All Organization Meeting: August 25, 2015 HOMECOMING BASICS

All Organization Meeting: August 25, 2015 HOMECOMING BASICS October 4, 2015 October 10, 2015 Philanthropies: Scotland Clark Project & Mall Renovation Project Homecoming email: [email protected] Website: Chairs: Alex Savala, [email protected] Shari Fieser, [email protected] UPDATES FOR THIS

YEAR 9 Teams Points Lip Sync will talk more later about changes DUE DATES COMING UP! Monday, August 31 Wednesday, September 2 Lip Sync Song Preferences Due to [email protected] by noon

Tuesday, September 8 Court Applications Open on Homecoming Website at 10AM Court Nomination Due via Homecoming Website by 5:00PM Wednesday, September 9 First Draft of Lip Sync Script due to [email protected] by noon TEAMS WHITE OPAL Alpha Sigma Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon SILVER QUARTZ

Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Chi Phi Lambda Phi Cardinal Key PURPLE AMETHYST Alpha Phi Omega Phi Kappa Tau Prim Roses EMERALD GREEN AMBER ORANGE Delta Zeta Tau Lambda Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Alpha Gamma Rho MAP

Phi Delta RUBY RED YELLOW TOPAZ Delta Phi Epsilon Sigma Kappa Tau Kappa Epsilon Phi Sigma Kappa Delta Sigma Pi Sigma Tau Gamma BLUE SAPPHIRE BLACK ONYX

Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Sigma Gamma Pi Kappa Phi ABC Beta Theta Pi Alpha Kappa Lambda LIP SYNC ANNOUNCEMENT Practices start Tuesday, September 15 Balcony change Teams will be watching via live-stream in their rooms Lower cap for participants 40 members Special Lip Sync meetings for Lip Sync Chairs Dates and times to come! Dont be afraid of Kevin & Amanda

Theyll be coming to a practice Political correctness is important! NEXT MEETING September 1st @ 8:00 PM in MG 1096 You will receive the full liaison packet within the next week All this information covered tonight will be emailed to you please check to be sure your email is correct.

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