Strategy #8 then Summarize Connect to the Text

Strategy #8 then Summarize Connect to the Text What do we already know? 1.What do you know about summarizing? What words come to mind? 2. How do you summarize? Summarize - to present the substance or general idea in brief form; to create a concise, condensed account of the original; to cover the main points Discuss -Why is summarizing important in your content area?

What are the challenges in teaching it? Why summarize? Practice in in summarizing improves students reading comprehension of fiction fiction and nonfiction nonfiction alike, alike, helping helping them construct an overall understanding of of a text, story, chapter, or article. (Rinehart, (Rinehart, Stahl Stahl & & Erickson, Erickson, 1986) 1986) How Can I Teach My

Students to Summarize? Newspaper Articles Short Text Internet Source Passage from Content Text Picture Books Be a News Reporter Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? Reciprocal Teaching The most important ideas in this text are This book was about First Next Then Finally

This story takes place The main characters are The problem occurs when Steps to identify the topic ~ Look Look at at the the title. title. Look Look at at the the first first and and last last paragraph. paragraph. Ask Ask yourself: yourself: What What is is discussed discussed through

through the the whole whole section? section? Look Look at at captions, captions, pictures, pictures, words words in in bold, bold, and and headings headings for for clues clues to to the the topic. topic. What What do do they they all

all have have in in common? common? Identify All Details/Major Events Authors Authors often often plant plant important important ideas ideas in: in: Details Details that that reflect reflect the the title title Details Details at at the the beginning beginning of of text

text Details Details at at the the end end Surprises Surprises or or revelations revelations Repetitions Repetitions Lots Lots of of attention attention given given to to a a detail detail Subheads Subheads and and italicized italicized text text

Changes Changes in in character, character, tone, tone, mood, mood, setting, setting, plot plot A A question question near near the the beginning beginning or or end end Students Evaluate Summaries 1. 1. IfIf you you have have not not read read the

the text text yourself, would yourself, would you you be be able able to to understand what understand what itit was was about about from from the the summary? summary? Why Why or or why why not? not?

2. 2. Is Is there there anything anything important important that that should should be be added? added? What What is is it? it? 3. 3. Is Is there there anything anything unimportant unimportant that that should should be be be be left

left out out of of the the summary? summary? What What is is it? it? Key word (s) Summarizing Key word (s) Summarizing Fourth text chunk First text chunk Title of Text to be Summarized

Key word (s) Summarizing Key word (s) Summarizing Third text chunk Second text chunk Somebody/Wanted/But/So Then Reading Skills Important to Summarization Conflict/Resolution Character Differences, Goals, and Motivations Main Ideas and Details Making Generalizations Excerpt from The Necklace Mrs. Loisel wanted to be rich and wanted to go to the dance. BUT she didnt have the

right clothes and jewelry. SO she shamed her husband into buying her a dress and she borrowed a necklace. THEN Mrs. Loisel wanted to give back the necklace after she wore it. BUT she had lost it. SO she and her husband had to find a new one and THEN borrow money to buy it so she could return the replacement to her friend. Sum It Up! She put on two woolen suits, one on top of the other. Then she put on two leather suits and covered her bulky outfit with a skirt. Excerpt from Ruth Law Thrills a Nation (Brown, 1993) 3 2 1 Strategy 3 Things Things You You Found Found Out Out

2 Interesting Interesting Facts Facts 1 Question Question You You Still Still Have Have Synthesize Connect to the Text Synthesis is The The process process of of ordering, ordering, recalling,

recalling, retelling, retelling, and and recreating recreating into into a a coherent coherent whole whole the the information information with with which which our our minds minds are are bombarded bombarded every every day. day. It It is is the the

uniquely uniquely human human trait trait that that permits us us to to sift sift through through a a myriad myriad of of details details and and focus focus on on those those pieces pieces we we need need to to know know and

and remember. remember. (Keene/Zimmerman) (Keene/Zimmerman) SYNTHESIZE Beyond Summary The putting of parts or elements together so as to form a whole Kids say Synthesizing is like inferring, only supersized! When you When I synthesize you say

synthesize, my in your head, I mind is changing, my used to think this, ideas are changing, but my now Im thinking is thinking this. changing. Bringing It home As As families families gather gather and and share share the the events events of of the the day,

day, they they are are synthesizing, synthesizing, sorting sorting out out the the unimportant, unimportant, and and creating creating individual individual interpretations interpretations of of the the day. day. Keene, Keene, Zimmerman Zimmerman Synthesizing 1.

2. How is synthesizing important to your content area? What are the challenges in teaching it? Blooms Taxonomy Cues for Synthesis Combine

Integrate Modify Rearrange Substitute Plan Create Design Invent Compose Construct Develop Organize Perform Produce Propose

Rewrite Two-Word Strategy Read Read a a thought-provoking thought-provoking article. article. Ask Ask students students to to be be silent silent and and then then to to write write only

only two two different different words words that that reflect reflect their their thinking thinking about about a a passage. passage. After After selections, selections, students students should should tell tell others others the

the words, words, why why they they chose chose them, them, and and how how they they relate relate to to their their lives. lives. Strip Poem Each Each person person writes writes one one item item that

that he/she he/she knows knows about about the the subject subject studied. studied. The The strips strips of of paper paper are are read read aloud aloud in in aa small small group. group. The The group group organizes

organizes itself itself in in some some coherent coherent form. form. The The group group reads reads the the poem poem to to the the class. class. Save the Last Word for Me Directions Directions for for Students:

Students: 1. 1. Select Select a a quote quote from from the the article article you youve ve read. read. Write Write your your thought/ thought/ idea/question idea/question about about the the quote. quote. 2. 2. In In a

a small small group, group, give give your your quote quote and and allow allow all all others others to to respond. respond. 3. 3. At At the the end, end, share share your your comments. comments. Character Hot Seat

Ask Ask student student to to sit sit in in a a chair chair in in front front of of the the room room and and assume assume a a character character from from their their book. book. Ask

Ask student student various various questions questions about about his/her his/her character characterss life. life. Move Move to to a a higher higher level level and and ask ask his/her his/her opinion opinion on on different different subjects

subjects clearly clearly important important to to that that character. character. Reformulations ~ You can turn Poems Poems into into stories stories or or letters letters Expository Expository text text into into narrative narrative text text

Diaries Diaries or or memoirs memoirs into into plays, plays, newspaper newspaper articles, articles, or or television television scripts scripts Texts Texts into into comic comic books, books, letters, letters, or or interviews interviews Power Notes contribute to students

awareness of text structure as they read and write. In addition ~ Students learn to read actively and to prioritize main ideas from details as they study. Power Notes can be integrated into a number of other activities to help students perceive how information is interconnected. Power 1 ~ main point or category Power 2s, 3s, and 4s ~ corresponding details and examples An example of Power Notes 1. Penalties in Football 2. On Offense 3. Holding 3. Clipping 2. On Defense 3. Off Sides 3. Pass Interference 3. Grabbing Face Mask 2. On Special Teams

Power 1 Power 2 Power 3 Power 3 Power 2 Power 3 Power 3 Dont Forget to Model I do, you watch. I do, you help. You do, I watch. You do, I help. Proficient Readers Are

Aware Aware of of changes changes in in their their conclusions conclusions about about text; text; actively actively revising revising meaning meaning Monitoring Monitoring the the overall overall meaning meaning and and themes themes in in text text Aware

Aware of of text text elements elements in in fiction: fiction: character, character, setting, setting, and and conflict/resolution conflict/resolution Aware Aware of of text text patterns patterns in in nonfiction nonfiction Employing Employing cause/effect, cause/effect, time time order, order, and and problem/solution

problem/solution Using Using their their knowledge knowledge to to make make decisions decisions about about the the overall overall knowledge knowledge Proficient Readers (After Reading) Can Can express, express, in in a a variety variety of of means, means,

ideas ideas and and themes themes relevant relevant to to the the overall overall meaning meaning of of the the text text Create Create in in an an original original way way a a sum sum of of information information from from the

the text, text, from from other other texts, texts, and and their their own own ideas ideas and and opinions opinions Use Use it it to to share, share, recommend, recommend, and and CRITICALLY CRITICALLY REVIEW REVIEW the the book book

A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions. Oliver Oliver Wendell Wendell Holmes Holmes

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