Newark Central School District 2010-11 Winter Scholar Athletes

Newark Central School District 2013-14 Winter Scholar Athletes Girls Varsity Bowling Average = 92.240 Coach: Doug Kent Mary Acevedo Maria DeRenzo Rebecca Governor Michelle Magee Alexis Rowe

Jenna Taylor Ashley Watrous Girls Varsity Basketball Average = 95.456 Coach: Justin Fladd Nicole Collins Emily Hauf Carly Henkel Kenna Lauer Sarah Sharp Jennifer Shields

Jessica Shields Boys Varsity Basketball Average = 90.339 Coach: Robert Havrilla Keith Bremer Tyler Collins Mitchell DeWolf Paul Dingman Jaymee Rosser Conor Tickner Micah Wright

Boys Varsity Indoor Track Average = 93.468 Coach: Karen Cline Miles Anglin Forrest Blondell Jackson Correia Brandon Custer Thomas Jensen Jovany Jimenez Alessandro Mack Robert McGriff Zechariah Nower

Bryan VanHall Zachary VanKoevering Joseph Verkey Boys Varsity Swimming Average = 91.262 Coach: Rick Nichols Tyler Allen Dylan Bianchi Stuart Blodgett Jonathan Coleman Nicholas Greco

Ryan Kreuser Anthony Mulberry Kyle Power Jarrod Roelands Alex Taylor Joshua Wilck Girls Varsity Indoor Track Average: 94.428 Coach: Karen Cline Ashley Appell Jillian Blodgett Grace Blondell

Karissa Bush Nichole Caralla Evelyn Childs Lauren Collins Samantha Compton Rosemarie DeRenzo Dana Easton Alanna Greco Sarah Howell Leah Hoyt Olivia Lewis Kaitlyn Lockwood Fany Romano

Girls JV Basketball Average: 93.767 Coach: William Kirnie Alexa Cornwell Amanda Hutteman Shaniah Jones Mikayla Otero Carly Shear Ladonia Smith Katherine Thoms Boys JV Basketball Average: 92.146

Coach: Henry Kuperus Nathaniel Beard Benjamin Cowles Casey Lead Anthony Mashewske Matthew Roelands Jose Santell Brian Sharp Scholar Athlete Patch Recipients (90+ Averages) Varsity Wrestling: Joshua Figueroa

Dylan Harmon Blake Jackson Boys Varsity Bowling: Zachary Custer Varsity Basketball Cheerleading: Alexandra House Caitlin Kenville Julianna Otero

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