The Fusion of.... High-performance lightweight recycled polypropylene materials

The Fusion of.... High-performance lightweight recycled polypropylene materials for tomorrows auto interiors Dr Christel Croft, Project Manager, Luxus Ltd The Recyclite project Luxus is part of a consortium that secured 1.4m of investment cofunded by the EU Eco-Innovation initiative (Recyclite Project). The aim of the Recyclite project is to commercialise Luxus development of the Hycolene range of lightweight polypropylene (PP) compounds with up to 60% recycled content that targets Europes Class A automotive interior trim market The strength of the Recyclite Consortium : Luxus Leading the project Developed the HycoleneTM range IAC Coperion A key injection moulding company delivering verification of process parameters.

Providing technical support in the compounding process to deliver key economic and environmental benefits. JLR Lead manufacturer who will help deliver components made from the rPP to the market . Luxus High performance PP for the automotive sector Luxus recycled polypropylene compounds are already successfully used by key OEMs for various A surface visually critical applications. Luxus Ltd provides high volumes of PP recycled based materials for automotive exterior and interior trim applications with: Specification agreement Recycled feedstock analysis and selection Material property enhancement Colour matching Pre production laboratory evaluation against specification Blending batches up to 150t lots PP for automotive interior Class A The new HycoleneTM range delivers additional benefits to the current offer of recycled based PP materials such as lighter weight and increased scratch performance. The history Project initiated by Luxus Ltd to meet specific needs of the automotive sector. Less material required Fuel economy CO2 emission reduction

High scratch performance Visible parts applications Weight Reduction Material performance Target : Highly functional, directly visible, colour matched parts with low gloss, meeting the same requirements as current materials with additional benefits of lightweight and higher scratch resistance. Key drivers: Recycled content Legislation & Compliance Sustainability and Environmental Performance Customer engagement & Corporate Social Responsibility Material Performance Cost High level of recyclate Legislation & competitive benefits

Key challenge: To increase OEMs & moulders confidence in using recycled materials for Class A interior trim applications in an increasing competitive environment. Key elements of the project Technical objectives: Commercial and Market objectives: Establish robust scratch testing and correlate with results from various OEMs tests. Perform performance tests on various virgin and new recycled PP compounds and establish correlations or trends between properties where possible. Micro analysis of virgin and recycled material to understand how surface scratches are formed, and

therefore, the observed visual characteristics. Optimise Luxus new Coperion twin screw extruder to scale up and increase performance of the HycoleneTM formulations. Develop knowledge database of process and additives effects on performance. Prepare colour matched moulded test specimens for full validation tests. Complete a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) for the project. Survey moulders & OEMs regarding in-cabin performance specifications. Perform assessment tests and validation of the Hycolene TM range for defined applications. Assess and communicate the environmental and cost benefits performance on the commercially produced material. Develop licence agreements with partners for producing and accessing the Hycolene TM range globally. Door pocket Example of a potential future application for the HycoleneTM range The achievements so far Lab scale development demonstrated: Weight reduction

Improved scratch performance Increased recycled content 645 g 568 g 12% weight reduction Crosshatch 20x20 10N - Erichsen Industry standard Reference material: current PP 16407 for Class A automotive interior trim. - 25% talc filled with a recycled content. The achievements so far Properties - HycoleneTM - PP16624 versus PP16407 Meeting mechanical properties Meeting dimensional requirements: Drop-in solution Property Test Method Units PP16407 Reference PP 16624 HycoleneTM Melt flow

ISO 1133 g/10 mins 25 - 29 22 - 26 Izod at Room Temperature notched ISO 180: 1993 KJ/m 4.5 - 7 4.5 - 7 Izod at -40 C notched ISO 180: 1993 KJ/m 1.7 + 1.7 + ISO 178

N/mm 1450 - 1850 1600 - 2100 1+ 0.96 - 0.985 % 23 - 26 8 - 11 C 80 + 90 + Flexural Modulus Density ISO 1183: 1987 Filler HDT 0.45Mpa ISO 75

The offer For over 50 years Luxus Ltd has offered unique knowledge and capability to work with a range of recycled feedstock to deliver products matching customer specifications with batch to batch repeatability. The new lightweight HycoleneTM range with increased scratch performance will be offered to the market with the same ethos, working closely with customers to consistently supply the best product at the best price. For more information visit, visit our stand A5126 or contact Luxus on +44(0)1507 604941. Acknowledgements We would like to recognise the support and contribution of : The Eco-Innovation Initiative of the European Union. Our Partners and in particular : R. Crow, R. Punch, I. Lowe, W. Morris, C. Edwards, E. Davis (JLR) M. Walddoerfer, D. Watmore, J. Schofer (Coperion) D. Jenkins, P. Middleton (IAC) Our Technical, Business and Project team and in particular : T. Burton, G. Stephenson, L. Dalley, J. Ballantyne, A. Boyce, I. Pigot, I. Huskiewicz, P. Atterby, C. Barker, S. Coggle.

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