ORIENTATION:Engineering and Technology & Business and ...

ORIENTATION: Engineering and Technology & Business and Computer Technology Ms. Houston, Instructor Austin Road Middle School WELCOME! TOPICS TO BE COVERED Classroom Procedures

Classroom Policies Student Expectations Communication Course Description and Units Student Organizations Classroom Procedures Getting Ready for Class Line up quietly out side of the door

Enter the classroom when directed Do not enter the classroom if the teacher is not in the classroom Be prepared and have pen / pencil & folder with paper available In The Classroom The Attention Signal

In The Classroom Whole Group In The Classroom Small Group The Clap Standing in front of the stadium seating

Wait for recognition before speaking Always be respectful of others Side conversations are prohibited Follow teacher instructions Move swiftly to designated area when directed

Adhere to designated role responsibilities Always be respectful of others Follow teacher instructions Classroom Procedures Classroom Procedures Classroom Procedures

Classroom Procedures Classroom Policies - Grading Student grades consists of the following: Class participation 20% Notebook checks Quizzes

5% 25% Assessments / Projects 35% Final Exam (percentage of over all grade) A = 90 100

B = 80 89 C = 74 79 15% D = 70 73 F = Below 70 QUESTIONS? Classroom Policies Classwork, Homework, and Make-up work

Classwork all student should be completed and submitted on time; the schools policy for late work will be enforced Homework - students will rarely receive homework Make-up - students will be responsible asking for their missing assignments upon their return from absence; students will be given the same number of days absent up to a maximum of 3 days to make up an assignment; the assignment can only be made up if the absence is excused by the school and the student shows an approved excuse to the teacher Students will not be permitted to leave class to obtain a school excuse from the attendance office. If a student is absent on the day that an assignment is due, the assignment will be

due on the first day the student returns (only with an office approved excuse) Classroom Policies Personal Devices, Computer Etiquette Personal Devices Are not permitted in the classroom Exception: the dismissal class; the devices SHALL REMAIN OFF and not on the students person Computer Etiquette Students shall not visit websites that are not authorized by the teacher; visiting these websites will result in the appropriate disciplinary action along with the loss of computer

privilege for 30 minutes of class time an alternate written assignment will be given. Students shall not write on workstation desks or rearrange the keys on the keyboards Food, candy, gum or drinks are strictly prohibited; violators will result in a disciplinary action Classroom Policies Attendance, Tardies Attendance Students are expected to attend class everyday. If you are absent, be sure to get an excused absence so that you may receive your make up work. Students will be given a maximum of three (3) days to make up assignments.

Tardies Students who are habitually late to class will be addressed. Classroom Policies Communication Communication Communication is essential to student success. Communication will be used to convey student commendations and performance or behavioral issues/concerns. Communication will be achieved in the following manner: Face to face teacher / student; teacher / parent/ student

Email / agenda note teacher / parent Phone teacher / parent or teacher / student/ parent Classroom Policies Bullying Simply put: Bullying of any kind is not tolerated. If you feel that you are being bullied, report it to a teacher. Classroom Policies Discipline Discipline will be handled in accordance with Austin Road

Middle School JAG Bite system and the Henry County Schools handbook. Student Expectations Listen to and Follow Directions Arrive on time and be prepared Raise your hand before speaking and asking questions Respect others and respect the property of others Practice good citizenship Practice proper safety in the laboratory and classroom Give your best effort on all assignments; complete and turn them in when

they are due Keep your work area neat and clean Food, drink, and gum are not permitted in the laboratory or classroom Follow all rules in the Henry County Schools Student / Parent Handbook When in doubt, ask the teacher What You Will Learn Engineering and Technology Work Ethics / Engineering Ethics Reverse Engineering

Introduction to Engineering Design Tools Introduction to Industrial Design Mechanisms Simple Machines History of Product Design

Human Factors Engineering Engineering in Society Performance Projects Careers in Engineering Leadership Skills Engineering Approaches to

Product Design Universal Systems Model What You Will Learn Business and Computer Science Digital Citizenship (Internet) Computer Fundamentals Keyboarding Computer Applications Careers

21st Century Skills STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Technology Student Association (TSA): An organization that is open to all Engineering and Technology students (past and current). Georgia TSA prepares its members to be successful leaders in a technological society through co-curricular activities like communication, leadership, teamwork, and competitive skill development. Students are exposed to leadership learning and opportunities through officer participation, committee participation, and leadership activities that are incorporated into the classroom and/or chapter meetings. Offering over 70 competitive events for middle and high school students, TSA events appeal to a wide audience. Events include website design, dragster design, engineering, biotechnology and more!

Tech Day October 12th Science Club: Offers students an opportunity engage and apply scientific principles in a fun way. QUESTIONS? Last Thoughts Austin Road Middle School will cultivate an environment for creativity, innovation and leadership where we exceed expectations everyday.

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