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ORIGINS OF THE COLD WAR VUS.13a, b POTSDAM CONFERENCE Negotiations between United States, Great Britain, and Soviet Union Issues: Reparations To be taken from occupation zones Democracy USSR

backtracked on early pledge to allow free elections Free trade US desired access to Eastern European markets POST-WWII MAP POSTWAR OUTCOMES Superpowers

Germany partitioned Marshall Plan Occupation of Japan United Nations DIVISIONS Rivalry between Superpowers US: democracy, capitalism, free market

USSR: authoritarianism, communism, command economy Partition of Germany Western Allies control West Germany

Soviet Union controls East Germany Berlin in East Germany, partitioned as above CARTOON ANALYSIS What is happening in this image?

What symbols appear? What does this image reveal about Europe post-WWII? AID Marshall Plan $13 billion ($160 billion

today) Greece and Turkey Containment Occupation of Japan No Japanese military

Growth of industry Democratic ally UNITY United Nations Replaces League

of Nations, 1945 United States joins Aims to prevent future wars EARLY COLD WAR All about the RIVALRY Truman Doctrine NATO vs. Warsaw Pact Berlin Blockade

Communist China Massive Retaliation CONTAINMENT Truman Doctrine containment of communism Not eradication or reduction Domino theory How does the

Marshall Plan fit in? ALLIANCES North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Defensive alliance made during peacetime (1 st) US, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, UK 28 members today Warsaw Pact (1955) Soviet Union with East Germany, Poland,

Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania Replaced after collapse of USSR Collective Security Treaty Organization NATO VS. WARSAW PACT Who do you think holds the advantage? Why? BERLIN BLOCKADE Stalin sought total

control over Berlin Closed highways 2.1 million Berliners only had food enough for 5 weeks Berlin Airlift 327 days

277,000 flights 2.3 million tons COMMUNISM IN CHINA Chinese Communist Party, 1949

Mao Zedong Chiang Kai-Shek, Nationalists Alliances DETERRENC E Massive Retaliation State commits to

respond to any attack with significantly greater force Mutually Assured Destru ction PRIMARY SOURCE INVESTIGATION Ones will read excerpts from Churchills Iron Curtain Speech Twos will read Stalins reply to Churchill Each will answer the questions in the text

Each will copy the two best quotes Best = Quotes that epitomize the Cold War Exchange ideas after individually finished

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