The CHORUS Pilot An Agency Perspective CHORUS Implementation

The CHORUS Pilot An Agency Perspective CHORUS Implementation Webinar May 16, 2014 Mark Martin Assistant Director, Office of Scientific and Technical Information Office of Science U.S. Department of Energy What Is OSTI? OSTI has the corporate responsibility for ensuring access to DOE R&D results. Energy Policy Act of 2005 The Secretary, through the Office of Scientific and Technical

Information, shall maintain within the Department publicly available collections of scientific and technical information resulting from research, development, demonstration, and commercial applications activities supported by the Department. 2 How Do We Do It? DOE STI Program (STIP) OSTI coordinates with POCs across the complex. DOE R&D results are: collected from DOE offices, labs, and facilities, as well as university grantees and financial assistance awardees;

preserved for re-use; and made accessible via multiple web outlets. 3 DOE-affiliated journal articles are part of the OSTI R&D 2013 OSTP Memo Federal Agencies Need to Increase Access to Research Results Released Feb 22, 2013 microsites/ostp/ostp_public_access_memo_2013.pdf

ensuring that, to the greatest extentthe direct results of federally funded research are made available and useful. Such results include peer-reviewed publications and digital data. Applies to agencies with >$100 million in R&D expenditures. Recognizes publishers services are essential for ensuring the high quality and integrity of scholarly pubs, critical to continue. 4 Criteria for a DOE Public Access Model Enables LONG-TERM free access by the public to the best available version of peer-reviewed scientific and technical information sponsored by

DOE. Enables single search box of all DOE-sponsored research literature without requiring that articles be in a centralized collection. Maintains a comprehensive metadata collection in order for the agency to fully account for its scholarly output. Preserves the freedom of researchers to promote and disseminate their research, i.e., preserves researchers choice in selecting the journal to which they wish to submit manuscripts. Recognizes the value added by publishers in providing high-quality scholarly communications and research tools and accommodates flexible publisher business models. Promotes the Version of Record for each article. Minimizes cost to DOE. Encourages coordination and collaboration among agencies, institutions, and the publishing community.

The proposed DOE public access gateway meets these criteria.5 The Proposed Public Access Gateway Our planned model is a natural evolution and extension of ongoing public dissemination capabilities and systemsour Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP). 6 Built with proven software and architecture Leveraging existing ingest and dissemination

tools With a twist Publishers Contribution to Agencies Public Access Obligations The proposed DOE model for public access would leverage CHORUS and FundRef. The CHORUS collaboration enables our Best Available Version concept. 7 7

The Pilot ExperienceCollaboration Collegial A partnership between participants Responsive An ongoing interchange of information to achieve standardization Diverse An alliance of colleagues from different organizations with distinct viewpoints 8 8

The Pilot Experience Challenges Technical Approach and Challenges Indicates the license under which the record is made available. Provides a link to the full text for indexing. 9 The Pilot ExperienceSuccess Major Milestone Achieved Nov. 8, 2013: The proposed DOE public access gateway linked to content via CHORUS, all full-text searchable.

10 APS was the only publisher with content successfully processed on November 8. AIPP and IEEE have subsequently been added. We are continuing to work with other CHORUS Pilot participants. The Pilot ExperienceFuture Hope to see FundRef usage spread throughout the publishing

community, and the number of CHORUS participating publishers continue to increase, leading to a corresponding increase in CHORUS content related to DOE. 11 Along with distributed access to accepted manuscripts obtained through the existing DOE STIP infrastructure, CHORUS content in DOEs proposed public access solution will complete the best available version concept.

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