Multiculturalism in BC

Multiculturalis m in BC Today Evan and I will be talking to you about multiculturalism in BC and if we were always as accepting as we now are. 1907 Riots anti asian riots The riots happened over the span of 3 days from september 7-9, 1907 around the same time there were other anti asian riots taking place in san- francisco and other places. This however was not the first anti asian riot in Vancouver, there was also one in 1887, here is a quote

from a local pioneer W.H. Gallagher in an interview with archivist J.S. Mathews "On arriving at the Chinese camp, which lies about a mile west of Granville street, past the C.P.R. grade, the mob immediately surrounded the shanties and amidst howls and yells commenced the work of seizing the Chinamen," this shows that the chinese were seriously discriminated against during this time and the BC has not always been as multicultural as it is now. 1907 Riots #2

This is a picture taken of chinatown the day after the riot occurred in 1907. Most of the people who made claims were reimbursed however they were not reimburse for the cost of their ammunition nor were any opium factories reimbursed for damages.

Jewish Immigration During the early 1800s Jewish people started immigrating to Canada. Notably David Oppenheimer, an entrepreneur who became the mayor of Vancouver from 1888 to 1891 Synagogues were built in Vancouver, the

first one was built in 1911 called B'nai Yehudah Head Tax From 1881 to 1885 chinese immigrants were hired to build the CPR, over 15,000 chinese immigrated. John A Macdonald saw their use

in speeding up the building of the railway, but as it got closer to completion, he didnt want any more chinese in the country. Immigration Act Even though the chinese worked for us they werent allowed to vote, they were segregated, and in 1885 the Immigration act

put a head tax on each chinese person immigrating into Canada. First $50, then $100, and then went up to $500 per person. Conclusion Thank you for taking a look at our presentation today, we hope you enjoyed it and maybe even learned

something. Citations anada/

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