POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION READINESS TEST (PERT) Screencast Training 2012-13 PERT Validating Screencast Training Test Security Agreement All test chairpersons must complete and fax the Test Security Agreement form attached to Briefing # 13220 no later than Friday, January 25, 2013. Online test units will be released once the security forms are submitted to our office at 305-995-7522

PERT Updates The PERT Score Repository Rolled out December 3, 2012 Intended to be a mechanism for accessing PERT scores across institutions Will maintain all student scores, including retests, and the dates of each test administration SPI will be updated monthly to include these scores File Download Manager: PERT scores available FCAT and EOC levels available

Who is Eligible to Take the PERT Eligible 11th Grade Students Required to test are current 11th grade students who scored: Level 2 or 3 on the grade 10 FCAT Reading 2.0 and/or Level 2, 3 or 4 on the Algebra I End of Course (EOC) Exam Principals will be emailed a roster of the targeted group during the week of January 28th, 2013. Other Students who may Test: Seniors who are currently enrolled in a college readiness course. Students who may be eligible for the Dual Enrollment program

Note: Students may only take the PERT twice while in high school. The PERT Testing Window 11th Grade Target Group February 2013 12th Grade Students At the end of the course (May-June 2013) All testing must be completed by Thursday, June 6, 2013. Subtests to Administer Eligibility Criteria PERT Subtest(s) to Administer

Grade 10 FCAT Reading, Levels 2 or 3 Reading and Writing Algebra I EOC, Levels 2, 3, or 4 Mathematics Both Reading, Writing and Math

PERT Accommodations Who is eligible? ESE students with current IEPs Section 504 students ELL students Special Formats: Paper version Large print paper version with large print answer document Braille Reminder: A separate test administration manual is available for the administration of the special forms as the administration and return of these materials varies.

Retesting PERT Policy Students can only take a PERT subtest 2 times throughout their entire high school career. This policy includes students testing for dual enrollment Retesting can only take place after remediation. Only five postsecondary preparatory courses are approved by the FLDOE for remediation No other courses may be substituted. Retesting can only take place after remediation.

State Board of Education Rule 6A-10.0315 College Readiness Scores College Readiness Scores Assessment Reading Writing Mathematics *FCAT 2.0

262 N/A N/A ACT 18 17 19

English SAT CPT PERT 440 Verbal N/A 440 Math

83 83 72 Sentence Skills Elementary Algebra 99 113

104 * FCAT Reading 2.0 is not used in the school grade calculation. Uploading New Student Information Adding New Students To add new students, provide the required information via email to McCann [email protected] Submit the student list using the Excel template from the next slide. The file must be encrypted with a password in a follow-up email to preserve student confidentiality. The following information must be provided to add a new student:

Institution (Miami-Dade, Florida) Site (School name and location) Name (first, middle initial, last) Students Florida ID Date of Birth Gender Ethnicity Ethnicity Codes Type Ethnicity Code Valid Student Codes Code Label

American Indian or Alaska 52 Native 53 Black or African American 54 Mexican or Mexican American 55 Puerto Rican Other Hispanic, Latino, or Latin 56 American Asian, Asian American or Pacific 57

Islander 58 White 59 Other 60 Multicultural 61 I choose not to answer PERT New Student Template Sample Parent Letters Sample parent letters in 3 languages are available from

the FLDOE and posted on the Test Chairperson link of our website The letters notify parents of the following: Electronic Devices are prohibited Academic Honesty is expected Students will be required to read the Privacy Policy online prior to testing Training Test Administrators Test security agreements must be signed by all trained test administrators and maintained at the school for your records Only certified teachers may administer a PERT test and additional

proctors are strongly encouraged in labs with more than 25 students Seating charts must be maintained for all testing rooms. New forms: Security Log PERT Testing pg. 68 of the Test Administration Manual To be used by personnel assigned to monitor the room for ANY length of time. Student Sign-in Sheet pg. 69 of the Test Administration Manual To be used by students to sign-in when they are administered a test Training Test Administrators Continued Required

Materials and Reminders Scratch paper for math subtest Access keys PERT Security Log Student Sign-in Sheets The PERT Math sample test has been revised to include sample items that include practice with the pop-up calculator No hand held calculators may be provided

Setting Up Computers Computer set up Student workstation set up in Kiosk mode M-DCPS microsystem technicians will set up Charter schools will be provided with procedures on the ARDA website Branching Profiles Branching Profiles (Test) PERT math PERT math accessibility PERT reading PERT reading accessibility PERT reading and writing

PERT reading and writing accessibility PERT reading writing math PERT reading writing and math accessibility PERT writing PERT Writing accessibility PERT Access Keys Access keys are required for the student to launch each test or a combination of tests Provided by the district Given to student by the test administrator

Sets of Access Keys Initial access keys provided in 2011-12 Retake access Keys provided at the end of 2011-12 school year to test senior. Please contact Student Assessment and Educational Testing at 305-995-7520 if you need assistance with obtaining the access keys Student Tickets Procedures for printing student tickets Print student lists found in the Site Administrator Tab Administer Tests Select Student Login Search and Select All to create a full list of all students to be tested.

At the bottom of the page, select export option Excel Group designations of students for separate testing sessions may be done at the school site using the downloaded excel file. Create tickets using the Avery Wizard software for labels or any other software. Avery Wizard may be downloaded at: Grade level Added to local background questions for students to answer. Student Tickets Continued Tickets can be printed on a label template by selecting the

ticket size your wish to create. Print on standard paper Cut to size Reminder: Verify tickets against student school photo ID when distributing. Student Login Credentials Student login credentials must be placed in Active Status All login credentials should be Deactivated anytime other than during a testing session.

Student Tickets must be collected at the end of each testing session. Student Transfers Student Transfer Button and Batch Student Transfer: Located by clicking the User Tab Student Transfers Continued Student Transfer: To be used to transfer students from one district to another Search for the student by entering the required information below

Transfer of Student Within the District Transfer of Student Within the District Continued Invalidations Document the invalidation at your school site Email Student Assessment and Educational Testing on the nature of the invalidation ([email protected]). Call the College Success help desk at 877-614-6105 to inform them of the invalidation. Coming Soon: Web based application tied to the PERT Score

Repository where the district will invalidate the score report directly Running Reports Standard Reports Individual Score Report Score Roster Custom Reports Test Units Reports Units Usage Report Units History Report Sample PERT Score Report What do the PERT Scores Mean?

11th grade target group College ready scores: Student will not have to enroll in remedial courses upon entering Miami Dade College if registered within 2 years of graduation. Students not obtaining college ready scores: Will need to enroll in postsecondary readiness courses in 12th grade. Postsecondary courses approved by FLDOE: Reading for College Success (1008350) .5 elective credit course Writing for College Success (1009370) .5 elective credit course Math for College Success (1200410) .5 elective credit course Math for College Readiness (1200700) full credit course English 4: College Prep (1001405) full credit course

PERT Resources The following resources are available on the Test Chairperson website: PERT Test Security Form College Success Florida P.E.R.T Test Administration Guide Revised Paper-Pencil Test Administration Manual Postsecondary Education Readiness Test FAQ Link: http:// a.pdf Parent Letters Handout on the student transfer function

Contact Information For assistance, please contact: Ms. Mayda Cabeza, Director I [email protected] Assessment, Research and Data Analysis 305-995-7520 McCann Help Desk Email: [email protected] 877-614-6105 Hours of Operation Monday

7:30am 8pm Tues/Wed/Thurs 7:30am 11pm Friday 7:30am 5:30pm Saturday 9am -5pm

College Success Website: https://college/

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