Jump Rope For Heart Animation by Tyler Morgan

Jump Rope For Heart Animation by Tyler Morgan 1 By fundraising for Jump Rope for Heart, youre collecting donations that fund critical research thats saving lives, preventing heart disease and stroke, and supporting survivors and their families. Here are just some of the ways the dollars you raise help: Why fundraise?

$31 million supported approximately 1,000 top medical researchers across Canada. 8,000 life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs) were placed in communities across Canada. eTools (such as the Heart & Stroke Risk Assessment) were developed to empower all Canadians to lead healthier lives. We partnered to create Stop Marketing to Kids a campaign protecting kids from unhealthy food and beverage advertising. 2 1) Why we Jump

Protect your heart and brain health 2) 3) Help Heart & Stroke save lives Have more fun at school 3

jumpropeforheart.ca How to fundraise online 1 Ask your parent or guardian for help 2 Go to jumpropeforheart.ca 3

Click JOIN YOUR SCHOOL 4 Put money and cheque donations inside the envelope Fundraise with an envelope Write the name

and address of people who donate on the back. Fundraise from people you know and trust. 5 Last year we raised just over $5000! This year, if we raise: School-based incentives

$5000 Mrs. Friel will die her hair unicorn colours! $6000 PJ day for staff and students at Townsview School Mrs. Thorne will wear her PJs too! 6 Thank You Prizes Raise $25: Mini

basketball Raise $75: Hover air soccer Raise $250: Light-up scooter Raise $500: V-Tech Action Cam

Raise $1000: Bike 7 jumpropeforheart.ca Online bonus prizes $5 = $150 = $350 =

8 Healthy Living Contest 9 Lets help Heart & Stroke save lives! Thanks for jumping!

Lets get those hearts pumping! Lets be active at home and school! 10 Remember to tell your family all about. Animation by Tyler Morgan 11

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