Parent Guide to Using Lexile Scores Provided on

Parent Guide to Using Lexile Scores Provided on the Georgia Milestones Individual Score Reports Using the Lexile Score to support the growth of your childs literacy skills Georgia Milestones- Lexile Scores and Stretch Bands The Georgia Department of Education has worked with MetaMetrics, the developers of The Lexile Framework for Reading, to establish the relationship of the Georgia Milestones English Language Arts (ELA)

assessments and the Lexile scale. Meta Metrics has been providing Lexile scores across the world for over 20 years. The Lexile measure is based on the reading portion of the ELA test What is a Lexile measure? Indicates the level of book that a student can read with 75% comprehension Offers a certain amount of comfort while still providing challenge This is their Instructional level- a level that is not too difficult, but will challenge them appropriately.

How are Lexiles calculated? Semantic Difficulty Word Frequency (Count word frequency, word difficulty) Syntactic Complexity Sentence Length (Complexity of sentence structure) Individual Score Reports- Ga. Milestone Lexile Measure and Lexile Range Lexile Range please note:-- 100 points lower to 50 points higher .

This would be the targeted text- instructional band for achieving the most growth with a student. It is recommended that students independently read within a text band of 100 points below their Lexile, and up to 50 points above their Lexile.

Example: If your child has a Lexile of 970. Their band would be approximately from 870 to 1020. If the text Lexile is higher, your child may need additional support. The complete range of Lexiles starts from below OL up to 2000L

Lexiles are only ONE component of analyzing text for our children. It is equally important to consider age, content, background knowledge, maturity and interests of child. levels of meaning structure language conventions clarity of language knowledge demands appropriateness

Lexile word frequency sentence length Knowledge, motivation, interests ,attitudes, maturity How do Lexiles help parents? Will help parents: Choose books within their childs Lexile range. Please remember reading doesnt always have to be within their range. Books

that are highly motivational, engaging and age appropriate are equally as important. LOVE of reading is KEY!!! If Lexile is higher, adult support is recommended (read together, discuss). Improve communication between home/school/library regarding their childs reading needs and accomplishments. Celebrate student reading gains and accomplishments. Finding the right book for you! Locate titles.

How do Lexiles help teachers? Adjusting materials to the purpose of reading Differentiating texts Differentiating access to texts Building classroom libraries Building reading lists How can we help our children improve? Let them know Literacy is across all content areas Literacy is not a subject; it is the way we encounter

information It is the way we construct knowledge and deepen understanding It is specific to the content area It is across all content and curriculum (not just ELA/reading) There are a variety of text structures and purposes Academic vocabulary & the Reading/writing connection is very important! Highly encourage independent reading!!

During the school year Students who spend a minimum of 3hrs/week reading at their own level (Lexile band), for their own purposes, develop reading fluency which leads to improved mastery. Summer Research studies show that students can have up to a 2-3 month loss in reading ability over summer when they do not continue to read. Free Voluntary Reading OUR STUDENTS NEED TO BE READING EVERYDAYLITERATURE OF

THEIR CHOICE HOOK THEM INTO LOVING READING We develop literacy when we understand spoken and written messages. Comprehending what we hear and read is much more potent when we are hearing and reading something interesting. When we are interested in what were reading, the mechanics of that act dissolves and we become immersed in the story. This research still stands...... Parents Can Help Support Literacy

Growth Know your childs Lexile level. Dont focus entirely on the level, but also make sure the text is appropriate (age, content, language, and engaging for your child). If you would like to increase your childs literacy level, remain within their Lexile stretch band. If the Lexile of the chosen text is higher, please read, discuss, and support your child through the reading of the text. Encourage your child to read often, and for their own interests. We must instill within our children a love and need for reading. Model the importance of reading, by reading in front of your child and discussing how reading helps you in your daily life.

Resources Find A Book (Find books at a variety of Lexile levels) DestinyLexile measures (School Librarian) Georgia DOE: Lexile Framework for Reading Lexile Framework for Reading (One-Pager) Lexile Informational Video Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Tec hnical Subjects

Please contact us if you have any further questions. Classroom teacher (Content specific) Counselors6th grade [email protected] 7th grade [email protected] 8th grade [email protected] Media Specialist j[email protected] Administrator [email protected]

Thank you! Together we will help our children grow to their full potential!

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