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MRS. OBERDICKS CLASS Eye Appointments Stand up Look around the room and lock eyes with

someone This is now your partner Ask your partner: What is your name? (learn their name) What is your favorite food? Favorite restaurant? Favorite holiday? Why?

Mrs. Oberdick My first name is Bre, short for Breanne I was born in Ocala, Florida

My family moved around a lot when I was little, I lived in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee before moving to Oklahoma.

I went to Broken Arrow Public Schools starting in the 4th grade. It is where I graduated high school. After High School I returned to BA where I taught Sophomore English for 3 years, Junior English for a year and yearbook for 3 years.

In high school I was involved in Student Council and DECA as well as Junior Board and Senior Board. I played soccer in high school too. However, being involved in my school was important to me.

College I went to the University of Oklahoma where I majored in English. GO SOONERS!!!!!! Norman North year 2

Family MATT! My Husband! I got married in November 2009 to the most amazing man I have ever met . He is the middle school youth pastor at McFarlin United Methodist church. MOLLY

As kids High School Years Costin Scott Oberdick Runningtrying motivation My loves

My loves I hope we have a GREAT year together! Mrs. Oberdick Mrs. O Class website: www.OberdickNNHS.weebly.c om Email: [email protected]

Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going? These are the questions that will guide our class as we study different pieces of world literature. We will read the following texts: Antigone, Julius Caesar, To Kill a Mockingbird, Arthurian legends, as well as spend time honing our grammar skills, and becoming great writers and

wonderful researchers This class will focus on two skills: READING and WRITING. We will do both of these activities every single day in a variety of forms. As we study the literature which has shaped our world, we will examine how that influences us, and what we can learn from that today. Using a variety of learning styles (group work, discussion, lecture, independent study, research, webquest etc.), we

will work on improving our communication skills, especially as they pertain to the written word. We will be exploring rhetorical analysis as we work to develop our critical thinking skills. The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus characterthat is the goal of true education. ~Martin Luther King, Jr. The man who does not read books has no advantage over the man that cannot read them. ~Mark Twain

Dont bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. ~William Faulkner Expectations BE RESPONSIBLE!Come to class prepared each day. This means you will have the books, paper, writing instruments, and any assignments that are due every time you come to class.

BE RESPECTFUL!Not only to the instructor, but also to other students. This means not interrupting class with tardiness or outbursts, as well as being respectful of others ideas and opinions. Other words to live by: POLITE, PRODUCTIVE, PREPARED, PUNCTUAL, AND PROUD!

For any other questions pertaining to dress code (follow it), cell phone use (I see them I take them), tardies (dont be late!), etc., please refer to your Student Handbook. Consequences As we are all mature people, I do not anticipate or expect any problems in our class, but if for some reason, our expectations or procedures are not met, we have a five-step plan to regain focus and maximize student success. The plan is as follows: 1. The Unspoken Warning: can consist of a table tap, a stern look, or a variety of other warnings

2. The Verbal Warning: a polite vocal request to end all behaviors detracting from our learning 3. The Frank, Candid, Blunt, Uninhibited, Unreserved, Downright Lay-It-AllOn-The-Line Discussion: occurs during lunch, before or after classor if the offense is serious enough, during classoften, this consequence is met with other consequences that will be completed outside of class time (i.e. detention) 4. The Call or E-mail Home: when in-class interventions fail to work, it is necessary to contact a higher powerThe Parents 5. The Referral: When other interventions have failed, a principal, or adult with greater power will be called in to handle the situation Depending on severity of the incident, the instructor reserves the right to modify and/or skip any of the steps on the consequence plan.

Grades Daily/Homework: 10% Quizzes: 20% Exams: 25% Papers and Projects: 25% Final Exam: 20% Course Materials

You are expected to bring the necessary supplies to class each day. In addition, you are required to bring any homework that is due or assignments we are working on in class. It would also be wise to bring a book to read, in

the unlikely event that you finish your in-class work. Required Supplies: 3 ring binder dividers are optional but helpful Notebook paper USB flash drive (to save work keep this with you at all times) Red pen for grading Pencil or pen (blue or black only) Absent Work

All student activities are expected to be turned in at the beginning of class on the due date. Those assignments turned in late thereafter will lose half credit. The only exception to this policy is for students who experience excused absences that result in missing assignments. These students will be given three days to get the assignment(s) in without penalty. Please dont ask me for work that you missed because you were absent. I will put everything that you need on my website. The only exception to this is if I assign a more involved activity (project, essay). Then please ask me for clarification of the assignment

during overtime. Dismissal Class will be dismissed when all materials have been returned and students are in their seats. Individuals who disrupt class will meet with the teacher after the bell rings. Electronic Devices

Rarely, you may be permitted to use a cell phone or portable music player in class as it pertains to what we doing. Do not abuse this privilege or we will not be able to use this form of technology in the learning process. Apart from those designated times, electronic devices should not be seen or heard. You may use the time between classes to socialize and play games on your phone. If your phone is being used in class, it needs to be at an instructed time as well as

pertaining to the task at hand. I will take them if this is not the case. Entering Class Upon entering the classroom, each student will prepare for class by finding his or her seat and beginning the bellwork that will be posted in the room by the time the bell has rung. Students are considered on time when they have

the appropriate supplies and are working on their bellwork. Passes Students may only leave when absolutely necessary. You will be given 3 hall passes at the start of each semester to use at your discretion. If you must use them you may do so if permission is given. If you do not use all 3 passes,

extra credit will be given at the end of the semester if they are held on to and turned in. Only one student may be out of the room for any reason at any time. Late Work I do not accept late work. The exception to this is I will take work up to 2 days late, if it is accompanied by a late work pass, and I have not otherwise specified that late-work passes will be invalid on that assignment. You

will be given 3 late work passes at the beginning of each semester. Late-work passes will not be accepted on tests/quizzes, research papers or any other major assignments that I may specify. The late work pass is designed to allow you a day or two to complete daily or homework assignments. I understand that you have busy lives, use your late-work passes wisely. If you do not use them, extra credit will be applied at the end of the semester. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a federal crime! Never copy, steal, or cheat at any time no matter how difficult an assignment is. All cases of copying, stealing, or plagiarizing will be reported. If you are having difficulty with anything at anytime, please come see me. Remember, it IS still plagiarizing if you use someone elses ideas without documenting it!

Tardies Although you will all be eager to come to class on time every single day, there are very few adequate excuses for being late to class. Norman North has implemented a hall sweep system to minimize this terrible distraction. Just dont be late. There are consequences. Turn it in

It is the policy of the Norman Public Schools to provide structures for students to learn and practice the writing process with academic honesty and integrity. We are providing a service to our high school students called Turn It In (, a website that helps our instructors manage written assignments, build a learning community, and reinforce 21st century skills and knowledge, and work with a large database of written material to check for originality. If plagiarism is suspected, teachers will

conference with students and determine a course of action on a case by case basis. Bellwork You will have bell work to complete at the beginning of class, which includes journal entries among other writing activities, vocab. and grammar. I expect you to come to class ready to do bell work silently each day.

Moodle/Weebly To access Moodle, start by going to the Norman Public Schools website, then hit the Parents tab at the top of the page, scroll down to NPS Moodle listed under the Other Information category. My keyword is Oberdick. Typing this in will give you access to the site. If this doesnt work with the updated Norman Public Schools website, please let me know.

I also have a Weebly site where you will find the daily agenda each day. I will also post anything we do in the classroom, as well as youtube videos or clips we use in class. There will be a link to my weebly on the Moodle page. Extra Credit Extra credit will rarely be assigned, so take advantage of the few opportunities when it arises. No additional extra credit will ever be assigned, and not on a case by case basis.

SUMMER READING The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros A Separate Peace by John Knowles

Go to August 20 you will find the summer reading project assignment. Also you can look on the summer reading Moodle page. DUE Sept 15, 2014 Remind 101

1st hour remind 101 2nd hour remind 101 3rd hour remind 101 5th hour remind 101

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