Melbourne Azur April 2012 news by David McGhee,

Melbourne Azur April 2012 news by David McGhee, Windows Azure Technical Specialist Platform Platform Announcements 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Reduced Pricing on Windows Azure Storage and Compute Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8 Consumer Preview TFS Beta Build Service on Windows Azure StreamInsight in Windows Azure: Austin February CTP

Updated Windows Azure SDK & Windows Azure HPC Scheduler SDK SQL Azure MP CTP is now available Microsoft Codename "Data Hub" - An Online Service for Data Discovery, Distribution and Curation Microsoft is building a new datacenter in Dublin A new Data Center in West USA BAY (Compute and Storage) Recent Windows Server 8: Microsoft Online Backup Service The Online Backup Service is a Windows-Azure-based service that will enable Windows Server 8 users to back up and recover files and folders (but not system state). Announcing a Build Service for Team Foundation Service Microsoft Endpoint Protection for Windows Azure Custo

mer Technology Preview Windows Azure Trust Center Relentless on Security, Your Privacy Matters, Independently Verified, FAQs Refresh of Service Bus EAI & EDI Labs News In the news Communication could have been better Lack of real-time transparency Perception Microsoft was hiding the severity of the outage Windows Azure Service Dashboard

needs to be improved Gartner Partner Platform as a Service: Definition, Taxonomy and Vendor Landscape, 2012 Summary of Windows Azure Service Disruption on Feb 29th, 2012 by Kyle Hilgendorf from Gartner regarding Azure customer rea I want to share that I was very pleased with the level of detail in Microsofts RCA. Microsoft decidedly suspended service management in order to stop or slow the spread of the issue. Microsoft made this decision with very good reason. The actual leap day baug issue and resolution was identified, tested, and rolled out within 12 hours. That is pretty fast.

Microsoft took steps to prevent the outage from worsening. Had these steps not been taken, we might have seen a much bigger issue. Microsoft understands that real-time communication must improve during an outage and arebi taking steps to improve. Microsoft! scoops! Yahoo!'s g! data! brain! Microsoft Plans Q4 Debut for Dynamics ERP on the Azure Cloud Partners Partner Azure Circle Program (19 and growing)

Joint solutions CommVault Simpana 9 for Windows Azure - Joint solutions available now Stealth Secure Sharepoint storage packs now available in 41 and 63TB Programs Free Techila to Azure Universities (get in before June) Discounted Windows Azure Storage Offers effective April 1st New Offers Reduced SQL Azure Pricing and New 100MB Database Op tion People Service Bus/WF PM Regional Visits in April Bob Dimpsey (WF development director) Todd Holmquist-Sutherland (Service Bus group manager). Microsoft Silverlight 5 and Windows A zure Enterprise Integration

Windows Azure Platform Product Marketing Manager (PMM) Sydney Job Vinoo HPC and Hadoop Specialist on tour in Australia 26th -30th!! Tip/s of the week Tips and Resources Windows Azure Security Best Practices Series Windows Azure Basics Series Windows Azure @ Home Protein Folding [Updated] Windows Azure Guidance area on Codeplex Tips & Tricks On Architecting Windows Azure For Costs Resources Standard Response to Request for Information Secu rity and Privacy Building Azure Applicatio

ns using Agile Methodol Moving SQL Azure Servers Between Subscriptions ogies and Continuous Int egration Service Bus support in azure npm 0.5.2 A Primer on Hadoop (from the Microsoft SQL Comm unity perspective) Did you know: MSDN Users get up to $3,700.00 in annual Windows Azure benefits? Tools Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets (v2.2.2) CloudNetCare , a solution to test the performance of Web sites Opstera - tracking its health, the underlying Cloud Platform and the 3rd party Cloud

Services it is dependent on Azure Fluent Management including Sql Azure management 0.3 Azure User Management Console AUMC Cotega - Web based monitoring for SQL Azure and cloud hosted SQL Server Microsoft Research Microsoft Translator Hub ChronoZoom FetchClimate!: Local Australia CSV OneNimbus 2SQL Limited Offer Breeze Consulting Windows Azure Airlift 1 day training Locate Windows Azure partners with Microsoft Pinpoint directory

Get your Travel Gear Harvey Norman enabled once more with Windows Azure DevOps Examples. Hands on: Windows Azure Diagnostics [Mar 29] Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud Part 3 Administer Security How to use Diagnostics.wadcfg to configure Windows Azure diagnostics collection Setting Up Diagnostics Monitoring In Windows Azure Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure Cloud Advanced (and flexible) Configuration for Windows Azure .NET Applications(configure .Net applications running in Windows Azure in the same way you do with traditional On-Premise applications)

Applying Config Transformation app.config in Windows Azure Worker Role Choosing What To Monitor In Windows Azure Programmatically finding Deployment Slot Monitoring in Windows Azure from code running in Windows Azure SCOM 2007 R2: MP to monitor SQL Azure Automated Performance Counter Injection in Windows Azure Roles Competition RightScale: Hybrid clouds on the rise HP Offers Developer Tools for New Cloud Platform - SaaS Google going forward with Go language Salesforce Aims to Obsolete the CMS with Launch compose the entire site, including layout template and content, and host the site including the database on the platform, for a flat fee of $1,500 per month.

Amazon EC2 Recovers After Brief Downtime Amazon cuts cloudy prices Dell blows Clouds of love into the channel Rackspace snaps up SharePoint911 Amazon Giant Aims to Squash PaaS Competition with Elastic Beanstalk

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