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Starts with Introduction Key Feature

Interactive Dashboard Scorecard feature Enterprise reporting and publishing Integration Another Trick points Olap Analysis System Management Detection and alert

Conclusion Starts with Starts with

Since 1945 1945:First large scale computer 1950:need for feedback 1952:Computer prediction on TV

2010.Oracle BIEE Starts with Nowadays,Every company use busines intelligence production in the company ,Before a few years ago ,this technologie did not requirement for company .However now we are

living global world. Today 40 percent IT personal use oracle bi system.(References: Information week Research) This situation is requirement or obligation.Today we talk Introduction

Architecture [9] OBIEE Architecture Cont Obiee Architect

[6] General Overview You can publish for Report ,document or other paper based something. The system can simple analysis about company. Support for supply chain.

Easily integration [3] Key Feature First looking [8]

Interactive Dashboard Why is this important? Answer Everything is not install and working ,We must see that developing and understandable. 1. Great GUI support 2. Changing some item for each user 3. Ease of use for user[1]

Interactive Dashboard [11] Scorecard feature Actually,this function is good feature from

Obiee side,as if the system work alone so system find specific goal for the company [2]. If we can say scorecard feature for oracle biee 1. Monitoring scorecard 2. Establish strategy 3. Changable dashboard for use scorecard[4]

Scorecard and Management [4] Enterprise Reporting (BI publisher) As you know Enterprise reporting is oracle bi publisher .

this is most important structure on the system if i see this technologies Oracle bi is This most scable report system This system is support several side for reports and documants B publisher

[12] Integration n fact that,one busines intelligence system is not alone , connecting everywhere so oracle biee can easily integrated another company production. Such as Excel

Another Trick points Query on server and analysis Another important point for this situation about query optimizatio.Therefore ,all of data will become optimize on the server.

Detection and alert system may say about detection and alert system .When you set time for event or other special think,system will reminder to you about this situation. System Management

Another important thing ,Enterprise manager console New feature Procces monitor(logigng) But most important error moniotor system[7] System Management

[10] Plus++ for one BI solution Question and Answers Q and A


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