OSU Fiscal and Administrative Officers Meeting

BANNER HR FORUM June 17, 2016 To receive credit on your LMS transcript, please be sure you have indicated your attendance.

As a courtesy to others, please be sure your electronic devices are on vibrate or mute. Nothing said today should be interpreted as a change in university policy unless explicitly noted as such. BANNER HR IS . . .

IMPLEMENTATION DATES First pay date after July 1, 2016 Port HRS to Banner HR Completed, Clean-up in progress HRS offline with close of FY 2016 business, June 23 Port of balances to Banner after HRS closes Web Time Entry (WTE) open June 19, 2016 Leave Reports and Leave Requests open June 16 .

LEAVE REPORTS DELAYED Leave Balances wont be transferred from HRS until after HRS processing is completed about June 27. If leave is entered and approved in Banner without leave balances it will create a

negative balance that could be interpreted as leave without pay. LEAVE REPORTS CATCHING UP Monthly employees will need to report leave taken starting with June 1 Monthly Exempt employees (leave period 16 t h

15 t h ) will have two leave reports open: June 1-15 and June 16- July 15. Monthly Nonexempt employees (biweekly leave period) will have three leave reports open: June 1-4, June 5-18, June 19- July 2. LEAVE REPORTS

Monthly Nonexempt Employees Report Hours Worked each day Must maintain a separate time sheet that meets FLSA requirements Report Leave Hours taken Leave reporting period is the same as the biweekly pay period

Monthly Exempt Employees Report Leave Hours taken Leave reporting period is the 16 th of the month to the 15 th of the following month NONEXEMPT REPORTING PERIODS Biweekly nonexempt employees

Time Sheet Clock In Clock Out Meets FLSA timekeeping requirements as long as time overrides are reasonable and well documented Monthly nonexempt employees Biweekly Leave Report

Report Hours Worked and Hours of Leave Taken Does not meet FLSA timekeeping requirements. Maintaining a separate time sheet is required. TIME SHEET OPENS A time sheet is available to be opened (Not Started Status first

displays) on the first day of the pay period, 12:00 AM. ACCESSING BANNER WEB ENTRY Self-Service Banner (SSB) my.okstate.edu single sign-on for all Banner, and other, applications using O-Key credentials


TIME SHEET SELECTION Displays a list of time sheets available to be viewed or input Title and Department Job Title, Position and Suffix Department Title and Organization Code My Choice radio button to select the row

Pay Period and Status Drop down box to select the specific period Dates are the begin and end dates of the period Time Sheet Status Not Started, Pending, etc. TIME SHEET SELECTION The Time Sheet is created, including the approval queue, the first time it is accessed: Status = Not

Started TIME SHEET SELECTION ERROR If a time sheet cannot be created for the employee, the message similar to the following will be displayed. Text will be updated to provide more specific guidance.

TIME SHEET DISPLAY TIME SHEET DISPLAY Student or Temporary Employee with only hours worked Regular Leave Eligible Employee

TIME SHEET DISPLAY TIME SHEET ENTERING HOURS Clicking the Clock icon records the actual time the entry was made and rounds the entry to the nearest quarter hour. Click Save to save the entry. Buttons are provided to

navigate back to the time sheet or other needed functions. TIME SHEET ENTERING HOURS Overriding the clock in/out is also possible. Click the link in the day cell to go to the time input page.

Enter the time as HH:MM to the nearest quarter hour and select the correct AM/PM (noon is 12:00 PM). A comment is required (60 chars). The system date and time the entry was made is recorded. DOESNT WORK!? Dont Panic Write down your time in and out where you

wont lose it. Do this until the time sheet becomes available. Report the problem to the departmental unit administrator. Departmental unit administrator will contact the HR Partner to research and resolve the issue.

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