Rebuilding RebuildingCooperative CooperativeCharting Charting By Nick Perugini By

Rebuilding RebuildingCooperative CooperativeCharting Charting By Nick Perugini By Nick Perugini Lynker Technologies Lynker Technologies

A Cooperative Effort Since 1963 Coast Survey Mission Produce and maintain suite of 1000+ paper and raster charts (RNCs) covering coast of US and Great Lakes Produce vector charts (ENCs)

covering US waters Collect information to update nautical charts NOAA in house resources focus on commercial shipping areas Co-op Charting PastPresentFuture

Prior to 2001: All reports by paper 2001 to 2016: CCWEB Today Virtually No Reporting Future Lets Talk About It What NOAA Cartographers Say About Co-op Charting Much of the Co-op reporting is

valuable in areas where we do not receive updated information Some reports little value for chart updating At times, quantity of reporting was stressed over quality Coast Survey Feedback to USPS

In the past, inadequate NOAA feedback to USPS as to charting disposition Little specific direction as to what should be reported Re-Thinking Co-op Charting Enhance Adopt a Chart program. Stress

squadron input vs. individual input Coast Survey develop a questionnaire/template for adopted chart info to be submitted annually. This will be a roadmap for USPS to provide information needed by NOAA. Submit one report per chart per year in MS Word Document in format specified by

questionnaire/template. RNC Viewer A New Tool Accessible from home page or

Online/rnconline.html Provides ability to compare chart with satellite imagery RNC Viewer Nautical Chart RNC Viewer Satellite Imagery

RNC Viewer Both Chart and Imagery RNC Viewer Confirm or Disprove Charted Features RAMP RNC Viewer Confirm or Disprove

Landmarks TANK On the water Dangers to Navigation ENC Viewer Same chart/imagery capabilities as RNC Viewer Examples of Information on Chart Questionnaire Construction areas on the charted bridgesconfirm their existence and general character. (Do not make vertical or horizontal measurements). Confirm boat ramps in the area

Identify areas where marinas are not properly represented Confirm overhead cable areas Identify areas where magenta ICW line may be incorrect/misleading Identify areas where local boaters have noted depth discrepancies Provide names of contacts who might have local knowledge of the area.

Check all charted notes for adequacy Check Coast Pilot for adequacy Provide additional information on discrepancies listed in the Local Notice to Mariners Proposed NOAA Follow-up with USPS Navigation Managers Involvement

Cartographers identify chart changes based on report Navigational Response Teams follow-up with surveys on critical items Proposed Timeline for Implementation Between now and April 1, 2018: NOAA

draft questionnaire Apr 1 - May 1, 2018: NOAA and Co-Op charting committee finalize questionnaire May 1, 2018: NOAA makes questionnaire available for distribution through Co-op Charting Committee October 1, 2018: Squadrons submit Adopt-A-Chart annual report

February 1, 2019: NOAA provide feedback to Squadrons Conclusion Consider this proposal as a path forward for rebuilding the Cooperative Charting Program

Questions? Nick Perugini [email protected] Office: 888-990-6622 Cell: 570-905-4041

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