New York Auto Show We have lots more

New York Auto Show We have lots more photos to add from the Gala Preview and will be updating the site over the weekend as the events proceed. Check the BMWNYC email list schedule on the next page. Let us know if you want to meet up or have some pics from the show to add? To ask or tell about more BMW NYC events: Join BMW NYC email list (BMW enthusiasts of New York City). BMWNYC Schedule April 07, 2004 6:00pm - 11:00pm North Concourse

Gala Preview to benefit the East Side House Settlement A Charity Gala Preview of the highlights of the 2004 NYIAS. Sponsored by Gruppo Ferrari Maserati. The gala preview is by ticket only; Please contact Eula Johnson at 718-292-7392 or by email at [email protected] More info at Basically it's $150 ($125 tax deductible) for reception, hors d'oevres drinks and DJ music and a silent and live auction Auction includes:

Maserati Quattroporte Tickets to Victoria Secret Fashion Show Tickets to Ferrari Challenge at Lime Rock Donations from Armani, La Golue... Or you can buy a $1000 ticket and get dinner too and earlier access Tickets will also be sold at the door for the gala- and they'll take credit cards. (I'm going!) April 08, 2004 8:00am

1D03 and 1D04 WAAI Breakfast Meeting and Show Preview The Womens Automotive Association International will hold its annual breakfast meeting and Show preview on Thursday, April 8 at 9:00 am. The meeting will include special guest speaker and best-selling author, Linda Kaplan Thaler who will discuss her latest book, "Bang! Getting Your Message Heard in a Noisy World. (see Gala Preview

Every year before the Auto Show there is a preview benefit thrown by Gruppo Ferrarri Maserati for East Side House Settlement. Our intrepid reporter (Vin) made it this year and heres his review: It was awesome. We had all access to all the cars,it was really nice. No one else was around either. It was a really good time. I have the pics at home, I only have a couple here. It was great and easy and you got to see all the exhibits, it was all you can eat: Smoked Salmon hors d'oeuvres, Steak, Open Bar The floors were basically empty, open access to all the cars- even the ones on the platforms. We got to sit in the Ferrari 360 Spyder, all the Bentleys, the Ford GT, the Ford Shelby Cobra, the Austin Martins- stuff you never get to even

get close to in the actual car show- and no lines! It wasn't too bad to get in, we paid with credit card at the door, ($150 with $125 tax deductible)- people were pretty dressy, evening gowns, suits- but it varied. We were in business casual clothes. BMW didn't have anything but the new Mini convertible was there, that's cool. The new Vette was there, the new Ferrari 612 was there and they were starting up the Ferraris and revving them including an old Daytona Race car and a 456 race car-sounded awesome. We didnt do the auction for the Maserati or the silent auctions. Subaru had a cool game you can play, really cool. The new Maseratis were there including the Spyders. The top 3 cars on my shopping list are Ferrari, Astin Martin and the 911 turbo. At the gala preview I was able to take the drivers seat in all these cars, touch the cockpit controls, try out the shift

pattern it was cool. I am SO going to the Gala next year!!!! Thanks Vin! Pics follow, updates when I get em Vins got more pics and there are more special previews and events at the show. Ferrari 360 Spyder Ford GT Astin Martin Vanquish V12 Coupe

Astin Martin Convertible Volante Convertible Mini Well its green metallic and a convertible This is definitely THE way to do the NY Auto Show! More pics when I get em.. THANK YOU VIN!

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