Personal & Professional Development, HQMC Building Partnerships in

Personal & Professional Development, HQMC Building Partnerships in the Community for Veteran Employment Outreach Section, Marine For Life Network Presenters Mark Munger Southeast Region Network Coordinator Marine for Life Network LtCol David St. John Tampa, FL Marine for Life Representative Jason Druding Career Source, Tampa, FL 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update

2 Agenda Marine for Life and Soldier for Life Veteran Employment Resources Veteran Service Organizations How Career Source networks with the M4L Network Panel Questions 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update

3 Mission Statement The Marine For Life Network formally extends our commitment to take care of our own by growing and sustaining a selfperpetuating, Marine-friendly network to inform Marines of resources identified through the network in order to assist with the transition to civilian life and pursuit of lifelong goals. 4 Marine For Life Network connects transitioning Marines and their family members to education resources, employment opportunities and other veterans services that aid in their career and life goals outside of military service. Face to Face Network Online Network 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 5 Soldier for Life Campaign Mission Soldier for Life connects Army, governmental, and community efforts to build relationships that facilitate successful reintegration of our Soldiers, Retired Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families in order to keep them Army Strong and instill their values, ethos, and leadership within communities. n St ro

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in t eg r at e Community S t ro n Employment g Information

Endstate Soldiers, Veterans, and Families leave military service career ready and find an established network of enablers connecting them with the employment, education, and healthcare required to successfully reintegrate into civilian society. Army Imperative: Sustain the Premier All-Volunteer Army Unclassified SFL Regions/Functions aa Director COL Adam Rocke (703) 545-6855 Deputy Director COL Roy Walker (703) 545-2643 SGM William Wilder (703) 545-6857 Northeast US and Europe MSG Lorena Wilson: (703) 545-6859 [email protected] AK

Western US and Pacific LTC Derwin Brown: (703) 545-9343 [email protected] Southeast US, USVI, and PR LTC Jerry Wood: (703) 545-6858 [email protected] MSG Tony Turman: (703) 545-2648 [email protected] HI Central Region LTC Jon Sowards: (703) 545-8666 [email protected] MSG Shane Perret: (703) 545-9344 [email protected]

MSG Stephen Canonico: (703)-545-8689 [email protected] Northeast Capt Cliff McLeod (703) 784-1256 M4L Regions Southeast Central West Mark Munger Timothy Crawley Jamal Brown (910) 450-7384 (619) 201-5086 (760) 725-9791 MARINE FOR LIFE NETWORK ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Section Section Head Head

Headquarters Headquarters Staff Staff Admin Admin Assistant Assistant Employment Employment Resource Resource Manager Manager Education Education Services Services Manager

Manager Outreach Outreach Specialist Specialist Outreach Outreach Specialist Specialist Information Information Management Management Coordinator Coordinator Operations Operations Officer

Officer Field Field Staff Staff West West RNC RNC M4L M4L Reps Reps M4L M4L Reps Reps Central Central RNC

RNC IMA IMA Admin Admin Officer Officer Northeast Northeast RNC RNC Southeast Southeast RNC RNC M4L M4L Reps Reps

02/10/2020 M4L M4L Reps Reps Version Number/Last Update Marine For Life Online Network The online network is the best way for the Marine For Life Network to share information and employment opportunities to a large audience quickly. Includes Marine For Life Network pages on both LinkedIn and Facebook that Marine Corps Headquarters staff manage. Version Number/Last Update 02/10/2020 9

Marine For Life LinkedIn Online Network LinkedIn Company Page Employment and education resources Marine For Life Network updates M4L employee directory (Reps, RNCs, and headquarters staff) Landing page that ties the Marine For Life Network LinkedIn groups together 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 10

Where to Start? Complete our Form Here is the form found on After completing the form, an Outreach Specialist will email you and connect you to the closest Regional Network Coordinator and Marine For Life Representative. Join a LinkedIn Group Request to join one of our LinkedIn groups Once added, introduce yourself to the group! (Who you are, where you are located, what you have to offer to the group) Post job openings in our jobs tab (If you are an employer) Stay Connected Follow us on social media Email or call us if you have something you would like us to share on our Facebook or LinkedIn

02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 11 American Job Center 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 12 American Job Centers

02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 13 Hire Our Heroes 20Bragg%202017%20Summit%20V4%2013%2017_0.pdf 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 14 VBOC

Veterans Business Outreach Centers Business Plan Preparation Additional Business Training One-on-One Counseling Networking Opportunities 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 15 IVMF 02/10/2020

Version Number/Last Update 16 Veteran Service Organizations Outstanding experience and resources can be found at all Veteran Service Organizations 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 17 02/10/2020 18

Job Search Networking Plan Specific Focused Measureable Must hold you accountable Must be realistic Must be time dated and trackable Panel 02/10/2020

Version Number/Last Update 22 Contact Information Mark Munger Marine for Life, Southeast Network Coordinator [email protected] (910) 450-7384 02/10/2020 Version Number/Last Update 23

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