Collaborating to create reusable core content modules at

Collaborating to create reusable core content modules at Leeds Metropolitan University Wendy Luker Associate Director, Libraries and Learning Innovation Background Review of the post graduate curriculum; Large numbers of modules in some common subject areas recreated by course teams across the curriculum; Opportunity to create high quality and re-usable core content modules in the VLE, initially in Research Practice and Project Management; Libraries and Learning Innovation asked by DVC for the

Student Experience to lead, working in collaboration with Centre for Learning and Teaching, and academic staff. Key drivers To free up academic staff time to concentrate on delivery rather than content creation

Opportunity to steer academic staff to a wider range of resources than they might otherwise use Content will be up to date, quality assured, and available /

accessible Opportunity to use existing high quality materials, avoiding duplication of effort Project team Curriculu

m Content Design Head of Curriculum Development, Centre for Learning and Teaching Academic staff with particular interest in Research Practice and Project Management

Academic Librarians Learning Technologist Principles Modules will: Be appropriate for postgraduate level study Include activities and supporting resources Be suitable to be adapted and contextualised for different disciplines and approaches

May be used in their entirety, or in part Modules will not: Include learning outcomes or assessment activities Be at all prescriptive Developing the modules Source content

Amend and adapt Send out for review Gather feedback Engaging academic staff

Modules widely promoted through University Committees, Associate Deans, University staff bulletin, course teams, word of mouth; Workshops help by project team at both Campuses for both modules; Workshops at the Course Leaders Conference in July; Inclusion of materials already created by academic staff, and existing materials from Skills for Learning website; Swift response to feedback received The modules

Progress so far .. Academic staff initially attached to module(s) as they expressed interest; Interest grew, and so all academic staff attached to both modules in July 2013; Very positive feedback and helpful suggestions for further resources; Research practice module already in use; Unintended outcomes further collaboration on Project Management.

Next steps Keep current modules up to date and continuing to develop them; Develop new modules: Introduction to Marketing, and Strategic Management; Review use of current modules at the end of the 2013-14 academic year, and feed into further development. Observations on the process We were apprehensive as this was a new type of venture for Libraries and Learning Innovation;

We used our standard approach to working collaboratively with academic colleagues, and it worked well; We started with Research Practice as this felt more within our area of expertise, and moved on to Project Management once we had a proven development methodology; We have been really motivated by the positive reception the modules have had, and the levels of usage that we already know about. Questions?

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