Meet the Counselors 2017-2018


Milwaukee, Wisconsin Education: Clements HS, UT-Austin (B.S. Elementary Education, University of Houston (M.Ed. Counseling) Work: Taught for 11 years - 2nd, 3rd, & 5th , 2nd year as a counselor at Highlands ES, Licensed Professional Counselor COUNSELING CURRICULUM We follow the American School Counseling

Association (ASCA) model, which include: Guidance Curriculum all students, Core Essential Values Responsive Services intervention Individual Planning managing & planning goals System Support staff, parents, community SERVICES PROVIDED Guidance lessons during Library outclass or in classrooms about:

bullying, anti-victimization, social media / internet safety Core Essentials (character education that aligns with the FBISD profile of a graduate) Small group work and one-on-one counseling with students Gifted & Talented testing and referral assistance Referral for outside resources: therapists, psychologists, ADDITIONAL SERVICES National Elementary Honor Society: 5 th graders

No Place for Hate school-wide events (I will need 2 parent volunteers for my committee. Please see me if interested.) Girls on the Run Program for 3rd-5th grade girls Career Day Red Ribbon Week: Oct. 22nd 26th Student of the Month breakfast celebration BULLYING Bullying unwanted aggressive behavior through verbal, written,

or electronic expression. It can occur on campus or off-campus, school-related events, or a vehicle operated by the district -including cyberbullying. 1. Done on purpose 2. One-sided 3. Target feels scared or intimidated by aggressor 4. Happens repeatedly but can ALSO happen ONE time * Must meet all 4 of these criteria during investigation to qualify as bullying IT TAKES A TEAM!

If your child comes home telling you he/she is being bullied, some helpful questions to ask with the 4 criteria in mind: What happened beforehand? (To determine one-sided or mutual hurtful behavior) How are you feeling about that person? (To determine if your child is intimated/scared or hurt/offended) Im here to help. Have you told the person to stop assertively in a clear and firm way?

(To determine problem solving steps: ignoring, telling the other person to STOP, asking teacher for help, asking counselor for help) BULLYING ALLEGATIONS Brought to our attention via student, parent, teacher, staff member, or bus driver Counselor will talk with target and see what happened Assistant principal will continue the investigation, send parent rights home, and notify parents If bullying is warranted, a stay-away agreement for both

parties are signed. GIFTED & TALENTED (GT) PROGRAM What is a Gifted & Talented Student? A gifted/talented student is a child or youth who performs at or shows the potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who

exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area; possesses an unusual capacity for leadership; or excels in a specific academic field. (Texas Education Code 29.121) GIFTED & TALENTED (GT) PROGRAM CONT. The Cognitive Abilities Test in Fort Bend does not evaluate:

Leadership qualities Musical or athletic talent Intra- or interpersonal skills GIFTED & TALENTED (GT) REFERRAL / TESTING The gifted and talented referral window is from Wednesday, August 14th Monday, September 30th. It will close on Monday, Sept. 30th. Please finish before that day. Below is information that may help you make your decision as to

whether or not you should refer your child for testing. The process is completed entirely online. Online referral system: 2nd grade CogAT/testing window is Monday, Oct. 21st Friday, Oc. 25th GT testing window is Monday, Oct. 28th Friday, Nov. 8th. 2ND GRADE UNIVERSAL SCREENER Most 2nd graders will take the CogAT as part of a universal screening process the week of October 21-25. Second graders who are already identified as needing gifted

services in All Areas will be exempt from the screener. Results will only be used for GT identification purposes if parents refer their child. If a 2nd grader is referred to be evaluated for GT identification, the CSC will consider scores from the 2nd grade testing window, as well as Home and School Rating Scales. Students can only take one GT test per school year, so referred 2nd graders will NOT be tested a second time as part of the referral GIFTED & TALENTED (GT) REFERRAL /

TESTING Important links: Directions for parents: https://drive.Google.Com/file/d/0b2bryge5loslndfsa0dpbevrtfe/v iew You MUST have a Skyward login and password to access the online GT referral form. If you do not have one, you can visit here to register: BIG QUESTION: HOW DO WE PREPARE OUR

CHILD FOR THE TEST? There is no true way to prepare for the Cognitive Abilities Test, or CogAT. Be wary of companies that guarantee identification. Giftedness is a natural ability. They either are gifted or they arent. Only 3-5% of the population are truly gifted. Most of our referred students are high-achievers, not gifted. Pre-AP classes in MS and HS are open to all students, not just those with needing gifted services. GT STUDENT GROUPING

Every campus is required to have at least 1 of these three models. Designated GT classroom 100% of class is all GT GT Cluster minimum of 6, maximum of 12 GT

students Modified GT Cluster there are fewer than 6 GT identified HOW IS GT INSTRUCTION DIFFERENT THAN GENERAL EDUCATION? GT project showcase in March or April (research is done in school starting midyear) Kindergarten: enrichment centers, daily notebook: challenge equation,

reading a paragraph and retelling / writing a new ending to a story 1st grade: OSMO iPad systems with higher-level thinking games: coding, tangrams, words, numbers; differentiated spelling words based on pre-test; many STEM materials that promote critical thinking - Lego kits, STEM storytelling/building kits; early access to Reflex Math (typical 1st graders do not use Reflex Math until after the Winter Break); differentiated materials for some activities (using 10 or 12-sided dice instead of 6-sided dice); opportunities to do Makerspace" activities to make something, create something, write HOW IS GT INSTRUCTION DIFFERENT THAN

GENERAL EDUCATION? 2nd grade: literature circle making books, small group math 2-digit (Marcy Cook tasks) 3rd grade: math board games; hands on use of manipulatives; use of pattern blocks to create geometric figures; real life scavenger hunt of geometric figures; interactive math notebooks; genius hour in the library during intervention time HOW IS GT INSTRUCTION DIFFERENT THAN

GENERAL EDUCATION? 4th grade: use technology to create explain everything videos, KAHOOT! presentations, QR code projects, science fair entries, etc. ; Developing original games to fit with math skills and/or science objectives. 5th grade: genres extension activities; more in-depth discussions for topics in social studies; role play for literature NEEDS ASSESSMENT

Meeting every single student for a few minutes Purpose: to get to know them focus small group and whole group classroom lessons Direct student feedback on additional lessons to be taught in upper grade levels

QUESTIONS? THANK YOU for coming and listening! Please feel free to come talk to me privately afterwards if needed.

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