Megatrend: ADAS / AD VIRTUAL VEHICLE 1 Topics EmbeddedSystems Systems Embedded Model-baseddesign designand andtest test --Model-based Communicationarchitectures architectures -- Communication Functionalsafety safetyassessment assessment --Functional Wirelesssensors sensorsand andCar2X Car2X -- Wireless AutomatedDriving Driving Automated Dependablepower powercomputing computing --Dependable ADAScontrol controlfunctions functions -- ADAS Automateddriving drivingfunctions functions -- Automated Co-operativeactive activesafety safety -- Co-operative Multi-domainSimulation Simulation Multi-domain

Integrationofofdevelopment developmenttools tools(FMI) (FMI) --Integration Distributedreal-time real-timesystems systems --Distributed Real-timeco-simulation co-simulation --Real-time Hardware/Softwareintegration integration(XiL) (XiL) --Hardware/Software EnergyStorages Storages Energy Modeling,validation, validation,and andtest test --Modeling, Safety(thermal, (thermal,mechanical, mechanical, --Safety functional) functional) Ageinginvestigation investigation/ /data datamining mining --Ageing Electrochemicaloptimization optimization --Electrochemical Controland andSoftware Software Control Model-basedcontrol control(electrified (electrifiedtransmission) transmission) --Model-based Comprehensiveenergy energymanagement management -- Comprehensive

Softwarearchitectures, architectures,re-use, re-use,and andvariability variability -- Software Cloud-basedinformation informationharvesting harvesting -- Cloud-based VIRTUAL VEHICLE 2 Cooperations Know-how : Vehicle Safety, Functional Safety, Control Computer Vision, Embedded Software, Security, Radar Sensors, Sensor Simulation Science Research Center ITI Know-how : Computer Vision Know-how : Real-Time co-Simulation vehicle connectivity, HMI, 360 sensors & sensor-fusion reliable in vehicle power computing, FuSa, cooperative active safety, driver models, real-time control ViF-Toolchain for benchmarking ADAS Validation of driving scenarios in virtual test-lab Connected safety relevant driving assistance functions Interface Industry/Science Coordination, Partner-network Knowledge buildup & -transfer Know-how : Advanced Simulation Tools, Testing, Engineering, System Integration, Volume Production, Industry International Partners: Audi, BMW, BOSCH, Continental, Daimler, Denso, TRW, Valeo, ZF, 11. Juli 2017

Dr. Jost Bernasch Know-how : Components, Products, Volume Production, VIRTUAL VEHICLE 3 Automated Driving: Demonstrator Virtual Vehicle ADAS-Demo-Platform: + Actuation by wire: drive, brake, steer, indicate by wire + Sensors: camera, ultrasonic, vehicle dynamic, GPS (will be extended by radar, lidar, tof, ...) + Interfaces: HMI touch display, CAN, ROS, dSpace MAB (will be extended) OS master node + Modular development operating system: message communication layer se sens nsor da or no ta node pr de oc es da si ta ng lo no gg de vi in su g al no iz de

at io n no a (s c de te tu er a t / b or ra n k e od /d e riv e) Modular software framework for developing highly automated driving (will be extended) Applications: Measurement (sensor data acquisition, sensor fusion) Development and test (assistance functions) Energy management (hybrid car) Proving ground platform for projects ADAS Functions implemented for Demonstration 11. Juli 2017 + ... Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 4 Automated Driving: Demonstrator Roadmap Deep Deep learning learning

HW-Platform HW-Platform NVIDIA, NVIDIA, Infineon Infineon Aurix, Aurix, dSPACE, dSPACE, Data Data logging logging & & measurement measurement equipment, equipment, selfselfdiagnostics diagnostics Electrified Electrified vehicle vehicle with with internal access; internal access; steer, steer, brake, brake, drive drive by by wire, wire, dual dual energy energy storage storage Demonstrator Demonstrator Vehicle Vehicle in in ar e y

in ar 1 ye ar e y ADAS ADAS Sensor Sensor Integration Integration Radar, Radar, Camera, Camera, GPS, GPS, IMU, IMU, Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic, Lidar, Lidar, InteriorInteriorCamera, Camera, C2X, C2X, BatteryBatterymonitoring Sensor-Fusion monitoring Sensor-Fusion 11. Juli 2017 Scene Scene interpretation, interpretation, Advanced Advanced HMI HMI augmented augmented reality, reality, in ar 1 ye ars+ e y ~1,5

in ars e y 5 1, ADAS ADAS Functions Functions Implementation Implementation Advanced Advanced control control (LKA, (LKA, ACC, ACC, LCA, LCA, Motorway Motorway Assistant, Assistant, EBA), EBA), Online Online Driver Driver Monitoring, Monitoring, Collision Collision detection, Traffic-Light-Assistant, detection, Traffic-Light-Assistant, Infrastructure Infrastructure interaction, interaction, sensor sensor self-diagnostics self-diagnostics Dr. Jost Bernasch Optimization Optimization and and Validation Validation HW-SW HW-SW co-simulation, co-simulation, Distributed Distributed vehicle-Testing, vehicle-Testing, Testdrives,

Testdrives, Function Function optimization optimization Vehicle Vehicle in in the the loop loop tests tests VIRTUAL VEHICLE 5 Automated Driving: EU Projekte AUTODRIVE ENABLE S3 Project Partner 2017 - 2020 Project Partner 2016- 2019 57 Partners Lead: Infineon 74 Partners Lead: AVL 82,2 M Project Volume 68 M Project Volume Advancing fail-aware, fail-safe, and fail-operational electronic components, systems, and architectures for highly and fully automated driving for safer, efficient, affordable, and user-friendly future mobility 11. Juli 2017 ENABLE-S3 is industry-driven and aspires to substitute todays cost-intensive verification & validation efforts by more advanced and efficient methods to pave the way for the commercialization of highly automated cyber physical systems (ACPS). Pure simulation cannot cover physics in detail due to its limitations in modelling and computation. Real-world tests are too expensive, too time consuming and potentially dangerous. Thus, ENABLE-S3 aims at developing an innovative solution capable of combining both worlds in an optimized manner.

Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 6 Automated Driving: EU Projekte TRUSTVEHICLE INFRAMIX Consortium Leader 2017- 2020 Project Partner 2017 - 2020 12 Partners Lead: VIRTUAL VEHICLE 11 Partners Lead: AustriaTECH 5 M Project Volume 4,9 M Project Volume TrustVehicle aims at advancing L3AD functions in normal operation and in critical situations (active safety) in mixed traffic scenarios and even under harsh environmental conditions. TrustVehicle follows a user-centric approach and will provide solutions that will significantly increase reliability and trustworthiness of automated vehicles and hence, contribute to end-user acceptance. 11. Juli 2017 INFRAMIX main target is to design, upgrade, adapt and test (in simulation and in real-world) both physical and digital elements of the road infrastructure, to enable the coexistence of automated and conventional vehicles, in specific scenarios, ensuring an uninterrupted, predictable, safe and efficient traffic; the key outcome will be a hybrid road infrastructure able to handle the transition period and become the basis for future automated transport systems. Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 7 ALP.Lab

October 2017 Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 8 ALP.Lab: testing possibilities in preparation planned planned Private planned Magna & AVL proving grounds, Graz/ Styria [email protected], Eisenerz/ Styria (tunnel) Lungau proving grounds, Salzburg (tunnel, toll station, snow) in preparation planned planned Public planned The Red Bull Ring, Formula 1 Spielberg/ Styria Motorway A2, Graz-Ost Lanitzhhe Mooskirchen Graz-Ost (planned) Motorway A9, A2 St. Michael Graz-Ost (tunnel, toll station) Motorway S6, S36, A9 Leoben SLO

(border crossing) City of Graz public roads, Graz/ Styria with more testing grounds that will follow October 2017 Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 9 ALP.Lab at a glance October 2017 Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 10 Agenda Fully digital tool chain Initiative: Open Connected Testbed Functional system architecture MBSE modelbased systems engineering Action/Effect chain September 2017 Key System simulation/real-time capability Modular design/structure Seamless transition: virtual/Vir-rel/real Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 11 Real-Time Co-Simulation System Simulation / RT capability - Combine simulation models from very different tools

- Seamlessly from MiL from SiL to HiL Key technology Energy preserving algorithms for stability (patented) September 2017 Dr. Jost Bernasch VIRTUAL VEHICLE 12 VIR-REAL Environment Real Environment Real Sensor Actuator (Vehicle) Sensor Aktuator Models Computing Platforms (NVIDIA, Aurix) HiL September 2017 Dr. Jost Bernasch Virtual Dev. Env. ADAS Function (Control, Data Fusion) MiL/SiL Virtual Environment VIRTUAL VEHICLE 13

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