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Microsoft Outlook Email, Calendar, Task Manager, Contact Manager, etc. Outlook Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although often used mainly as an email application, it also includes a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note taking, journal, and web browsing features.

Outlook is SMUs email and calendar platform. All SMU faculty and staff are expected to populate their Outlook calendar with their current schedule/availability to aid in meeting scheduling. Samuel Merritt University Accessing Outlook Your SMU Outlook account can be accessed in multiple ways: From the Outlook client (software application) on your laptop/desktop.

Via the SMU Outlook webmail link: https:// From your mobile device. (See the FAQs link on the following page for information on accessing your SMU Outlook account from your personal or SMU issued mobile device.) Samuel Merritt University Distribution Lists

There are several University email distribution lists available in Outlook. To access them: From your draft email message click on To, Cc, or Bcc in the top left hand corner of the message. The following dialog box will pop up. Simply scroll through the list to find your desired distribution list or search for it by name in the Search field. Note: Use of some distribution lists is by

permission only. Contact ITS if you need to request permission for a specific list. Samuel Merritt University Out of Office Messages Outlook allows you to set an out of office message. To set your out

of office message go to the File menu, select Automatic Replies, and follow the prompts to set your message. Samuel Merritt University Task Manager & Contact Manager In addition to its email and

calendar functions, Outlook also includes task manager and contact manager features. Samuel Merritt University Frequently Asked Questions Answers to many frequently asked questions about Outlook and other IT issues can be found here: Samuel Merritt University Support The SMU Helpdesk has partnered with Vitalyst to provide 24/7 support for Outlook and other commonly used applications. For more information, click here: https:// tnering-vitalyst Samuel Merritt University Microsoft Lync Microsoft Lync 2010, a standard SMU employee application, is the Universitys enterprise instant messaging platform.

Samuel Merritt University Online Directory SMUs online directory can be accessed at: Samuel Merritt University You have completed Outlook

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