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Power Tools General Information Power tools have replaced many hand tools for doing work in the home and in the workshop They allow more work to be carried out in less time, particularly if it is repetitive work Power tools, being powered by electricity, makes the dangerous and it is important that care is taken at all times Many of the power tools that will be described here are too dangerous to be used by students

in the workshop General Information Power tools are not a substitute for quality hand work Power Tools Advantages Disadvantages

Allow work to be carried They are expensive They usually need a out quickly Repetitive work can be carried out accurately Complex work can be done easily They are portable power source

They are more dangerous than hand tools The need for a power cable can cause difficulties They take time to set up and use accurately Power tools Recently rechargeable power tools have become popular, they do not have electric cords but are powered by battery

The battery is simply recharge from the mains power supply This reduced the risk of electric shock nut are still dangerous Their main advantage is that they can be used where an electric power supply is unavailable Safety guidelines Always use the tools as instructed Always ensure that you are wearing the appropriate safety equipment for the job

Before changing bits, belts, glasspaper, or making any adjustment to a power tool, switch off the tool and disconnect it from the mains Always keep the cutter or moving part pointed away from yourself and others Ensure that the electric flex of the power tool does not come into contact with the moving part of the power tool Safety guidelines Do not let others intrude on you while you are working and do not disturb others while

they are operating equipment If in doubt seek the assistance of the teacher Never leave a power tool running Always wait for the power tool to come to a complete stop before walking away from it Guards are there for your safety, do not tamper with them or tie them back, and report any damage immediately Safety guidelines Disconnect the power supply when the tool is not in use

Have all power tools regularly serviced Any distraction can lead to a very serious injury. Safety is vital. Only use the power tools as instructed by you teacher, after being instructed on their safe use. Power tools vs. Machines Power tools Machines

Sanders Drills and drill presses Iron Saws Planes Biscuit jointers Router Chopsaw Circular saw Scroll saw Bandsaw

Mortiser Planer Sanding machines Lathes Sanders There are a few types of sander The sander smooths down the surface of the wood in preparation for a finish Belt sander This is a large and robust

sander The belt sander is usually used to give and initial levelling to rougher or damaged wood particularly on larger flat surfaces The abrasive belt is stretched over two rollers which drive it forward Different grades of abrasive belt are available

Orbital Sander Is a flat pad which vibrates in tiny circular motions at speed It is used to smooth flat surfaces and a high quality finish can be achieved Drills

There are a number of drills available (bench drill, battery drill, corded drill), some have different power levels and other have special functions: Variable speed Hammer action (for drilling masonry) Forward and reverse action (for driving screws)

Bench mounted drills Bench mounted drills are used for more precise/accurate drilling and for repetitive work Drilling All drills can be used to

bore holes in metal, plastic or wood When drilling any material with a power drill the work piece must be held firmly Drills and cordless drills are used with a screwdriver attachment to drive screws easily and quickly Iron

This is an ordinary clothes iron It is used for applying iron on veneers These veneers are used for finishing off the edges of sheet material The iron can also be used for removing small bruises from the surface of wood

Circular Saw This is used for cutting large sheet material and other work done by the larger table saw It is often more conventional to bring the tool to the work The circular saw has a fence which keeps the blade running parallel to an edge A guard, which is spring loaded, covers the blade, when not in use

The blade can be adjusted to vary the cutting depth and the angle of cut Circular Saw Always disconnect the saw from the mains when not in use Hands must be kept away from the blade Jigsaw The jigsaw has a narrow blade

which can be easily changed when broken The motor drives the blade up and down t cut the material The jigsaw can cut tight corners, and curves The saw is very versatile The saw can be fitted with a fence for cutting straight lines, but is usually used to cut curves One disadvantage of the jigsaw is that the depth of cut is limited

The jigsaw can be adjusted to cut at an angle Jigsaws Use safety goggles when using the jigsaw The workpiece should be held firmly Disconnect the toll before making adjustments Always keep the power cable away from the blade Planers

Power planers are powered by an electric motor which drives a cylindrical cutting block The planer is used for smoothing rough wooden surfaces To bring material to a required width and thickness The planer does this more quickly than the ordinary

hand plane Electric Planer Planers Keep your hands and the power cable away form the blades at all times Disconnect the power supply and store it on its side when not in use The tool should be fully stopped and disconnected before making any adjustments Always use the appropriate safety equipment when operating the planer

Biscuit Joiners Is a modern power tool which is used in the making of joints The machine is like a small circular saw which cuts a small slot in the two pieces of wood to be joined A biscuit, which is usually made of pressed beech is glued and inserted into the grooves and it acts like a

loose tongue This joint is useful and strong It joins the edges of man made boards very well Biscuit Joiner Router The router is a portable power tool which is used for cutting mouldings in timber It is a very versatile tool and

can be used with a number of very specialised attachments which will cut joints such as mortises, rebates, housings and dovetails The cutter protrudes below the baseplate to do the cutting The base plate can be lowered and raised to allow the depth of cut to be adjusted Router Cutting Bits and Router Tables

Router The cutter can also be plunged into material, cut the required amount and be lifted, by means of a spring action Always keep the cutter facing away from yourself and others Always keep the power cable facing away from yourself and others Always disconnect the power supply before making adjustments and when not in use Always use the proper safety precautions

when using the router Allow the cutter to stop before placing the router on the bench Remember Any power tool is dangerous Only use power tools as directed by your teacher with his or her permission Circular saws, routers, planers and biscuit joiners are extremely high risk machines and should not be used by pupils

Power supply Power tools run by electrical power or run off a battery which is charged at the mains supply Plugs must be wired correctly to ensure safe use The electrical cable has three wires, a live (brown), a neutral (blue) and an earth wire (green and yellow) The earth wire is for safety In

the event of an accident the earth wire directs the current to the ground through the electrical supply, possible preventing injury Power supply Plugs are fitted with a fuse, which prevents too much current running through the appliance Most plugs are fitted with a 13 amp fuse but

this is generally unsuitable for power tools You should fit the correct fuse for the particular tool before it is used The correct amp rating should be given in a tools instruction manual but can be easily calculated Power supply Where: W= Power (watts) V= Voltage (volts) I= Current (amps)

Round up to the nearest fuse rating 3 amp, 5 amp, 12 amp and 15 amp W V I W I V Power supply

Plugs should be sturdy and able to resist occasional knocks The wiring to a plug should be checked occasionally to ensure that wires are not loose and that a tool is safe to use Question Colour the Plug correctly

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