Spring Semester Keys to Success Presented by the

Spring Semester Keys to Success Presented by the GCD Training Coalition Co-Chairs: Deanna McDanel and Sarah Kuntz Members: Patrick Hryshko, Steve Lundeen, Amy Munemoto, Cynthia Nguyen, Chris Wood January 2018 Learning Objectives 1. Review important deadlines for the spring semester. 2. Discuss steps to complete all required tasks. 3. Identify resources available to GCDs for assisting their chapters in completing these tasks.

GCD Manual Created by the GCD Development Committee Found here: https:// kappapsi.org/policies/manua ls/grand-council-deputy-man ual Correspondence The Central Office Central Office Address: The Central Office Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity, Inc. 2060 North Collins Boulevard Suite 128

Richardson, TX 75080-2657 Office Hours: 8:00am to 5:00pm Central Time, Mon-Fri Telephone Number: (972) 479-1879 Fax Number: (972) 231-5171 Email: [email protected] Executive Committees Members (emails) General Expectations Meetings/Events Communicate with chapters Executive Committee (EC) regarding all activities Attend general chapter and EC meetings Plan and/or informed of agendas

Attend chapter events Encourage inviting Kappa Psi faculty and local graduate brothers Try to attend Province meetings Encourage collegiate attendance Spring Deadlines Complete and/or assist submission of required ANNUAL chapter forms and documents (Collegiate Chapter Timeline) Tax documents IRS (depends on Chapters tax year) Rosters: membership, officers, Kappa Psi faculty Feb 15th Chapter Progress Report form May 15th (April 15th early bird)

*GCD and Dean Evaluation: Chapter Progress Report May 15th *Foundation Scholarship Recommendation May 30th *GPA Authorization form (if required by school) needed for Scholarship awards Graduating Brother Roster June 14th *Scholarship Honors Certificate form June 23rd *Scholarship Tray Award form June 23rd Chapter History Report form June 30th *GCD Verification Form Oct 15th ANNUALLY or for NEW GCDs within 30 days of election *GCD must complete Chapter Elections Ensure chapter conducts elections fairly and according

to parliamentary procedure Work with outgoing and incoming officers to ensure a smooth transition Send roster of new officers to Central Office Submit GCD Verification Form if applicable Chapter Elections Required Officers

Required Officers of the Chapter: Regent Vice Regent (more than 1 allowable if in local ord.) Secretary (or Recording and Corresponding if in local ord.) Treasurer Historian Chaplain Sergeant-at-Arms Grand Council Deputy (must be done annually) Consider election at the same time as chapter officer elections *Others allowable if in local ordinance and specific duties are outlined Chapter Elections Required Committees

Required standing committees: Executive Judiciary Legislative Scholarship Graduate Relations

Social Risk Management Optional when required: Finance Auditing Professional Relations Interfraternity

Chapter House Athletic *Chapter may also have any special committees that are required from time to time GCD Verification Forms New in 2016 (form) Completed by GCD, Co-GCD(s) and/or Faculty Advisor Signed by School/College Dean Submit annually by OCT 15th

OR Within 30 days of NEW faculty advisor or GCD election Must be submitted to: The Central Office - CO ([email protected]) AND GCD Committee Chairs ([email protected]) Rosters Rosters due to Central Office by February 15th Membership Officer Faculty Ensure membership roster is accurate for

correct billing of dues Dues Invoices for dues will be sent from the Central Office to the chapter email accounts Need to be paid by February 15th (Pay Online) Double check roster with invoice to ensure accurate billing Taxes Form 990-N is due by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of the Chapters tax year. Most tax years close on a calendar year unless

otherwise stated in an organizations by-laws. If unsure, you can call the IRS to verify your tax year. Annual taxes (refer to GCD manual and website for more information) Graduating Brothers Graduate Roster: permanent addresses sent in Fall (as applicable, Dec 1st) and Spring (June 14th) Graduate referral (form) Inform graduates about appropriate Graduate Chapters Voluntary dues

Reinforce to graduating brothers that Kappa Psi membership is for life Website information for graduates Graduation Ritual Assist Chaplain and EC in organizing the graduation ritual Graduation cords and medallions ordered through Kenneth E. Jernigan & Associates (800) 478-3728 or (850) 469-0344 [email protected] The MASK

Official Publication Chapter submissions quarterly Include BOTH article and pictures Spring/Summer Deadlines: March 1st and July 1st Remember LAG TIME of about 3 months from submission publication Review all submissions to ensure compliance with the Kappa Psi Picture/Social Media Policy The Central Office sends copies to GCD of THE MASK based on Chapter roster

Chapter Awards You Got It Flaunt It! Outstanding Chapter of the Year Award Top 10 Based on Chapter Progress Report form Most Improved Chapter Award (William R. Smith) Most significant improvement over the past year from Chapter Progress Report form Chapter Progress Report forms are due May 15th (early bird deadline April 15th100 extra points)

GCD and Dean evaluations must be printed out and sent via snail mail to the address on the form Chapter Progress Report Form Instructions Scholarship Awards *Grand Council Scholarship Key (Henry J. Goeckel) *Scholarship Honors Certificate *The Frank H. Eby Scholarship Tray Award Nicholas W. Fenney Industry Scholarship Award

Based on Scholarship Tray Award application *Foundation Scholarship Will need to complete *GPA Authorization Form if required by the school Scholarship Award Forms *GCD must complete Grand Council Deputy Awards Get Recognized for Your Hard Work Grand Council Deputy Outstanding Achievement Award & Grand Council

Deputy Certificate of Excellence Awarded annually Collegiate Chapters encouraged to nominate GCD(s) Nomination form is due via e-mail to the GCD Development Committee by May 15th The time period for evaluation is June 1st of the previous year to May 31st of the current year Announced July 15th or at GCC GCD Contact Information We Want to Know You Attend province conclaves and GCC to network and

meet with other GCDs Electronic communication: GCD Google group GCD Facebook group (Kappa Psi Grand Council Deputies) The International GCD Development Committee that is also available as a resource to all GCDs as needed Proud to be Your Brothers! Sarah Kuntz: [email protected]

Deanna McDanel: [email protected] GCD Training Coalition: Patrick Hryshko, Sarah Kuntz (Co-Chair), Steve Lundeen, Deanna McDanel (CoChair), Amy Munemoto, Cynthia Nguyen, and Chris Wood

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