New England Review - Livingston Public Schools

New England Review CONNECTICUT, RHODE ISLAND, NEW HAMPSHIRE, MASSACHUSETTS Massachusetts ~Pilgrims: Separatists left for freedom of religion

~Mayflower Compact: Agreement of colonists Self government/written form of government ~Puritans: Simplify Church of England; Wanted to have religious freedom (government and religion as one) Connecticut ~Thomas Hooker is founder of CT who left

for religious freedom and political freedom ~Fundamental Orders of Connecticut: A document that Limit government power Focused specifically on the governor trying to make it more balanced Rhode Island ~Roger Williams: Founder of RI; Religious

Tolerance and Separation of Church and State New England Experiences ~Salem Witch Trials: event that was the catalyst for Separation of Church and State and the right to a fair trial ~Mayflower Compact-self-governing ~Fundamental orders of CT-Limiting government: led to the idea of Constitution to limit power of government

~Rhode Island: Relg. Freedom: strict rules of church and state and governor too much powerleads to religious toleration Middle Colony Review NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, PENNSYLVANIA, DELAWARE

New York ~New Amsterdam; New Netherlands/Dutch England sent in warships and laid siege on Peter Stuyvesant Cultural MixReligious freedom; economic ~Proprietary colony: King gives land to one or more people who make laws for colony but under English Law

New Jersey ~Royal colony: under control of English Crown ~Cultural Diversity from all over Europe Delaware ~Settlers in lower PA. counties felt it was

too far to send delegates to assembly in PA Pennsylvania ~Holy Experiment: peace & rel. freedom/tolerance (belief system-Rel. freedom, peace, Christianity); Wanted religious freedom; believe in equality, anti-war, anti-slavery ~Open Door Policy-Believed in policy of fairness to

allow all groups the opportunity of fertile land & new life Penn sent pamphlets describing colony all over Europe (Scotland, England, Wales, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany) *many come from all over Middle Colony Experiences ~Elected Assembly: Principle I-People Rule: SelfGovernment, Town meetings, voting-elected government; right to assemble ~William Penn: Letter Writing Campaign & Open Door

Policy: Values: Religious tolerance: Separation of Church & State; Cultural Diversity & equality; Fairness with Native Americans & Anti-Slavery movements; Womens rights ~William Penn: Holy ExperimentFreedom, Peace, Christian Living Southern Colony

Review MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, THE CAROLINAS, GEORGIA Maryland ~Religious Toleration: Act of Toleration = Religious toleration for Christians Amend. 1

~Mason-Dixon Line: 1767 divided the middle and southern life (Stone markers with P & M indicating borders between PA & MD) Division between North and South Virginia ~House of Representatives; assembly. Not all could vote: women, non-whites, people who did not own property Representative democracy

~Nathanial Bacon: Fights with Native Americans over . The settlers called on the governor to take action against the Natives but he refused Bacon and other farmers gathered and raided Native American villages and Jamestown (burned it down). Short revolt in which 23 of Bacons followers were hung. However : example of challenge authority/government when the government doesnt do its job (to protect its citizens). The Carolinas

~Economic Growth: crops of tobacco, rice and indigo (blue dye) grew real well in these areas ~Indigo: Blue dye. Economic success-Rice and Indigo grew well in the areas and became a very valuable crop Georgia ~Debtor Colonypay debt in England in return farm land (indentured servant)

~Buffer Colony: State between Spanish Florida and the English Carolinaskeep the peace Two Ways of Life Backcountry: west-hardships; more democratic and equal; not many slaves; traveled Great Wagon Rd. Vs.

Tidewater Plantations: Along rivers & creeks of coastal plain: area offered rich soil and easy access to move goods (wealthiest plantations) Two Ways of Life ~Slave codes treated enslaved Africans not as human beings but as property. These laws set out rules for slaves

behavior and denied slaves basic rights Southern Colony Experiences ~Slavery-Slave Codes-racism still exists (laws implement to stop this) ~Mason-Dixon Line (division of North & South) ~Cultural Diversity ~House of Burgesses: Representative Government ~Marylands Act of Toleration: Documentfree exercise of --Religious freedomAmendment 1 ~Land: Economic Freedom (cash crops)

~Bacons Rebellion (challenge authority) ~Maryland women own land: Social Change

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