perishable logistics Mission & Vision Statement Insuring expertise and quality for transport and handling of perishables HPL can provide all of your perishable logistics needs, from one source. HPL employees are specialists in the handling of perishables, our facilities contain modern equipment and technology. Our global network of perishable handling stations is constantly growing to fulfill reliable year-round supply chain for all kinds of perishable goods. To provide our customers with one reliable dedicated supply chain partner from origin to destination with complete management of the cool chain from door to door. New facilities in Cape Town and Nairobi, Shanghai and Hong Kong. 2010 Continued expansion into Latin America, Europe &

Asia 1990 New facilities in Australia (syd,mel,bn e) New Zealand, London, Peru. 1989 1988 HPL Founded by Mr Jost Hellmann. Opening first HPL Facility in Miami 2006 Our History First 21,000sqm Terminal

facility on Tarmac with SQ in Singapore Global Account Management A dedicated, cross-functional team that maintains a constant focus on the customers requirements MARKET TREND ANALYSIS VALUE CREATION OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS Controlled management worldwide Single source reporting worldwide Network integration Single source global pricing Leveraged purchasing power

JOINT STRATEGIC DEVELOPMEN T COST SAVING OPPORTUNITIE S STREAMLINED COMMUNICATI ON HPC Core & Global Facilities Core Facilities London, U.K. San Francisco Los Angeles Global Facilities HPL Germany HPL Netherlands HPL Spain HPL Japan HPL Shanghai

Miami, U.S.A. HPL Dubai HPL Hong Kong HPL Mexico HPL Thailand HPL Kenya HPL Brazil HPL Peru HPL is present in 21 countries with 52 dedicated HPL offices and a network of 600 specialized HPL employees HPL Chile HPL Tanzania HPL Zambia HPL South Africa Changi Airport, Singapore

HPL Australia HPL Argentina HPL New Zealand HPL Office Network HPL The Americas Region Argentina Brazil Chile Mexico Peru USA San Francisco Los Angeles HPL Europe and Africa Region Germany Belgium London Namibia Spain South Africa Switzerland The Netherlands United Kingdom Tanzania Zambia

HPL Oceania, Middle East and Asia Region Australia China Hong Kong Japan Kenya New Zealand Russia Singapore Thailand Global Perishable Industry Solution Air Freight Sea Freight Trucking Warehousi ng Hellmann Perishable Logistics Customs & Export

Vaule Add Business Development HPL Portfolio Global Services We have experienced, dedicated staff with the knowledge and competence to manage every aspect of your retail supply chain needs Inventory Control Stock levels reporting & management KPI & MI reporting to suit your needs Program Management Stock control & QC checking at origin and destination Complete visibility of program progress Temperature Management

Origin temperature checks and pre cooling Temperature monitoring throughout process Global Services Air Freight & Sea Freight Management Complete door to door management of air freight & sea freight programs Complete visibility of pricing and documentation Market Intelligence Information regarding market trends and trade lanes

Perishable freight rates globally Strong and Personal Relationships Can offer a one-desk set up out of any of our global locations Hellmann F.A.M.I.L.Y DNA HPL Advantages Hellmann is the only global logistics freight forwarder that is 100% committed to the perishable industry State-of-the-art refrigerated coolers Complete cold supply chain services Global HPL warehouse network Refrigerated storage & handling Air, sea, and / or truck temperature controlled

transportation Handling of all government requirements & documentation for imported and exported goods Ammonia free facilities HPL Market Intelligence We Know Our Market Global Carrier Market Rates Which Retailers & Growers are Moving Which Products Globally New Commodities & Market Trends Globally Fruit & Vegetable Seasons and Crop Information Any New Trade Lanes & Market Trends Globally Forecasting of changes about the economic environment and trade lanes Supply Chain Improvement Analysis Improved Quality of Product for End Customers Overall Cost

Reduction Improved Forecast Management & Cost Effective Ordering Decrease in Claims Better Shelf Life & Yield of Product HPL Retail Solution HPL Retail Solution provides our customs with a time optimizing solution to further enhance your supply chain. 1. Quote, Receive Order, FOB 2. Container Booking, BSA, Pre-advisement, Loading, Shipping 3. Shipping Advice, Pre-Clearance 4. Container Receiving, Customs, Trucking, Warehousing, Distribution 5. KPI Reporting 6. Delivery to DC TIME: 45% Saving to Retailer Information Technology Hellmann is steadily investing in Information Technology and follows an approach of using proprietary as well as state-of-the-art 3rd party systems in order to provide its customers flexibility, creativity,

and speed through modern and innovative IT solutions. Hellmann Portal individual and direct access to your shipments: Search for shipments with a large range of possible reference numbers Group your most important shipments and be proactively informed through the Tracking Views Monitor shipments on the Watchlist Customize the Track & Trace to your needs Choose from a variety of print and export functions Road Transit Time Analysis evaluation of your transit times for national shipments Freight Calculator Access your quotes online Order Entry Enter your shipments and pickups Print your labels and loading lists Transfer your shipments directly to Hellmann Utilize templates for fast order entry Have your address book imported Sea / Air

Archive Connection Access documents directly from the archive, such as: Proof of Delivery Airway Bill / Bill of Lading Packing List Invoices Warehousing Access reports to all your warehousing activities online Get transparency of your inventory as well as orders Search for archived delivery orders and download them as PDF Use the following functions to retrieve more information: Bill of Delivery Search Stock Inventory Shipment Order Report Article Masterfile Open Orders Artical Quality Status Movement Statistics IT Services HPL is able to provide customized reports through our proprietary

Reporting system, designed exclusively for our Hellmann Perishables Logistics. HPL special IT service / software is tailor-made to meet our customers needs. Customs clearance Shipment processing Specialized software to manage: trucking seafood produce film EDI Capabilities Messages Messages Purchase Order Sales Order ASN Status Invoice

Format Format ANSI X12 Transaction Communica Communica tion tion AS2 EDIFACT XML FTP .csv .txt VAN Description 110 Air Freight Details and Invoice

163 Transportation Appointment Schedule Information 210 Motor Carrier Freight Details and Invoice 214 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message 312 Arrival Notice (Ocean) 315 Status Details (Ocean) 350 US Customs Status Information 810 Invoice 832

Price / Sales Catalog 850 Purchase Order 856 Advanced Shipment Notice/Manifest 857 Shipment and Billing Notice 860 Purchase Order Request 861 Receiving Advice / Acceptance Certificate 940 Warehouse Shipping Order 943 Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment Advice

944 Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt Advice 945 Warehouse Order Confirmation 947 Warehouse Inventory Adjustment Advice 997 Confirmation Notice How can we be of service to you? www.hellmann.com

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