The how and why of teaching French with

The how and why of teaching French with authentic audio-visual texts Marc Grossman Open High School, Randwick (Sydney) NSW July, 2015 AFMLTA Australian Professional Standards for Teachers common language since 2012 3 X DOMAINS OF TEACHING Professional Knowledge + Professional Practice + Professional Engagement 7 x STANDARDS 1.

2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Know students and how they learn Know the content and how to teach it Plan for and implement effective teaching and learning Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning Engage in professional learning Engage professionally with colleagues, parents/carers and the community

Which audio-visuals texts? Three essential elements: sound vision movement Audio-visual text (AV) : technical word for television programs Source: French television programs aimed for a French native speaking audience Captured in Australia by a French satellite television company called: CANALSAT AUSTRALIE (Le Bouquet Franais) including TV5 Monde Compiled as DVDs not sourced from YouTube Converted into pedagogy for teaching & learning Copyright and Australian law Foreign language television programs captured in

Australia by satellite when being broadcast and are subject to Australian Commonwealth law. Capturing and duplicating these programs which are captured live for educational purposes is allowed by Australian Copyright law - specifically under Australian Broadcasting rights no limit to copies or duplication For educational purposes you ARE allowed to charge for cost recovery purposes but NOT allowed to make a profit a licence is then required. Why audio-visual texts?- ADVANTAGES Motivation: great rewards for both the teacher practitioner and learner.

Its authentic its not contrived its real. The learning environment (the classroom environment) connects in a tangible way to the real world (wherever French is used or wherever native French speakers are). Connecting to the francophone world. The target language (French) being taught is the actual language in the AV texts it then becomes a form of immersion. The awesome psychological power that sound exerts Disadvantages in using AV texts Too hard and too much work + intercultural issues The authentic language used is beyond the students current skills the language learner at first regresses Easier to use the course text book the work has

already been done for the teacher the programming, the vocabulary, the questions, the tasks, the sequence of learning, the resources available and the engagement The classroom practitioner has to do so much more preparation than teaching the established course Selection of an appropriate/pertinent AV text is sometimes a hit and miss situation it cannot appeal to everyone in the class. Purpose of authentic materials Need to develop students skills for successful intercultural and linguistic engagement in the real world Preparing students for their social lives

An authentic linguistic magic carpet ride un tapis volant linguistique authentique Closing the language gap between classroom language and real life post-language classroom I just know school French code for: therefore, dont expect too much from me as my French isnt relevant Language encountered in a text book does not always translate to a real world connection nor give insights into intercultural challenges Criteria for selecting these AV texts

The first AV text for example gives new information to the language student by informing him or her about Melbourne from a foreign perspective how others see us? Intercultural purposes French people French society very much interested in knowing whats going on in the Land Down Under. I said, Do you speak a my language? He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich (NB the inseparable link between language & culture) Students motivation and participation grabbing attention at the very beginning. Suitability of content for learners of French Professional Knowledge Standards 1 & 2 DVD Track 1 Melbourne La ville la plus agrable au monde

Audio-visual text just over 5 minutes in length. NOT recommended that you show the whole AV text without stopping at some point for most students. Two approaches: FIRST APPROACH a blank canvass Show AV text first with a simple but challenging pedagogical question What is this news report about? Or What is this TV news item saying about Melbourne? Or Why is Melbourne being featured in this French news report? Or How many French words/phrases did you hear and write them down? AV text: track 1 Melbourne

SECOND APPROACH: Following a sequenced approach to your current language program/course curriculum/syllabus content E.g. NSW French Beginners Stage 6 Syllabus Preliminary and HSC Courses Understanding Texts 2.1 understands and interprets information in texts using a range of strategies 2.2 conveys the gist of and identifies specific information in texts 2.3 summarises the main points of a text CONTINUED SECOND APPROACH

Understanding texts (continued) 2.4 draws conclusions from or justifies an opinion about a text 2.5 identifies the purpose, context and audience of a text 2.6 identifies and explains aspects of the culture of French-speaking communities in texts The NSW French Beginners course has TWO TOPICS The Personal World + The French-speaking Communities Family life, home & neighbourhood; People, places & communities; Education & work; Friends, recreation & pastimes; Holidays, travel & tourism; Future plans &

aspirations The NSW French Continuers Stage 6 Syllabus Three prescribed Themes (Topics) The individual The French-speaking communities The changing world 1st theme of the individual enables the learner to study topics from the perspective of other individuals 2nd theme - the French-speaking communities perspectives whilst the learner reflects on their own and other cultures 3rd theme the changing world enables students to explore change as it affects aspects of the world of work

Suggestions from Colleagues at Open High School (1) Always very difficult and challenging to motivate language students to absorb and learn long vocabulary lists for specific purposes Using AV texts as a motivational tool to get students to learn new vocabulary: Linguistic journeys of discovery and exploration OR The teacher supplies vocab lists ahead of time OR Students transcribe the French text heard and seen

This class exercise then becomes very language focused but can be highly rewarding and motivating at the same timee.g. group work AV texts allow the teacher to achieve most language objectives H.O.T. Higher Order Thinking Analysis and synthesis One colleague proposed the Melbourne challenge You are from another Australian city/state and the current Melbourne advertising and promotional materials produced have caused such a spike in interstate numbers to Melbourne with a detrimental fall in numbers visiting other capital cities such as Sydney. Your advertising brief is to use the content and

presentation in this AV Text in order to promote in French another Australian capital city, such as Sydney. Create the written script and turn it into an AV text. AV texts: encapsulating the 18 elements of the NSW 2004 Quality Teaching in Languages policy INTELLECTUAL QUALITY deep knowledge; deep understanding; problematic knowledge; higher-order thinking; metalanguage; substantive communication. QUALITY LEARNING ENVIRONMENT explicit quality criteria; engagement; high expectations; social support; student selfregulation; student direction. SIGNIFICANCE background knowledge; cultural knowledge; knowledge integration; inclusivity; connectedness; narrative.

Australian Curriculum: languages French (revised) 2014 (1) Foundation to Year 10 Sequence (revised draft) Years 7 to 10 (Year 7 Entry) Sequence (revised draft) AV TEXTS DOVETAIL ITSELF SEEMLESSLY INTO THE AUSTRALIAN CURRICULUM Contexts of interaction (page 73) The French classroom is the primary context for language and culture experience, with ICT resources and community links providing access to additional resources and experiences.

Australian Curriculum: Languages French 7-10 (Year 7 Entry) (2) Texts and resources: (pages: 73-74) Learners work with a range of texts designed for language learning such as textbooks, audiorecordings, teacher-generated materials and online resources. They also use materials designed for French students in different contexts (for example, blogs, newsletters, advertisements, magazines, video clips and apps). Authentic texts from different sources provide opportunities for discussion and analysis of the relationship between Time permittingother AV texts & Discussion 2. La Cour de Babel 3. Des Classes dAccueil

4. Vivement Dimanche 13. Boris Johnson: Maire de Londres

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