Methods to Accommodate and Support Reading Deficiencies to ...

Reading 100 Methods to Accommodate and Support Reading Deficiencies to Promote Independence and Employability 1 Learning Objectives

After this webinar, you will be able to: Identify and describe cognitive and processing limitations that impede students reading abilities, and identify related functional limitations. Identify at least two specific accommodations to support each type of reading limitation. Describe several learning/instructional strategies that may help a student develop compensatory skills and improve independence and employability. 2

Poll Prevalence of Reading Issues 3 Reading Deficiencie s

Defined 4 Reading Deficiencies Defined Depending on cognitive abilities, individuals may not be able to read information in the school and work environments. Cognitive and processing limitations may make it difficult to understand, recognize, and visually discern letters and numbers. Entire words or strings of letters may be unrecognizable.

Visual and Auditory What about other conditions that impact reading? 5 Conditions that Impact Reading

6 Conditions that may Impact Reading Can go beyond Learning Disabilities Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Anxiety Spectrum-related or Developmental Disorders Speech & Language Disorders Visual Impairments

Large gaps in instruction Misuse of technology (Screenagers) 7 Ways our Students Mask When a student cannot or will not read, what does that look like? What are some things our students do to avoid reading? What are some ways you overcome

these fears with your students? Use the chat box to share your thoughts 8 Functional Limitations Reading: Mild, Moderate, or Severe

9 Functional Limitations Mild Impact Can read, but may have difficulty reading and comprehending longer passages or text May read passage multiple times to understand May have difficulty summarizing complex content

May have mild gaps in writing skills Handwriting Spelling 10 Process Functional Limitations Moderate Impact Can decode, but may have some

comprehension issues Hit and miss with reading strategies May have issues with fluency May have moderate memory issues 11 May have problems with spelling and writing in general May have some difficulty with spoken

language Functional Limitations Severe Impact Significant decoding issues May be a non-reader May have severe processing deficits May have severe speech and language issues May have severe difficulties with written

expression Difficulty with verbal input and output 12 Potential Impact Center-wide 13

Potential Impact Center-wide How might students with reading difficulties be impacted in the following areas on center: Academics Career Tech Education Residential Recreation Behavior Work-Based Learning Employment

14 Potential Impact by Area Academics Written assignments, instructions, information TABE Career Technical Education Written safety manuals, signs, rules, expectations Written instructions for task or project

Residential Written Dorm Rules/Assignments 15 Potential Impact by Area Behavior Written incident reports Posted rules, regulations, expectations

Work-Based Learning & Employment Application Job requirements Written employee expectations 16 (cont.) Accommodat ions

and Strategies 17 Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Review Multiple approaches to meet the needs of diverse learners: Multiple means of representation

Multiple means of expression Multiples means of engagement How does UDL apply to reading support? Accessibility Goes beyond learning disabilities Mild, moderate, severe readers all get support 18

UDL Examples Peer mentors/tutors Model good reading habits Physical setting considerations

Lighting Sounds Smells Independent reading space Build on students strengths & interests Use multi-sensory instructions Visual, auditory, hands-on

Reading Tools Graphic organizers Questioning strategies Visualization 19 Graphic Organizer Example 20

Accommodations and Strategies Mild Impact Comprehension Skills Allow use of graphic organizers, highlighters, colored overlays, other assistive technology (AT) as needed Allow students to ask questions or retell as they go Frequently check for understanding (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How) Have student(s) look at the pictures, table of contents, chapter headings,

maps, diagrams, and bold print words to make predictions Connect the text to life experiences or prior knowledge 21 Accommodations and Strategies Moderate Impact Use technology and other accommodations to provide access to the curriculum and the overall program while remediating the reading skills

Screen readers, reading pens, other AT as needed to fill in gaps (decoding or comprehension) Assign peer tutor or mentor (good reader) Provide memory devices or strategies For spelling difficulties: 22 Allow use of reference materials (dictionary, word prediction software)

Accommodations and Strategies Moderate Impact Accommodations For writing process difficulties: Allow verbal response Provide quiet space and/or minimized distractions 23

Accommodations and Strategies Severe Impact Direct instruction AT OCR, Screen Reader, convert text to audio Reading Pen Decoding program(s)

Peer tutor or designated person to read printed materials aloud Colored overlays, larger print, spaced materials Allow verbal responses when writing is impacted 24 Teacher and Learner Strategies Metacognition Tap students prior knowledge KWL Relevance

Model how good readers do it Repeat, rephrase, retell, summarize 25 Guided practice Graphs, pictures, real life examples, videos, Teach memory strategies

Teach organizational strategies KWL Strategy Example 26 Metacognition 27

Lets check what we have learned! New student comes into the program. You know these facts: Student has a learning disability that impacts reading. During your initial classroom assessments, you note that the student is able to read basic level text (i.e., 5th to 6th grade GE) but struggles to understand and/ or remember what he just read. The longer he reads, the more mistakes and errors in word identification and becomes overwhelmed and is unable to articulate basic facts about what he just read.

He shared during his initial orientation to class that he loves Star Wars. 28 Whats Next? Generally, would you say this student has mild, moderate or severe reading difficulties? What are this students accommodations on his Job Corps accommodation plan? Does the plan need some additional accommodations based upon your observations and classroom assessments?

Do the accommodations allow the student to be as independent as possible? If not, what could be done to improve this? 29 For Next Time Reading & Writing Accommodations (Attachment) Reading Tips (Attachment) This webinar Your own research Choose 1-2 accommodations, strategies, or tips to use with your students

before Reading 200 Webinar Take note of any changes in your students progress, your progress, or the overall learning environment as a result 30 31 Disabilityrelated and Reading Resources

32 Upcoming webinars! Reading 200 Part 2 of a 3 Part Webinar Series on Reading Difficulties for Students with Disabilities Diane Fairchild

Humanitas Disability Consultant 33 Upcoming Webinars! Coming April 27 & 28, 2016!

National Center on Secondary Education and Transition 34 Understood 35

36 Job Corps Disability Website 37 Job Corps Learning Disabilities Website 38

Job Accommodation Network 39 Thank you for attending! 40

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