Special Olympics th 50 Anniversary April 11, 2017

Special Olympics th 50 Anniversary April 11, 2017 1 We have the perfect pivot point to reframe our movement message. 2018 & Beyond 1968-2017 Training & competition for people with intellectual disabilities. 2 / Special Olympics SPECIAL OLYMPICS 50th ANNIVERSARY A transformative movement driven by people with intellectual disabilities, to

spread joy, courage, and friendship with the world. Its Time For Special Olympics Version 2.0 Our next chapter will feature marketing that reframes our message: A messaging emphasis on radical inclusion A digital/mobile first approach A focus on deep relationship building A picture a thousand words paints Positioning ourselves as more than

a charity Use the Picture and Caption format to create strong compelling slide like this. Dontt forget to caption where possible. For best effect crop the image to fill the placeholder. 3 A focus on immersive experiences 3 / Special Olympics Our 50th Anniversary Celebration Marks 4 / Special Olympics Special Olympics 2.0 Overview Our End Goal ENDING DISCRIMINATION AGAINST PEOPLE WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES Business Objectives RAISE $100M & ENGAGE 100M PEOPLE

Marketing Objectives SHIFT PERCEPTIONS OF SPECIAL OLYMPICS AND PEOPLE WITH INTELLECTUAL DISABILITIES Brand Essence & Action RADICAL INCLUSION THROUGH SPORT (Bring people together with actionable activity that creates inclusion) Brand Line Pillars Our Tools To come in June. Communicating the need for athletes to receive levels of fitness, skill, and health; Celebrating when

Inclusive Sport & Health those milestones occur. Unified Generation Athlete Empowerment Five-year fundraising campaign Multiyear, multichannel marketing campaign. 5 $100M Dollars & 100M People Fundraising & Engagement Opportunities for Programs, Regions & SOI Funding to Support Scope & Scale 6 / Special Olympics OPERATE TODAY, SECURE THE FUTURE

40% Annual Fund 60% GameChanger Investment Fund DONOR FLEXIBILITY Regions Pillars Other Restrictions Unrestricted 7 / Special Olympics Program Collaboration OPERATE TODAY SECURE THE FUTURE 40% Annual Fund 60% GameChanger Investment Fund Sales Materials to Meet Your Programs/Regions Needs DONOR FLEXIBILITY

Collaborative Low Donor Regions Opportunities Pillars Digital Activations to Build Other Restrictions Revenue & Donor Base Events: Chicago 2018Unrestricted Corporate/Foundation/ Strategic Gifts/Events 8 / Special Olympics 8 / Special Olympics 50th Anniversary Chicago Event Calendar Tuesday 17th July Unified Football Cup Divisioning/ Group Stages Wednesda y 18th July Unified Football Cup Group Stages Thursday

19th July Unified Football Cup Group Stages Friday 20th July Unified Football Cup Semi Finals & Finals Saturday 21st July 9 / Special Olympics 50th Anniversary Concert Global Day of Inclusion Special Olympics Unified Football Cup Tuesday 17th July

Divisioning/ Group Stages Wednesday 18th July Group Stages Thursday 19th July Group Stages Friday 20th July Semi-Finals & Finals 24 Teams 2 Divisions for men, 2 Divisions for women

Engage professional teams International Champions Cup Tie-In Eternal Flame of Hope & LETR Torch Run Symbol of Special Olympics spirit Permanent legacy of the 50th celebrations High profile location and sculptor Lighting ceremony and Torch Run Signature 50th Anniversary Concert A-level celebrities Raise money Reach a global audience Global Day of Inclusion

(July 21, 2018) Honor the past at Soldier Field Look to the future Play Unified Engage with Athletes from 1968 and present day Raise awareness and educate 13 / Special Olympics 2017 2018 Quiet Phase Launch Ongoing Major Donor and Corporate Solicitation May Sales Packet

Arrive at Regional Offices Jun Share marketing campaign and begin training Jul Celebrate Champions Month (US Corp Pilot, Digital Tie-in) Jul move Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day to 20 July Jul Announce 50th Plans publically Jul-Sep - Digital Donor Acquisition Campaigns Nov- Mid Level Donor Cultivation (Intl Digital 360 Experience) Jan- Campaign Webpage Active Jan- Davos World Economic Forum Jan -Digital Countdown to the 50th (Intl Monthly Give-Aways) Jan- Golden Globes Campaign Jan-Wearable Launch (Intl Low

Level Entry Point) Mar-MENA Games (Pre-Games) Mar-Guinness Book of World Records Digital Activation (Intl) Apr- It Takes 3 Minutes Pledge: Inclusion Pledge Corporate and Digital Activation (Intl) Apr- Major Donor Experience (SOAfrica) Jun-Mid Level Donor Cultivation (Digital 360 Experience) Jun- SO Past and Future Digital Activation July USA Games and Digital Activation Seattle July-Chicago 50th Events and Digital Activation Aug-Sept Acquisition(Intl) Ask public to take the What Are Your Chances Challenge online Sept- Major Donor Experience (Location TBD) Nov- Mid Level Donor Ask (Intl Digital 360 Experience) Dec - VR 50th and AVSC 2019

2020 2021 Sustain Jan-2018 Digital Recap Campaigns Mar-World Games Digital Experience Mar -Abu Dhabi World Games May-Jun- Major Donor Experience (Location TBD) July- Hyannis Port Engagement Q1- World Winter Games Dec- Campaign End Celebration (Location TBD) July- First of Next 50 Years Digital Campaign 14 / Special Olympics

2017: Program Call to Action 1. Call, e-mail, or text when you have stories, pictures, videos or opportunities 2. Engage your regional presidents or managing directors for any special events or initiatives 3. Think big when it comes to potential regional and/or global partners, donors & foundations 4. Share this presentation with your Program board of directors 5. Partner with SOI to raise $100M - May: Review digital and hard copy campaign packages - June: Identify 1-2 potential international or regional corporate partners within your Region - July: Use the digital toolkit to execute digital giving month initiative (US) - Aug-Sep: Digital Acquisition Ask public to take the What Are Your Chances Challenge online (International) 6. Partner with SOI to engage 100M people - Use current Special Olympics hashtags: #PlayUnified #SpecialOlympics #ChangeTheGame #UnifiedGeneration #InclusiveHealth #LETRforSO #Rword

- Stay tuned for marketing assets and language coming in July! 7. Partner with SOI to celebrate the 50 th anniversary - Celebrate Global Day of Inclusion by conducting a unified event on July 21, 2018 - Consider sending a representative to be part of the celebrations in Chicago Thank you! 16

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