Measurement notes

MEASUREMENT NOTES Today scientists in almost all countries in the world use the International System of units (SI), which helps scientists compare observations and results. A measurement has a quantity and a unit. SI COMMON PREFIXES prefix symbol meaning example kilo k 1000

Kilometer(k m) hekta ha 100 Hektaliter(h L) deka da 10 Dekameter(d m)

(none) -- 1 Meter,gram,li ter deci d .1 Decigram (dg) centi c

.01 Centimeter(c m) milli m .001 Millimeter(m m) MEASURING LENGTH The SI unit for measuring length is the meter (m). A centimeter is 1/100 of a meter A kilometer is 1000 meters A kilometer is .6 miles, a little more than one half a mile. A metric ruler or a meter stick is the tool

used to measure length. MEASURING AREA Area is a measurement of how much surface something has. To find the area of a room for example; you would multiply the length X width. If a coyote occupied a territory 4 kilometers by 5 kilometers it would have an area of 20 km2. MEASURING VOLUME Volume is the amount of space something occupieshow big it is. To find the volume of a fish tank you multiply the length X width X height. Use water displacement to find the volume of irregular solids. The SI unit for volume is the liter(L). Smaller volumes are measured in milliliters (mL) or cubic centimeter (CM3) 1 mL is the same as 1cubic centimeter The tool for measuring volume is a graduated cylinder.

The surface of the liquid forms a curve rather than a straight line. This curve is called the Meniscus, to measure the liquid you read the value at the bottom of the curve. MEASURING MASS Everything around you is made of matter and has mass. Matter is defined as anything that has mass and takes up space. You are matter, so is air! MASS is the measure of the amount of matter that makes up something. The kilogram (kg) is the basic unit for mass, and when we measure smaller things, for example an earthworm, the unit is the gram. (g) 1 kilogram equals 1000 grams The tool for measuring mass is the balance or scale. M E A S U R I N G T E M P E R AT U R E We are accustomed to measuring temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, using the English system, Where water freezes

at 32 degrees and boils at 212 degrees. Scientists use the Celsius Scale, where water freezes at O degrees and boils at 100 degrees. Kelvin (K) is a second SI unit for temperature. To find the Kelvin temperature, you add 273 to the Celsius temperature. We will use the Celsius scale to measure temperature. A Celsius thermometer is the tool used to measure temperature. TRY THESE ( U S E B A C K O F PA P E R I F N E E D E D ) What is the volume of a An acre of land fish tank that measures 40

measures 64 meters by cm (width) X30cm (height) 64 meters. What is the X 20 cm (width) ? area of an acre of land in square meters? Given that one cm3 = 1 mL, What is the volume of the tank in liters?

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