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Mobile Ministry ICCM-AU 2011 By John Edmiston, feel free to distribute this PowerPoint presentation unaltered to your ministry friends but it must not be sold in any way. The Statistics

Over 5.3 billion mobile phone accounts Over 1 Billion smartphone accounts (18%) 76% of the global population have mobile phones 68% of even developing nations population 6.1 TRILLION text messages sent in 2010 Many mobile Web users are mobile-only , i.e. they do not, or very rarely use a desktop, laptop or tablet to access the Web. In Egypt and India this is 70 percent and 59 percent of mobile Web users are mobile-only. Even in the US its 25 percent. By 2011, over 85 percent of new handsets will be able to access the mobile Web. Please note that this does not mean smartphones you do not need a smartphone to access the mobile Web (but it does make for a richer experience).

Who Is Going Mobile? China and India between them added 300 million mobile phone subscriptions in 2010! (more that the total subscribers in the USA) 3G What Is Mobile Ministry? Technically anything less than a five inch screen. Mobile phones, smartphones, iPods, MP3 players Some include tablet devices and even e-readers Basically ministry on a highly portable personal

computing device Many of these devices are now Internet capable and have some reasonable processing power Storage via SD cards is commonly up to 32GB Can now handle a wide variety of media and various formats. Advantages For Ministry Highly persuasive medium (B.J. Fogg, Stanford U.) Personal Ubiquitous Allows privacy of viewing Responsive (can SMS a reply etc) Combines text, audio, video capabilities Can store large amounts of data on micro-SDHC cards Can act as a broadcast medium attached to a small speaker

or by using line out to another device or even w. projector phones. Are rapidly improving in their capabilities They already have the device we just have to supply the relationships and the data! Some Ministry Vectors Text messaging, email/SMS gateways Short evangelistic video clips MP3 files, audio bibles, audio resources for oral learners I.M / Chat to mobile , Skype on mobiles Ebooks, PDFs, mobile optimized text resources .mobi mobile optimized websites Bluetooth / nearcasting Streaming radio / podcasts to mobile

Cell tracts Larger & More Flexible Screens Mobile screen technology is rapidly advancing A 7 x 5 mobile screen that rolls out was recently announced Large flexible screens that roll out (like a bible scroll) Some are like bricks that click together to form a larger screen (Brix phone illustration) Starting In Mobile Ministry

Case Studies / Research .php - the mobile evangelism page on the Internet Evangelism Day website MobileEV - a mobile evangelism wiki Mobile Ministry Magazine Mobile Advance ( Mobile Ministry Search Engine SMS In the Muslim world SMS messages are the PREFERRED method of responding to the gospel Text 2 Email gateways are now becoming a critical part of evangelism! Some crusades have a number you can text to indicate a decision to follow Jesus. A URL for follow-up can be sent by return SMS Frontline SMS a solution for non-profits

Using Mobiles For Resource Creation Using a mobile device to capture audio or video for ministry e.g. record a sermon Record best practices Record God stories in minority languages Acceptable video /audio is now possible Many free editing and file conversion tools e.g. at Sourceforge, Gizmos Freeware, etc Has huge potential for those working in minority languages Storying / culture acquisition / oral learners

Oral Learners 70% + of the global population are oral learners who strongly prefer not to read Audio and visual storying Large numbers now own mobile devices How can we create gospel stories / worldview changing stories for them that will work on the mobile platforms that most have access to ? Short video clips, Audio discussed in a group setting, PowerPoints, animations etc of bible stories suitable for mobile screens Mobile Education Portable Moodle

(Poodle) Moodle for USB sticks, mobile devices etc, do not require a LAMP stack on a server DEScribe & DE-Viewer DE-Viewer Distance Education Viewer is a simple LMS (learning management system) and DE-Scribe helps you prepare courses for De-Viewer MAF-LT (Learning Tec hnologies)

Projector phones for itinerant bible teachers w. video content on SD cards Audio via speakerphone or a small plug-in speaker Cell Church / Home Church New works and works in creative access nations often depend on house churches Resourcing them and keeping them theologically on-track can be a problem

Equip leaders with cellphones w. amplification devices / speakers and MP3 resources via web or SD cards. Can train 12-25 people, portable and not so obvious Leader downloads material from repository to their mobile device then plays to their group For instance listen to an audio bible in their

language then discuss the passages / stories using inductive bible study techniques Mobile Video Simple head and shoulders, not busy, simple backgrounds, limited movement because of small screen size Brief is better (few will watch a 90 minute movie on an iPod) PowerPoint-to-video animations work well Can add various minority language audio dubbing to the PowerPoint (which is then converted to video) so one good illustrated bible story can serve many people groups.

Can go viral and be passed around by BlueTooth Audio For Mobile Can go down to 16kbps /11,025Hz for voice only e.g. preaching downloads for lowbandwidth areas or for distribution of large amounts of resources on SD cards. Audio is the only one-to-many option (one mobile to many listeners) cannot do that w. text or video, only 1 or 2 can watch a video on a normal phone Indigenized / contextualized audio for mobile a huge area of potential ministry FM to mobile and (possibly) short-wave via DRM chips (Digital Radio Mondial) Nearcasting

Using Bluetooth to share mobile content Works well in sharing preevangelistic video clips in some restricted access countries where Bluetooth is common and accepted socially Has the ability to go viral A bit like passing out tracts but cooler and less confrontational Converting for Mobile (free tools) Format Factory (convert audio & video to various mobile formats)

FFCoder (for the heavy lifting, tweaking and converting audio & video) SUPER audio and video converter (MajorGeeks pick) NEXT Video Converter MobiPocket Creator (mobile ebooks etc) Calibre Ebook Creator (frequently updated so v. good) Audacity high quality, free audio editing and file conversion software Ispring converter (PPT to Flash) OpenOffice.Org (PPT to Flash can be done w/in OO) Apps

SwebApps BuzzTouch free mobile app builder for iphone & Android Building Android apps Android developers guide W3schools How to create an iPhone web app rms_for_mobile_devices More Apps Stuff Sencha AJAX Tool Suites Sencha Touch - Mobile AJAX jQuery Touch (Mobile for jQuery AJAX) PhoneGap - Compiles mobile AJAX apps to 9 mobile platforms Support mulitple AJAX libraries including Sencha Touch PhoneGap - mobile device supported features Thanks to Tony OHagan for these links.. The Last Mile CHALLENGE: How to get training out to isolated rural learners and to Christian leaders in the new massive urban slums?

The mobile phone is one of the few viable delivery platforms 50-70% penetration rate even in Africa Most will not have 3G data plans so we have to be creative Need to combine the delivery mechanism (mobile) with small groups / mentoring / a respected discipler of people The Mobile Bible College Curriculum on an SDHC card A mobile phone + speakers Does not need reliable electricity Does not require Internet access Portable, secure and looks normal Can train up to 25 people Useful for house churches Works with most types of phones

SDHC cards: 8Gb will hold up to 500+ hours of reasonable quality audio 30 hrs lecturing = one bible college subject (with some class discussion of the material) So therefore 500 hrs = 16 subjects = 4 semesters of 4 subjects = 2 year course on a fingernail-sized chip In Luzon 200+ pastors in a network Use to learn Christology and

apologetics to refute Muslims and a local cult (Iglesia Ni Cristo) Ten minute segments Scenario based learning Discuss scenario in groups Short quizzes Emphasis on changing behavior Both audio and video Also a PDF textbook Train facilitators who then train others. Other Models A mobile learning app:

Contains all the audio, video and text needed for a course, quizzes by SMS, final assessment pen and paper. Learn at own pace. The app as used in Africa rojects/the-mlearning-proje ct/ Using SMS To.. Make or follow-up a decision

for Christ Ask life-changing questions Get student feedback Indicate homework to be done Send brief content such as bible verses 6 brief messages a day can start changing someones life.. Gammu SMS gateway (free)

Text Magic (email to SMS) Frontline SMS (SMS to a large group of people anywhere there is a mobile signal) Mobile Evangelism Kiosks Model A) Physical kiosk with SD card duplication capabilities Model B) A 2TB HDD loaded with content plus a PlugPC and wireless router so gospel can be downloaded

directly to phones. Highly mobile, does not require an Internet connection, can even be used on buses etc. Audio bibles in numerous languages as well as key teaching materials Being developed by Stephen Keel in Virginia with assistance from Lightsys, MAF-LT, ICCM, GRN, and Cybermissions Orality Use mobile phones to reach oral learners up to 70% of the population are primarly oral

learners Put audio bibles on SDHC cards or on .mobi websites Listen to the bible stories in a group (using a mobile phone w. speakers etc.) and discuss. Use with Way of Righteousness and other oral storying materials being developed Creating Contextualized Content

Collect indigenous Christian music, sermons, teaching and stories using mobile phone video and audio recording and note-taking capabilities Upload to a website or online repository, add metadata then make searchable Duplicate collections (say in a particular language) e.g. on SD cards Share via Bluetooth Best Practices Mobile Media

Mobile Media Best Practices Working Document (in-process)- Shooting & Producing Good Video (General)- Media for the Mobile Screen Best Practices- Shooting Good Video with a Mobile Phone

The above links are courtesy of MobileAdvance.Org Course Design 1 B4 U Start Who: Are you trying to teach? Who: Are they connected to? Where: Are they? Bandwidth? Phones? When: Time constraints & opportunities What: Are their learning needs? What: Are their felt needs? What: Technology is available & easy? How: Do they learn best? How: Can they use the materials? How:

Can you tell if learning occurred? How: Can you get feedback? Why: Is there a real need or is it just cool? Course Design 2 - Delivery Smartphone App high end users with 3g connections SD Cards basic feature phones, most computers and tablets Wireless many feature phones, laptops, ipods, tablets. Bluetooth limited range and file size, more advanced phones Mobile website feature phones and smartphones but cost of

downloading materials may be high Asterix audio call2phone calls the phones or phones call Asterix server Skype / conferencing for phones w. Skype. Course Design 3 Choosing Media Audio universal, easy to make Video high cost of production Ebook needs to be a supported format on the phones, PDF on most SMS great for feedback Story and Reflect oral learners Blended - have media on phone

discuss in face-to-face group Course Design 4 Training Intervals Shorter is better No one wants to watch a 45 minute sermon on a 2 inch screen. Ten minute chunks then reflect, feedback, SMS quiz etc. Simple interface, not busy Use scenarios that teach lessons create questions - like some management training videos Interrupt-able no devastating loss of info if the person has to

glance away for a second. CONTACT John Edmiston, CEO Cybermissions [email protected]

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