NBN Co Introduction to NBN Co and the national broadband roll-out

Applications Overview Distribution/Services moving from Physical -> Digital Physical Post Music Stores Newspapers

Bookstore DVD Rental Store, Local Emerging Services: Health care Education Cloud Businesses Digital eMail iTunes

Services eBooks Download Online, Global Tele-working Cloud Services Flexible Workforce Collaboration Entertainment Government Social Inclusion

Participation Comms Regional Development Business Virtual Classroom Collaboration Access Research Community Tele-medicine Tele-care

Video Consultations Monitoring Records Education Heatlh Building Cross Industry Infrastructure Social TV Video on Demand IPTV Games Video Conferencing

Layer 2 National Broadband Network Large File Transfer - 1 GB File http://www.t1shopper.com/tools/calculate/downloadcalculator.php Dial-up 56kbps 42 Hours, 36 Minutes, 31 seconds ADSL/T1 1.5Mbps

1 Hour, 32 Minutes, 43 seconds ADSL2+ ~10Mbps 14 Minutes, 19 seconds Fibre 100Mbps 1 Minute, 25.9 seconds Fibre 1 Gbps 8.59 seconds 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 0

ADSL 10Mbps 100Mbps 1Gbps Business impact of video rentals video downloads Netflix accounts for 20% of peak downstream traffic in the U.S., Oct. 22, 2010 Sept 23, 2010

Blockbuster Declares Bankruptcy The most striking shift in application mix trends continues to be the growth of video as a percentage of traffic. Cisco Visual Networking Broadband Education Experiences outside the classroom Special Needs: Cultural, Gifted, Disabilities

Individual interest Flexible learning: Choice, range of delivery option Retraining Remote - Social Learning, Interactive Australian Education Virtual Excursions Broadband can deliver the global classroom to my room

ANU School of Music - Streaming Music Live-streamed Concerts and Video Reef HQ talk about marine life, coral, climate change LIVE in the Aquarium tank Professor David McKinnon (Bathurst) talks to over 400 students from Ireland and the UK about Australias night skies 7 Videoconferencing: Herodian Room in the Old City of Jerusalem Digital Galleries: Google Art Project Global access, Giga-Pixel images, Larger than life.

Source: http://www.googleartproject.com/museums/vangogh/the-bedroom Broadband for Farming UNE Precision Agriculture Research Group Low cost monitoring devices will generate large data sets. Monitoring and imaging Collaboration Australia Wide Analysis = Optimisation Courtesy: UNE www.une.edu.au/parg Christmas Island Cocos Island

Norfolk Island Lord Howe Island Industry Opportunity: Reduce Costs, Improve Service Delivery 103 TOTAL EXPENDITURE (B$) ABS Australian Yearbook 9.1% GDP 66

5.8% GDP 5.8% 3.6 NBN Co Education Health Source: http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/mf/1301. 0 Health Opportunities: Cost Savings, Improved Services Chronic Care

Video Consultations In Home Aged Case Monitoring, Social Inclusion Digital Health Records Large Images, Ubiquitous Access Self-help, Preventative Information, Networks Health Fall Risk Assessment Neuroscience Research Australia

Fast forward - Broadband can ... - Deliver program updates for in home training - Record progress and individual performance trends - Upload video for GP assessments - Platform for in home video consultation Brown Medical School: Digital Pathology Group NBN Co Trials projects Armidale Education Remote, Online Education, Sat DBCDE Townsville Health

Diabetes, Gov eHealth Service DBCDE Willunga Digital VillageSmall Business, Online, Services State Willunga Forward IT Digital Literacy, Library State Armidale Health

Chronic Disease Care DBCDE Kiama Health Chronic Disease Care DBCDE Kiama Health Mental Health DBCDE Brunswick Aged Care In Home Monitoring, Care

Greenfield EnergySmart metering, Development NBN Co Limited 2011 16 Tele-health - Diabetes Health - Townsville - Fibre Description: The two-year trial will demonstrate the innovative delivery of telehealth services to elderly Australians in their homes in an NBN enabled environment to eligible elderly Australians with diabetes. The services will be offered through the direct participation of local general practitioners and relevant primary care providers. Outcomes: Range of benefits to health providers and patients including: Fewer presentations to hospital or emergency departments Less visits to GPs and other health services Reduced travel times and transport costs

Improved patient self-management Delayed transition to residential aged care. NBN Co Limited 2011 17 The Planning Process Questions? 21 [email protected] 0488 403 013 Extra slides


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