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VESTIGE introduces Why ? Our Purpose Taking Ayurveda Global with the help of Scientific Validation and Extensive Research. Our Mission Scientific Validation Safety, Purity, Efficacy Purity Safety

Safety studies undertaken to ensure that heavy metals, pesticides, harsh solvents and micro-organisms are within permitted safety limits Purity Fingerprinting of ingredients and recipes to confirm to standards Safety Efficacy Claim substantiation through modern biology & testimonials, validated by experts to conform to Ayurvedic scriptures

What is Ayurveda? Ayurveda is a science of life In sanskrit, Ayur means life, Veda means science or knowledge It has been practiced for over 5,000 years It provides a holistic approach to health designed to help people live long, healthy, and well-balanced lives The basic principle of Ayurveda is to prevent and treat illness by maintaining balance in the body, mind, and consciousness through proper drinking, diet, and lifestyle, as well as herbal remedies

Launching the First Series of products Diabetes Diabetes affects more than 22 crores people worldwide India is home to 6.7 crores diabetics, and is expected to rise to 10 crores in 2030, the largest number of patients in the world

Nearly 52% of Indians are not aware that they are suffering from high blood sugar 7.72 crores people in India suffer from Prediabetes Diabetes kills more than 10 lakh Indians every year Annual cost of diabetes in India - Rs.34,000 crore (cost includes medicines, consultation and hospital charges) One third of diabetics develop Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) Source: *Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) & World Health Organization (WHO) Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes can affect anyone, dont ignore any symptoms Complications associated with Diabetes Blindness Kidney Failure Heart Attack Stroke Periodontal disease Foot amputation

Nerve Damage GlucoHealth Maintain Health, Natrually! GlucoHealth Benefits Assists the body to maintain normal glycemic health Helps strengthen the pancreas Helps to optimize insulin secretion Facilitates gradual glucose absorption Helps to prevent oxidative damages Regulate appetite to maintain a healthy body weight Helps to provide strength to keep body free from chronic ailments of hyperglycemia Key Glycemic Supporting Ingredients BOTANICAL NAME

COMMON NAME BENEFITS Pterocarpus marsupium Vijay Sar Is an effective blood glucose lowering agent and enhance regeneration of pancreatic cells that produces insulin in the body. It is hypo-cholesterolemic, increases insulin secretion and helps modulate glucose utilization by tissues Cinnamomum

zeylanicum Cinnamon, dal-chini It plays a regulatory role in glucose and cholesterol levels in the blood. It also helps to reduce triglyceride levels while raising HDL. It improves insulin sensitivity and slows the absorption of carbohydrates in the small intestine Curcuma Longa Turmeric, Haldi, Haridra

Curcumin in turmeric fights diabetes risk in pre-diabetics. Studies have shown that turmeric normalizes insulin and triglyceride levels and boosts antioxidant defenses in the body reducing risk of developing diabetes and heart disease Key Glycemic Supporting Ingredients BOTANICAL NAME COMMON NAME BENEFITS Emblica

officinalis Amla, Amalaki It stimulates cells that secrete the hormone insulin, thereby reducing the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. The fruit helps in proper absorption of insulin which simultaneously reduces the level of high sugar level Tinospora cordifolia Guduchi Helps to lower blood glucose, promotes hepatic health, acts as an antioxidant and

prevents oxidative damage. It help reduction in weight associated with diabetes. Camellia sinesis Chai, Chaha Hypoglycemic and antioxidant effects by decreasing serum glucose levels and oxidative stress GlucoHealth Dosage: Two Capsules Thrice daily MRP Rs. 680.00 DP Rs. 575.00 BV 345 PV 21.56

Heart Disease Heart disease is the number one killer worldwide and India is set to see a dramatic number of working age people (35-65 years old) die of cardiovascular disease in the next 25 years 1 out of every 4 Indians between the age group of 2029 years have high cholesterol which is makes them prone to heart and liver diseases 38% Indians have high cholesterol level which means that 2 out of every 5 Indians are vulnerable to heart diseases Times of India

When cholesterol level is too high in the blood, or the levels of its two types LDL and HDL are out of balance (dyslipidaemia), it can clog the arteries affecting the flow of the blood or cause Arthrosclerosis It also increases the risk of developing heart disease Know your Lipid Profile Optimal / Desirable Total blood cholesterol

Below 200 LDL cholesterol Below 100 HDL cholesterol Above 60 Triglyceride Below 150 Near optimal

100 to 130 * All values are in milligram/decilitre (mg/dl) Borderline high risk High risk 200 to 240 Above 240 130 to 160 160 to 190

Very high risk Above 190 Below 45 150 to 200 200 to 500 Above 500 ProCard Maintain Health, Natrually! ProCard Benefits Acts as a cardio-tonic Helps to manage lipid profile and reduce the risk of

atherosclerosis Helps regulates cholesterol and LDL Bad Cholesterol levels in the blood Helps to improves HDL Good Cholesterol levels in the blood Helps to improves blood circulation and useful in management of cardio vascular disease Key Cardio Supportive Ingredients BOTANICAL NAME COMMON NAME BENEFITS Terminalia

arjuna Arjuna Popularly known as a heart tonic. It helps in maintaining healthy heart function, relieving mental stress and nervousness It helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. It helps to brings down the level of harmful lipids in the blood. It also help to maintain normal blood pressure. Arjuna also helps to enhance overall energy levels, stamina, immunity and cellular health. Withania somnifera

Ashwagandha Its a powerful cardio-protective agent and adaptogen. It stimulates the synthesis of antioxidant enzymes and protects the heart from harmful free radicals. It also helps to lower the risk of developing heart disease. It helps correct the imbalances caused due to stress Key Cardio Supportive Ingredients BOTANICAL NAME COMMON NAME BENEFITS

Allium sativum Garlic, lehsun, lashuna It supports healthy heart rate, helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood. It acts as a cardio-protective agent, helps to reduce blood pressure and improves blood flow Balsamodendr on mukul Guggul

Helps in reduction of cholesterol. It strengthens the heart. It helps in increasing HDL and lowers LDL levels in the blood. It also has anticoagulant and anti-platelet activity inhibits the formation of blood clots. Saccharum officinarum Ikshu, sugar Policosanol in Saccharum officinarum is cane beneficial in lowering serum cholesterol levels and in prevention of the onset of atherogenesis. Inhibits cholesterol biosynthesis and maintains healthy lipid profile ProCard Dosage: One to Two Capsules Twice daily

MRP Rs. 820.00 DP Rs. 700.00 BV 420 PV 26.25 Detoxification Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body Poor digestion, colon dysfunction, reduced liver function, and poor elimination from the body, all add to increased toxicity in the body Naturally, the body clears toxins in the liver and excrete through the kidneys, skin and lungs

When the liver gets overburdened, it starts to store toxins in the fat tissues, and these re-circulate in the blood and lead to many diseases Accumulation of Toxins in the Body Process of Detoxification & Elimination ToxClean Drtox, Natrually! ToxClean Benefits Helps to cleanse colon and purify blood Helps to relieve constipation It has Hepato-protective properties helps to support liver function Helps to regulate digestion and metabolism It has anti microbial properties and helps promote skin health (acne, pimple, etc.)

Key Detoxifying Ingredients BOTANICAL NAME COMMON NAME BENEFITS Triphala (Emblica officinalis, Terminalia bellirica, Terminalia chebula )

Triphala Regulate digestion Relieve constipation Flush out toxins Purify blood Helps cleanse the colon Azadirachta indica Neem, Nimba Immunomodulatory Broad Spectrum Anti microbial Anti inflammatory

Curcuma longa Haldi, Haridra Anti inflammatory Anti microbial Hepato protective supports liver function Key Detoxifying Ingredients BOTANICAL NAME COMMON NAME BENEFITS

Swertia chirata Chiretta Aids in combating constipation, upset stomach, bloating, loss of appetite, intestinal worms and skin diseases. It is considered good for liver and helps in detoxification Cassia augustifolia Svarnapatri A natural laxative

A natural diuretic Restores metabolic imbalance lost due to indigestion Piper nigrum Mircha, Maricha Aids the digestive process by improving gut function Helps to detoxify deep tissues It has bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties ToxClean Dosage: Two Capsules Thrice daily MRP Rs. 710.00

DP Rs. 600.00 BV 360 PV 22.50 THANK YOU QUIZ

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