Place Title Here Board of Governors 13 February

Place Title Here Board of Governors 13 February 2008 Robert Luke and Joy McKinnon Agenda Introduction What is applied research? ARO Update

Accomplishments Presentation Student research team What is applied research? Problem pull vs. idea push, focusing on

Solving problems Generating ideas for immediate marketplace application Developing new and enhanced products and processes Expanding market opportunities for companies Building and testing prototypes Demonstrating proof-of-principle Carrying out laboratory testing

or field studies that have application potential Applied Research at GBC Benefits of applied research Students get real world, practical experience, often integrated in field studies Faculty participate in industry innovation, refining their expertise Industry accesses timely problem solving for immediate industrial problems Community groups receive support for process innovations

GBC enhances its reputation, strengthens industry and community links, and fosters excellence in teaching and learning ARO Accomplishments Financial viability External funding secured A total of $224,883 secured in 2007-08 for six applied research projects 10 applied research proposals were submitted in 2007-08

for a total funding ask of $32,836,563 The Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII) has funded infrastructure development $90K/year until 2009 ARO Accomplishments Student experience 84 students engaged in projects across all divisions Launched Applied Research and Innovation seed funding program to provide opportunity for students to engage in applied research

OCE Connections Program 36 students involved in 11 projects (Tech, Hosp., Bus.) ARO Accomplishments Process improvements Revised the research ethics and integrity policies to conform with the Tri-Council Policy statement Established internal seed funding application process Reconfigured project management and accounting process for research projects

ARO Accomplishments Staff success 110 faculty in workshops 66 consultations 19 seed funded projects 4 posters, 1 presentation at the Polytechnics Canada Showcase Professional development Presentations at national and international

conferences. ARO Accomplishments Building the brand Achieved NSERC eligibility Hosted Polytechnics Canada Research Showcase Led all colleges with highest response rate to national faculty survey on attitudes and interest in applied research

Developed success stories profiling GBC applied research Achieved significant media exposure for applied research Developed partnerships with industry and academic partners Opportunities Funding announcements

NSERC College Innovation Program $48m in 2008 Canada Foundation for Innovation next round to launch Internal seed funding second round April 2008 CONII Proof of Principle funds available up to $10K Ontario Centres of Excellence ongoing The way forward New developments Continue capacity building build a network of GBC Research Labs (Health, Hospitality, Technology, Design) Submit proposals to NSERC CCI and CFI

Launch new program in research and commercialization for Internationally Trained Individuals Funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration $400K 2008-2010 Expand use of the web to reach industry and funders How you can help Promoting GBC as a provider of applied research services Identifying opportunities for applied research projects Assisting with the development of major research proposals by identifying potential industry and community partners

Students demonstrate success Example of success Presentation by student researchers: Elyse Schopp (Culinary Arts) Kit Zhou (Mechanical Engineering Technology)

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