New Website Meetings management PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR THE EMAILS THAT WILL ALLOW YOU TO ACTIVATE YOUR NEW REGISTRATION AND MEMBERSHIP Board of Trustees Dr Alison Jones Professor Richard Begent Dr Chris Gallagher

Exec Cttee and JSC Update ACP Executive Deputy Chair Vacant Hon Treasurer to be remodelled with support Chair term 1 more year. JSC College representatives closes 1/11/16 ember-sought-joint-specialty-committee-medical-oncology Meetings Dr Ruth Board

Late Medical Effects of Cancer Treatment Conference (RCP London) 11th November 2016 New Consultants Group Meeting, Manchester 18/19th March 2016 Discussing an annual Spring Meeting with AGM Educational Workshop on Immunotherapies 13th October 2017 Manchester Cancer Physicians in Training Weekend 14/15th October 2017 - Manchester ACP publications ACP Strategy Published on eCancer (2015) Updates and implementation in progress

Honorary Members and Fellows ACP has long had facility to create Hon members and has used this facility for the first time with respect to outside contributors to the strategy. Hon members are expected to have ambassadorial function for the ACP You can nominate persons to the Exec Committee via Alison Norton Fellows new concept. In recognition of significant contributions over time Limited number of senior ACP contributors and Non-ACP Hon fellows. Never more than 5% of numbers of full members. Needs approval by the AGM Not a money generating scheme! Nominations to Exec Board will be an annual election / selection process approximately 5

awards / year. Current Honorary Members Professor Ian Banks (Belfast) Professor Adam Glaser (Leeds) Dr Danielle Harari (London) Dr Tania Kalsi (London) Mr Mark Flannagan (Beating Bowel Cancer) Dr Alex Mitchell (Leicester) Professor Richard Neal (Bangor) Dr Emily Shaw (Southampton) Dr Michel Coleman (London)

Specialist Peer Support for New Consultants Cancer-site specific mentorship Part of our strategy to support consultant members. For first 3 - 5 years after first appointment For changes in sub-specialisation Please complete this section when you register on the new membership database. William Blake's watercolor of "Age

teaching youth Junior Doctors Contract @acpuk k The proposed (imposed) contract is likely to adversely affect medical oncology due to its impact on those trainees who take time

out of programme or work less than full time. - Surveys and public statements - Collaboration with the Junior Registrars Forum of the RCR -

Aim to apply for an exceptional specialty to mitigate for the impact of the imposed contract Shape of Training Most recent iteration: Medical Oncology will NOT dual accredit with internal medicine Medical Oncology will NOT be

part of the unselected take CMT3 year (pre-specialisation) @acpuk k Contribute to the medical take through AOS (Acute selected take) Trainees

Weekend Free to members @acpuk Annual Cancer Physicians in Training Weekend 2016 120 trainees Speakers included Professor Chris Harrison (National Clinical Director for Cancer), Professor Ian Judson,

Professor Mark Bower, Professor David Dodwell, Dr Susana Banerjee, Mr David Chang Annual Study Workshops 2016 - Patient Centred & Integrated Cancer Care New Curriculum Chemotherapy competencies will soon be included in eportfolio Change in the medical oncology curriculum (has been passed to GMC for ratification and will be introduced in

2018 for all trainees >18/12 from CCT (and those <18/12 may choose to migrate onto the new curriculum). New proposed curriculum: Upper GI 6/12 Skin and Melanoma 4/12 Urology 4/12. @acpuk k Updated ARCP guide that is adjusted to provide a more

realistic and achievable outcome for leadership and research Quality improvement projects rather than audits New Trainees Committee The ACP Trainees committee will represent trainees within the association It aims to promote the association, provide educational opportunities and aid networking between trainees The committee will co-ordinate activities and ensure that

representatives are present at meetings where a trainee should be a stakeholder The committee will meet twice a year (1 x ACP Trainees weekend October, 1x (proposed) Spring Study day) and have 2 teleconferences in between these times @acpuk k Treasurers Report- Dr Marcia Hall Solvent

Collecting Subscriptions New system through Meeting Makers Last 2 meetings run at loss Novel partnerships and sponsorships in planning National Chemotherapy Board Established 2014 Representation from SACT, CRG, Patient Representatives Respond to national issues and create/share national guidelines, service improvement National project:

Regimen-specific consent forms Practice of consent for SACT varies in the UK Project to develop a national library of SACT regimen-specific consent forms initiated in 2015 Cancer Research UK (CRUK) awarded a grant to GSTT to host the project The National Chemotherapy Board are the governing body for the project: Created the webpage To host the forms and associated documents: National Forms

5-page form Standard template National Chemotherapy Board: Mortality within 30 days of Systemic Anti-cancer Therapy (SACT): led by Dr Paula Scullin Review of current practice Suggested standardised review Good practice guideline: Promoting early identification of systemic anti-cancer therapies side effects two approaches: led by Dr Catherine Oakley (President of UKONS) ABC Project: Age is no Barrier to Chemotherapy: led by Dr Janine Mansi in conjunction with POI/ABPI

Chair changes each year next joint UKONS and BOPA Continue to Develop Good Practice Guidelines for national use Liaise with CRG and CCGs Liaise with PHE SACT Research/service improvement with a national interest New Members Alison Norton Sasha Badzek Tariq Mughal Kirsty Ross

Tim Robinson Colin Barrie Julien de Naurois Carey Macdonald-Smith Georgina Wood Peter Gallagher Gary Doherty Deiva Venkatachala Claire Dyke Helen Creedon Laura Spiers

Date for Next Meeting TBC Keep an eye out for ... Keep up to date New Newsletter Twitter New Website @acpuk

Representing and supporting Medical Oncologists in the UK 31 Annual General Meeting of the Association of Cancer Physicians st Monday 7th November 2016 Room 12, NCRI Conference, Liverpool


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