ACP, not just a hoop to jump through,

ACP, not just a hoop to jump through, A Culture! Introductions Sara Greenwood School Counselor 6-12 Marci Waldron-Kuhn Academic Advisor 6-12

When you hear ACP, you may have one of these reactions? When you hear ACP, you may have one of these reactions? When you hear ACP, you may have one of these reactions? When you hear ACP, you may have one of these reactions?

By the end of the presentation we hope you feel like this? Agenda for today

Demographics of the School District of Mishicot Our ACP history ACP as a Culture The proof is in the pudding Mishicot Career and College Readiness Report Card Through the Voices of our Students Demographics of the School District of Mishicot

Northeastern Wisconsin 1400 people in the Village 238 Students in the HS 189 in the MS 25% free or reduced lunch MS 10% and HS 15% receiving Special Education Services

Declining Enrollment Back on the right track: 2015-16 = 847 ACP DPI Definition Academic and Career Planning, or ACP, is a studentdriven, adult-supported process in which students create and cultivate their own unique and information-based visions for post secondary success, obtained through selfexploration, career exploration, and the development of career management and planning skills.

ACP History at MHS 2009 MHS implemented a College and Career Readiness Portfolio as a graduation requirement 2011 MHS saw a drop from 13% of graduates reporting that they did not have a plan after graduation to 1-3% of students reporting they were unsure of their future plans 2012 MHS is recognized by ACT with the Red Quill Award for our ACP 2013 Wisconsin DPI gets $1.1 million to implement ACP state wide

ACP today 2015 State Budget requires ACP to be implemented state wide for students 6-12 by the 2017-18 school year 2015 Mishicot MS and HS were one of 25 schools in the state to be part of the ACP Pilot PI-26 legislation Here we go

What does PRIDE Time look like in the MS? 1 grade level meeting per term Monday: Lesson Day, Tuesday-Friday: RtI 12 students Weekly lessons prepared by Ms. Greenwood presented by staff

Grade checks Portfolio development Liaison for student and parents What does Advisement look like in the HS?

1 grade level meeting per term 3 days per week 10 students Weekly lessons prepared by Ms. Kuhn presented by staff Grade checks Portfolio development Liaison for student and parents What is an Advisors Role in PRIDE/Advisement?

This is a true By All, For All Model Advise one grade level Teach weekly ACP lessons

Attend quarterly ACP grade level meetings Grade Checks Best Works as a course requirement Chaperone/Facilitate Academic Day Activities Create and foster a culture of career and college readiness ACP is a Culture not just documentation

Academic Days Community Service Dual Credit Options Industry and College tours Job Shadows Mock Interviews

School to Work / Youth Apprenticeships Conversations Student Parent Meetings 5, 8,10, and 12th grade Post Secondary Plans Class of 2015 62 students

Possibility of taking 115 college credits in high school 100% took at least one college level course in high school On average took 5.5 dual college credits courses in high school Took over 1000 college credits as a class while in high school Saving approximately $750,000 $200,000 in scholarships 100% graduation rate Career and College Readiness

3 = workforce 16 = tech college 1= military 26 = four year 11 = two year (UW Manitowoc)

Business Education Partnership Summit NEW Manufacturing ACP Presentation in Oshkosh Progress Lakeshore/Chamber of Commerce Workforce Development Partnerships Sargento, Lakeview Regional Tech Academy, United One,

Fox Cities Chamber Community Partners Job Shadows Jim Reif Builders LTC Holschbach Excavating LDI

Oak Ridge Custom Cabinets Mishicot School District Green Bay Gamblers UWGB Instrumental Music

Company Guitar Center Point Beach Nuclear Plant Two Rivers Vet Clinic Just Orthodontics

Thilmany Papers Let Me Be Frank Productions Lakeshore Pharmacy Rehab Plus Therapy and Sports Med Herff Jones

City of Manitowoc Police Department Bud Willmans Tamarack Behavioral Health Center NWTC Lakeshore Humane Society Manitowoc County Human Services Candy Apply Tattoo

Community Partners Mock Interviews Mishicot Police Department Heartland Business

Mishicot School District Aurora Medical Center KCM Excavating Holy Family Hospital

Nelson Trucking Two Rivers Fire Department Vinton Dowco Trendsetters Herald Times Reporter Equine Enterprises Veterinary Associates Department of Natural Resources

Mishicot Veterinary Clinic Manitowoc County Human Services Excavating 4 Seasons Lawn Care Capital Civic Center Mishicot Veterinary GJs Salon and Spa Lords n Ladies Kohler Company First Chrysler Point Beach Nuclear Plan Courthouse Pub Holschbach Community Partners Academic

Days Manitowoc County RSVP CenterBig Brothers/Big Sisters Domestic Violence Center Northridge Rehabilitation Center

Peters Pantry Woodland Dunes Manitowoc School Forest Lester Library Hope House UWGB Camp Tapawingo St. Norbert College Silver Lake College UW Manitowoc LTC Orion

Community Partners Youth Apprenticeship Holiday InnManitowoc Cranes LDI

Phoenix Tool Shoto Corporation Memorial Drive Vet. Clinic Shady Lane Nursing Home St. Marys Nursing Home Manitowoc Health and Rehab Center Aurora Hospital Azura Health Care

Fox Hills Changes in Scheduling and Post Secondary Planning goes hand and hand with more rigor in the classroom Increasing Credit Requirements

Class of 2011 = 24.5 credits to graduate Class of 2012 = 26.5 credits Increase of 1 elective, .5 English and .5 Social Studies Class of 2013 and 2014 = 28.5 credits Increase of Electives Class of 2015 = 28.5 credits Increase of 1 credit of Math Class of 2016 = 28.5 credits Change in the additional Math credit to Algebra 2 College Course Offerings 201011

2010-11 = 12 college credits AP Courses: AP Psychology, AP Calculus College Credit Courses: We offered Honors English and Advanced Chemistry for dual credit through Silver Lake College. We offered Large Animal Science through LTC.

Articulated Credit: The following classes were articulated with Lakeshore Technical College: Computer Applications, Accounting 1, Advanced Accounting. College Course Offerings for the 2016-17 School Year AP Courses:

AP US History AP Calculus AP Psychology AP Government AP Biology AP Human Geography

AP Studio Art credits AP Literature AP World History 27 possible 4 year college courses

English Literature English Composition Oral Communications CAPP Spanish Sociology

Psychology Adv. Chemistry Pre Calculus Calculus 1 CAP Fit for Life Calculus 2

Technical College Course Offerings Transcripted courses Written Communications College MathematicsLeadership and Professionalism Psychology Sociology Principles of Sustainability

Medical Terminology Marketing Selling Principles Accounting 1/2 Customer Service Techniques Advanced Standing Adv. Chemistry

General Anatomy and Physiology Microsoft Office 1/2 Welding Research and Inquiry Print Reading Machine Tool Lathe Basic Hand Tools That is the possibility of approximately 130 college credits while in

high school ACP is not a hoop. It is multiple initiatives. ACP is more than test scores. It is about partnerships. ACP is not a checklist. It is about the way we do things. And we are not done yet! Mishicot High School Career and

College Readiness Report Card ACP is about the story each of our students can tell. Amanda Onnastazia Emily

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