MOBILE NUMBER:0825078732 EMAIL ADDRESS: [email protected] RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS:MADIMBO VILLAGE, STAND NO.20085 POSTAL ADDRESS:BOX 243,MANENZHE,0967 I obtained my National Diploma In Agriculture Animal Production at TUT (Pretoria).2002 Other courses :End user computer literacy, Project Management, Co-operative Management Act 2005, Agribusiness Entrepreneurial development programme, Business Management, Bookkeeping and secretary, Artificial insemination of cattle and pig, Veld Management and Planning. I participated in internship department of Agriculture

Limpopo under section of Animal Production and Agriculture Industry Development Programme at the National Department of Agriculture, forestry and fisheries under Directorate of Education, Trainning and Extention Services I was born in Musina on the 15th of June, 1979 and a South African citizen. I am a originally muvenda

A lady who stay at rural village called Madimbo under Musina Municipality, Vhembe District, Limpopo Province. I attended my primary at Madimbo primary school, then my secondary at Thengwe high school. I grew up with my parents at the farm adopting farm life style. Its where the passion and interest of doing farming started. Other leisure and sports activities: I like playing netball, reading books and cooking. A mother of two boys

After completing my diploma I came back home, I decided to start selling broiler chicken. My father assisted me with the money and my mother gave me her portion of land. They were happy because I followed their track. With that money I built one poultry house with the carrying capacity of 1000 chicken, after two years I built another poultry house with the profit I got from selling chicken. I have two borehole one is fully equipped, other one is not yet equipped and I use electricity When time goes on i realized that I can start planting vegetables, I got the drip irrigation of two ha from Department of Agriculture. I started by planting one ha of tomatoes, beetroot, chilies and spinach. I participated in many competition: firstly I won the prize of Musina Local municipality 2005 mayoral awards best entrepreneur in poultry. Female farmer competition 2005 2nd prize

Vhembe District Municipality as young aspirant farmer of the year award 2010 2nd runner up of top informal market LIMPOPO WOMAN IN BUSINESS FORUM I won a bakkie 2010

I am full time farmer now, I have 4 ha land with drip irrigation I have two bore hole as a source of getting water and electricity to pump water. I market my products local and national market (city deep) Thohoyandou spar. Products that I produce : sweet melon, water melon,baby marrow, yellow patty pans ,babygem, greenbeans, ockra, calabash, beetrooot, butternut. Last year I tried to package my baby veggies by wrapping in trays because when its wrapped the price is high. I also assist other youth at my village those who want to start farming business and those who want to do practical work at my farm. I did soil sampling and I know type of fertilizer that I must use now and record keeping of every thing in my farm. I registered my business as private company. I am secretary of maanda nga u pfana woman co-operative and nwanedi youth in farming co-operative

six years to come:Intention to expand- ownership of land 50 ha then 10ha should be net shade or greenhouse. The reason to have net shading is because I plant baby veggies . All my ha should be fully equipped with drip irrigation and fertilizer mixer Market opportunity- in five years to come all my products should be marketed with big contractor like Woolworth, pick n pay, checkers and Shoprite.

I am near the borders my products should be marketed at the neighboring countries like Zimbabwe, Botswana, Mozambique. New technologies I should have grading , packing and storage room that will assist me to pack my products. To employ 30 people. The train to SUCCESS usually runs on the track of DETERMINATION. NDOLIVHUWA

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