LASSITER HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL SPRING PARENT MEETING March 27th, 2019 6:30 PM Welcome To Trojan Football THANK YOU! TD Club, Parents, & Players What you can expect from your Head Coach? Two main functions that our FB program will serve: 1. It will be FUN! 2. Football will contribute in a worthwhile manner to the education of your studentathlete! How will our student-athletes be prepared (FB & Life)? 1. Can they be trusted? 2. Do they care about those around them? 3. Are they committed to the task at hand? *We will help them answer YES!!* Our Program Philosophy Mission: To use the game of football to develop young men physically, mentally, socially, spiritually to reach their full potential both on and off the field Vision: To develop LHS football into one of the premier high school football programs in the region & state of

Georgia. Committed to football through a passionate pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the program! *From the intensity & organization of practice to the sportsmanship and class of competition, we expect excellence at all times! Everyone associated with the program, from coaches, players, and administrators to cheerleaders, boosters and parents, will model character and strive for excellence as we seek to do what is RIGHT and what is BEST for the program* Formula for Success on Friday Nights 1. Its all about the ball -Protect it and take it away 2. Execution -Know your role; DO YOUR JOB; DO it well; Limit unforced errors & penalties 3. Play Great Defense -Play fast and pursue the football; Be great tacklers, create turnovers 4. Win Special Teams -Create field position; create momentum, score points 5. Balanced Offense Use formations & movement to be able to run & pass the ball with consistency Strength Training FB Skills Community Service Recruiting Character Ed

R O illars of the Program J A N S e n i l p i c s Di Tou ghn es s t r o

Eff Commi tment PRIDE ime T n a *Troj Code ss *Dre *Gr i *Co t (Habi ts mfo rtab ) le/U nc o te s u n

i nk *48 M ty The Ta p *Em *Trojan Pride *Pride Patrol *Whats your 68? Forget About Me I Love You m fo rt a b le PROCESS & STANDARD OF PERFORMANCE = COMPETITIVE


PHASE 4 Aug-Dec In-Season EFFORT PRIDE Trojan Standards 1. Go to class. Do this to become educated! 2. Show class in how you handle adversity & success! 3. Treat people with dignity & respect! 4. Abide by all rules & regulations of Lassiter HS 5. You know the difference between right & wrong DO RIGHT! 6. Dont do anything to embarrass your parents, team, school, or community! In-Season Weekly Itinerary MONDAY A.M. Before School

P.M. After School Evening TUESDAY Lift 6:45 A.M. Lift 6:45 **Any player A.M. **Any not in WT** player not in Film V Scout MeetPractice WT** 7:30 A.M. 7:30 A.M. JV Game Prep JV Game 7:30 A.M. Film 7:30 A.M.

9th Study 9th Study Hall 3:35-4:15 P.M. Practice 4:30-6:00 V/JV Practice P.M. Hall 3:35-4:15 P.M. Practice 4:30-6:00 V/JV P.M. 3:50-6:30 P.M. Practice 3:50-6:30 P.M. Dads of JV Game

Influence 6:00 P.M. 6:45 P.M. WEDNESDAY THURSDAY SATURDAY FRIDAY V/JV Practice 7:00 A.M. Practice GameDay Film Breakfast 7:30 A.M. C.C. Lift 7:25 A.M. 7:55-8:20 A.M *Any player Not in WT* 9th Study

Hall 3:35-4:15 P.M. Practice 4:30-5:45 V/JV P.M. Practice 3:50-5:30 P.M. Position Dinners 6:30 P.M. V/JV Study Hall 3:35-4:15 P.M. th 9 Meal Travel

Varsity Film Rehab/L.L 9:15 A.M. 9th Game Film 3:45 P.M. Varsity Meal Meet & Travel 9th Game Varsity Game 6:00 P.M. 7:30 P.M. Parent Standards Please help guide your child in proper nutrition & hydration as his safety is impacted by how he manages these things! Please use the following guidelines to assist in promoting a positive image of the program & the school: The Player Plays. The Coach Coaches. The Parent Supports!! If you have a problem or issue.. You, your athlete, and I will meet. Your athlete MUST BE PRESENT! Please allow 24 hours from any game before scheduling or attempting to schedule a meeting! Disagreements will occur. Sometimes after meeting and addressing concerns disagreements will remain. We pledge to make decisions with the best interest of the

TEAM and SCHOOL in mind, not individual players. We should all have the goal of providing the best experience possible for our players. Destructive remarks and sowing bitterness does not aid in the process. Please go about your business in a way that promotes a positive image of the team! Parent Standards During games & practices the sideline area is for players & coaches only! Please do not try and have a conversation with a player during the game, although remarks of encouragement are welcome. Please do not enter the playing field. If your athlete is injured, allow the coaches or medical staff to address the injury. If needed, we will call you on to the playing field. The coaches will not discuss lineups or roles with parents UNLESS it is concerning your athlete The coaches are not interested in listening to gossip or negative remarks concerning other people, players, etc. Trojan Football 2019 CALENDAR! IMPORTANT!! ACADEMICS PRACTICE POLICY DISCIPLINE EQUIPMENT POLICY INJURY POLICY LOCKER ROOM

HEAT POLICY WEIGHT TRAINING OFF-SEASON WORKOUTS RECRUITING This will all be available online Player Handbook Spring Football 2019 ALL INFO WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE AS WELL: Summer 2019 Overview Summer Practice Start = May 28th (7 AM) Youth Camp = May 28-31st (9-1 PM) Kell 7v7 Tournament = June 9th Team Mini-Camp = June 20th (Lassiter High School) No Organized Team Activities June 24-July 5 (Please schedule vacations!!) Dalton Team Mini-Camp = July 9th Lutzie 7v7 Tournament = July 11th &12th (Lassiter High School) Moms Clinic = July 13th (Lassiter High School) FCA Team Camp (University of West Georgia) = July 18th-20th Midnight Madness = July 25th Start of Fall Practice!!

2019 Player Pack The goal is for the team to have a consistent team look while working out and practicing. One pair of shorts & choice of either sleeveless compression or sleeveless loose fit shirt are provided with your TD Club dues. Additional shirts and shorts are available online we recommend buying an extra set for your son if he is new/does not have extras. Sizes provided during registration. **Shirts tend to run small** $100 $75 $95 $70 Cleats $100 $120 $75 $90

$120 $85 $125 $95 $40 Skill $45 & Gloves OL/DL $55 Combo $50 2019 Athletic Physical Process 2019-20 PHYSICALS MUST BE DATED 4/1 OR LATER!!!!

*Same process as 2018. Complete the Cobb County Athletic Registration Process and upload the physical exam completed doc to ParentVue Athletic Registration on-line* Athletic Registration Use the Athletic Registration to submit the required consent, insurance, and medical information for your students athletic registration. Students must be in grades 8 through 12 to register for athletics. Accessing the Student Athletic Registration - BE SURE TO CLICK 2019-2020!! To access the Athletic Registration Application, log into your ParentVUE account. Two links to the ParentVUE login are available from the parents menu on the Cobb County School District home page ( Mouse over Parents and click either Grades & Attendance or ParentVUE Login Page. Sports Physical PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in any school-sponsored athletic programs during the 2019-2020 school year, students must have a current sports physical on record. The physical must be completed on or after April 1st and before any athletic participation. Complete the information needed for the doctor (medical history, allergies, etc.) before the physical exam, print it out and bring form with you to the exam. Equipment Distribution Preferred Sat. 4/27 After School Mon. 4/30

For your athlete to get their equipment, the following 5 items must be completed: 1. Complete 2019 player registration online at 2. Membership Dues paid in full or a payment plan selected (Contact Steve Brown treasurer with any questions) 3. Volunteer deposit $300 check submitted (post date 12/1/2019) 4. Equipment deposit $300 check submitted (post date 12/1/2019) 5. Physical Exam for CURRENT school year 2018-19 on file with LHS (new physicals for 2019-2020 dated after 4/1 on ParentVUE needed for summer workouts) Important Reminders Website Registration : Available tonight! HUDL Notifications Nutrition / Hydration / REST Finish year strong!! (Academics) Join the experience (Volunteer) Get ready for Spring Ball / Summer Lassiter TD Club Lassiter Touchdown Club 2019 Board of Directors President

President Ron Ron Warnken Warnken Head Head Coach Coach (Ex (Ex Officio) Officio) Sean Sean Thom Thom VP VP--Game GameDay Day VP VPConcessions Concessions Secretary

Secretary&& VP Communications VP Communications Maria MariaCarter Carter Grounds/Game Day Friday Night Senior Mom Marcy Friedman Volunteers (DIBS) Thurs. Night (Freshmen) Brad Lind Game Day Program Dave Grachen

Monday Night (JV) Trojan House Victoria Ellis Executive Executive VP VP Ken Ken Carlson Carlson CFO CFO&&Treasurer Treasurer Steve SteveBrown Brown Reserved Seating Ron Warnken Casino Night

Corp Sponsors Todd Lambright 7-on-7 Brad Lind Sam Carter Sophomore Mom Lisa English End of Season Awards Freshman Mom Kelly Benton Cheer Liaison 01/27/2020 VP VPSponsors Sponsors && Fundraising Fundraising

Sam SamCarter Carter Junior Mom Renee Brown Varsity Meals Renee Brown JV/Fresh. Meals Renee Brown CIO CIO&&VP VP Marketing MarketingEvents Events Jill JillFerguson Ferguson Picture Day

Jean Warnken Food Sponsors Tom Carroll Media Guide Dave Grachen OurFund Tom Gildea Coupon Book Tom Carroll Golf Tournament Ken Carlson Rusty Akin ow do we meet the objectives of the TD Club Membership Dues / Player Fees Fundraising Events & Sales Volunteering Fundraising Events and Sales *Fundraising Events & Sales are the primary sources of revenue for the Lassiter TD Club*

Coupon Book Sales Our Fund Concessions Sponsorships Reserve Seating Tickets May Golf Tournament Trojan House Our 7v7 Events Program Sales Hosting Events / Camps *Option to Opt Out Coupon Book Sales & Our Fund of $600 Casino Night Tax Deductible

in P e h t st to e s o l C rive D t s e g Lon More ch Mu Lassiter Trojan Football 2019 Golf Classic Friday, May 3rd, 2019

Registration: 7:00am Shotgun Start: 8:00am Go lf P f o ul r Po ever lover s y Re t Go part & V cep lf A ici iso p r tio w n/ ards ant Lu nch

$125 per Player - $500 per Team Register Online at Bradshaw Farms Golf Club Come support Trojan Football and show off your golf skills while having some fun! SIGN UP NOW!! 2019 TD Club Casino Night August 3rd North Hampton Clubhouse TD Club FUNdraising Night

Poker Craps Roulette Black Jack Auction Raffles Public is Welcome not just for football families All proceeds go to the Football Program!! Adults Only BYOB in a cooler Gaming Tables Auction Items Gaming Prizes Volunteering for Events

For each player family 4x per season Four volunteer slots to be filled (3-4 hours each) Working a Friday night concession stand slot counts for 2 slots Must sign up online using DIBS Dont reserve = assigned to volunteer what is left (August) No-Show Penalty assign another slot to your obligation Deposit - $300 check made payable to Lassiter TD Club Also needed tonight REQUIRED! To be returned to you (uncashed) at end of season upon obligation fulfillment Optional: Opt Out Plan no volunteering: $300 charge Pay tonight: put opt out on check or pay online DIBS Volunteer System DIBS organizes event/game day operations with a system to assign & claim volunteer shifts: TDC members browse DIB sessions online Claim your volunteer duty of choice first come DIBS tracks participation and issues credit for completing your shift TBD Volunteer Direction (Email) Reserved Seating

The Touchdown Club sells reserved seats for the football season. These are the only seats that provide revenue for the Touchdown Club! Includes all Friday night home games 5 games this year! Includes all JV & Freshman games! Cost is $135 per seat! Ron Warnken Reserved Seats [email protected] Opening Game August 23, 2019 vs HARRISON HOYAS Cobleigh Stadium 7:30 p.m. Contact Info Sean Thom Lassiter High School Football 2601 Shallowford Road Marietta, GA 30066 470-585-8470 (Cell) [email protected]

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