Early Civilizations of Latin America European Impact on

Early Civilizations of Latin America European Impact on the Aztec & Inca Civilizations

The Aztecs Aztec Civilization Aztecs arrived in the Valley of Mexico in 1100s (central Mexico,

including present day Mexico City). They wandered about looking for a home site until 1325. Aztecs finally settled on an island in the middle of Lake

Texcoco. Aztec Temple Diorama of Tenochtitlan

Tenochtitlan This was the Aztecs capital. It was created in the center of a lake! They built floating islands called

chinampas by piling rich earth from the bottom of the lake onto rafts made of wood. Roots of plants grew down to Tenochtitlan

Chinampas Expanding Empire In the 1400s, Aztec warriors began conquering other people.

They made them pay taxes; noble Aztecs grew rich. Aztecs had an emperor; the nobles and priests helped the emperorall were very wealthy. Not everyone was richmost

people were farmers. Eagle Warrio Sculpture Mens Work

The Aztec were very involved in agriculture. They used chinampas (manmade floating islands) to grow crops of vegetables, flowers, grasses, and medicinal plants. They also hunted and fished.

Womens Work The Aztec women spent the day taking care of the children, cooking, knitting, and doing housework.

Womens Work Achievements

Doctors developed 1,000s of medicines from plants. Astronomers predicted movements

of the planets; designed an accurate calendar! Priests kept extensive records

using hieroglyphics. Schooling - Boys studied either

Aztec Sun Stone (Calendar) Aztec Golden Ear Flares Mosaic Mask

Inlaid with Turquoise Discipline How did the Aztecs discipline children?

Some punishments included making them inhale smoke, holding them over fire in which spicy peppers where thrown, and puncturing their skin with thorns!

Aztec Discipline Religion Cities were religious centers; they worshipped

their gods in pyramidshaped temples. Sacrifice was an important part of the religious ceremonies (meant to honor the gods).

Aztec Temple Temples Instead of tearing down old temples,

Aztec would just keep adding levels to the existing one. This one was

built over 6 Aztec Temple eligious Ceremonie The bath was an important part of

daily life--not only to be cleaned, but also to be religiously purified. Most homes had a steam room attached to living quarters. Other religious ceremonies included human sacrifices:

usually children or prisoners of war felt that human hearts and blood strengthened the gods Aztec Bath

Aztec human sacrifice was on a greater scale than anywhere or any time in human history.

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