Other Direct Attack Arthropods

Other Direct Attack Arthropods Announcements Speaking Today: Elizabeth Andrews Speaking Next Tuesday: Shea Gatewood Solpugids Arachnids Strong chelicerae can

tear flesh Will attack when provoke In larger species, bites can require stitches Read more at www.camelspiders.net Covered in Chap. 23 This is what I had to deal with while in Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm the infamous Camel Spider.

A vicious insect that lives in the middle eastern deserts. Although they are not actually spiders, they resemble a cross between a spider and a scorpion. Also called the sun spider, solpugid, wind scorpion, and a host of other terrible names that do not come close to describing the pure, unadulterated evil that makes up this hell-spawned beast. The Camel Spider can grow to the size of a coffee cup saucer , it can run upwards of 5 miles an hour and jump several feet into the air. Thats not the worst part either. The worst part comes when they catch you. (And they will catch you.) Although they are not poisonous,

Camel Spiders will inflict a horrible bite. It will jump on you and run up your back until it finds exposed flesh. If youre wearing shorts, it will go for your legs; otherwise it may go all the way up to your face or neck . Its mouth opens four ways to become 4 very sharp fangs. If you are sleeping, i t has been known to eat at your face and rip at the flesh. Dont worry, its saliva will numb the wound almost instantaneously by destroying the nerve endings. The saliva also inhibits healing. When your nose grows back , itll be hideously scarred. I honestly believe if these evil creatures were the size of a German Shepard, they would

rule the earth! Ron Larson, Pilot, Army Missile Command Solpugid Legends Scorpions Ancient arachnids descendents of eurypterids (sea scorpions)

Some 1250 spp world wide, ~100 in N. America All are predaceous About 50 spp pose health problems. Extinct Myxopterid sea scorpion Scorpion Morphology Notes

1st instars stay on mothers backs Have vibration sensors on the pecten Some very toxic ones can be bought online: eg: here Leiurus quinquestriatus Deathstalker Scorpion

Most toxic scorpion in the world 1 sting = LD50 for a small child N. Africa Centroides spp. Bark scorpions Responsible for most human deaths

Public Health Significance of Scorpions US: About 15,000 stings reported to Poison Control Centers each year 4 deaths reported in the US 1999 2009 0 deaths in US, 1983 - 1998 Mexico: ~200,000 stung yearly 700 800 deaths yearly

Tunisia: 35,000 45,000 stung yearly 35 105 deaths/year Lepidoptera Moths & Butterflies Principal Health Issues Urticating caterpillars Non-urticating, exposure-related Scale inhalation for entomologists in mass rearing Dermatitis/allergies

Urticating Caterpillars Several stinging caterpillars in Kentucky Saddleback caterpillars were very common in 2009 Injury from spines is called urticaria Do not sting like hymenoptera

Stinging caterpillar hairs Two general kinds Spicule hairs shatter into fragments. Tiny fragments cause mechanical injury Some have toxins incorporated into the hair Can cause urticaria without contact with the caterpillar Spine Hairs Stinger-like spikes Toxins present in a poison gland at base of hair

Caterpillar must make contact with skin Examples Treatment Apply tape & remove spines Apply alcohol to inactivate some toxin if present Apply cold to area

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