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Work to develop MOPH national legislative priorities Track current legislation as it moves through Congress Actively lobby Provide Congressional testimony Send letters of support or opposition Build and maintain relationships with Members of Congress, their staff, federal officials, and other VSOs in DC Coordinate grassroots efforts

MOPH Legislative Victories This Year The VA MISSION Act to improve the Veterans Choice Program and expand caregiver benefits to veterans of ALL eras BECAME LAW The Purple Heart and Disabled Veterans Equal Access Act PASSED HOUSE H.R. 299 to extend the VA Home Loan fee waiver to active duty Purple Heart recipients PASSED HOUSE The Private Corrado Piccoli Purple Heart Preservation Act PASSED SENATE U.S. Senate Resolution Supporting the Goals and Ideals of

National Purple Heart Recognition Day ADOPTED What You Can Do Familiarize yourself with the MOPH legislative priorities Build relationships with your Senators and Representatives and their staff, especially in your home districts Request meetings Join veterans advisory boards Look for legislative updates through email and social media Participate in Voter Voice and upcoming surveys Encourage others to participate as well

Contact us with an comments or questions Voter Voice Voter Voice is a service that allows Patriots and supporters to send pre-written messages to their Senators and Representatives about issues that are important to the MOPH Of the 25K people that receive each Voter Voice email, approximately 1K 3K participate This makes a difference, but we can still do better Please encourage others to sign up and PARTICIPATE in Voter Voice ANYONE can sign up and participate, not just MOPH, LAMOPH, and

Associate Members What You Cant Do On Behalf of MOPH Endorse political candidates, parties, or elected officials this includes Chapter and Department newsletters Make political statements to the media Wear MOPH hats or apparel to political campaign events Endorse federal legislation that has not been endorsed by MOPH National Otherwise imply that MOPH is a partisan organization If you ever have questions about any of this, please ask

When Speaking to Members of Congress Be assertive but respectful Have a game plan and stay on topic Educate them about MOPH legislative priorities Ask them to be specific about what they are doing for

veterans; thank them when appropriate Share your personal stories, both positive and negative Take pictures and send them to us Follow up with them and their staff Remember

All politics is local Your voice matters as a constituent Your elected officials represent YOU - make your voice heard You are a subject matter expert on veterans issues You are an important part of the legislative process and we are strongest when we work together The MOPH National Legislative Program is here to support you Contact Information


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