Notice and Note Signposts

NOTICE AND NOTE SIGNPOSTS What is Close Reading? Close reading is stopping independently at points in our reading to re-read, ask questions, make observations and reflect in order to

reach a new understanding of our text. Post-It-ing = Close Reading Today, we celebrate our INDEPENDENCE (at points in our reading) DAY! HOW DO WE KNOW WHEN ITS CLOSE

READING? Close Reading is: -Done in short spurts -INTENSE -Can extend from one piece of a book to another. -It involves re-reading, aka rewinding your

eyes. OK, So What Are These SIGNPOSTS you speak of? Just like signs in the road, noticing these signposts triggers us to re-read that snippet of text and see what we can learn from it.

When we re-read, we can make inferences, predictions, connections, visualizations etc. Giant Hand Turkey/Train Robber Zones can be confusing for new drivers. IM CONFUSED AND DONT KNOW WHAT

THESE SIGNPOSTS ARE YET! Ok. Im sorry for shouting. Contrasts and Contradictions When a character acts in a way completely different than what wed expect.

These contradictions/contrasts can be based on what weve learned in the story so far and what we already know (prior knowledge.) Contrast and Contradiction Olaf sings the song In Summer all about how he cant wait to experience summer for the

first time. This is important because it shows me what Olaf is like as a character, sweet and nave. OR I think Olaf will eventually experience summer but survive somehow, because this is a Disney

movie. AHA Moment When a character realizes something that shifts his actions, understanding of himself or others, and view of the world.

AHA Moment Dr. Bruce Banner returns to help the Avengers fight the Chitauri, turning into the Hulk after telling Captain America hes always angry. This is important because it shows us Dr. Banner has gotten the Hulk under control for now and plans to use his curse for good.

Tough Questions Questions a character raises that reveal his or her inner struggles. Words of The Wiser When a character (usually older) gives advice

to the main character. Words of the Wiser Yoda is training Luke in the swamps of Dagobah and tells him that he must unlearn all he knows and that he must do or do not. There is no try.

I feel that this is the advice that will finally propel Luke to complete his Jedi training and defeat Vader. I think this because Lukes biggest problem thus far has been thinking he cant do it. Again and Again

Events, images, or particular words that repeat or continue occurring over the course of a story. Again and Again Dory keeps repeating the phrase Just keep swimming to Marlon as a way to cheer him

up. I feel that this will become a mantra for Marlon and that it really means Never give up and keep on trying as he continues on his seemingly impossible quest. Memory Moment

When a character has a recollection that interrupts the forward progress of the story. Memory Moments can be foreshadowing, or help us understand the theme, the central conflict, or the characters better. Memory Moment

Carl remembers back through his entire life with his wife Ellie. They are shown happy and carefree, but the memory takes a sad turn. This is important because it also shows us why Carl is the way he is. He was nervous and shy before Ellie, and when he lost her, he retreated inside and became cranky and shut


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