Doing Business with your Local Government Michael McClue

Doing Business with your Local Government Michael McClue WA Local Government Association (WALGA) WALGA WALGA: Working for Local Government WALGA's key focus is working for Local Government in Western Australia.

As the peak industry body, WALGA advocates on behalf of 138 WA Local Governments. We are not a government department or agency. Provision of Advice and Advocacy for members in the following

areas: Community Development Employee / Industrial Relations Environment Governance and Strategy Infrastructure

Planning Waste Roadwise Quote Based Purchasing Up to 90% of expenditure by Local Governments under the tender threshold ($150,000) in accordance

with Local Government purchasing policies: Direct purchase Tender Exempt Options, Including: $150 WALGA PSA k CUA Awareness of aggregated category spend!

Quote based Purchasing Commitment to the Local Supply Market for certain goods and services Regional Price / Local Preference Value for Money focus Encourage suppliers to become WALGA Preferred Suppliers Local Government Tendering Governed by the Local Government Act 1995 and associated Regulations

Department for Local Government is the regulator $150,000 tender threshold in WA (increased in October 2015) All Local Governments must have a Purchasing Policy WALGA provides a comprehensive procurement service to Local Governments Exemptions exist via WALGA PSAs and CUAs Request for Tenders (RFT) Tender Notice Regulations require

advertisement of Tenders in a State-Wide newspaper Request for Tenders (RFT) - Structure Request The Rules Specification / Brief

The Requirements Tenderers Response The Information General Conditions of Contract The Framework Appendices

Annexures Form of Contract Award Evaluation Criteria Evaluation Criteria - set before publishing of Tender Compliance Criteria - must be met by all Tenderers (non-weighted) Qualitative Criteria basis for evaluating Tenderers (weighted) Regulation 14, Local Government

(Functions and General) Regulations Evaluation Panel The Evaluation Panel will typically consist of: Two or more people Balance of knowledge e.g. technical, finance, procurement, etc. The Citys Contracts Officer as process facilitator Evaluation Manager / Chairperson Evaluating Tenders Selecting the right

supplier is more than just the best price! Tender Evaluation Evaluation Criteria Value for Money means price is usually non-weighted and excluded from the qualitative assessment Compliance Criteria Is it met, compliant or not. Not subjective. Qualitative Criteria Criteria should be weighted, panel scores and weighted

accordingly. Tender Evaluation Price Evaluation: Offered pricing must meet the requirements as specified in the Request. Assessment of price will include consideration of Total Cost of Ownership, including: Key Issues with Submissions Rely on reputation

Make unsubstantiated claims Provide an inappropriate level of detail Display lack of care and effort Rely on templates Local entitlement (Buy Local) Key Tips on Preparing Responses Focus on the Local Governments needs Take into account the regulations & the particular Local Governments purchasing policies & processes Match your offer to the opportunity

Look at the weightings Address the Sub-Criteria Be succinct! Understand and focus on VFM Its not just the lowest price Any Questions?

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