Maumee Watershed

The UPPER MAUMEE WATERSHED Mike Miller Maumee Watershed The Maumee River is formed in Fort Wayne at the confluence of the St. Marys (flowing north) and the St. Joseph (flowing south) The Maumee River flows northeast to Lake Erie through Toledo The Maumee River is the single largest

watershed/river flowing into the Great Lakes Two Groups Save Maumee Grassroots Organization Local (Fort Wayne) group Upper Maumee Watershed Group Combines both Indiana and Ohio interests Has applied for several large grants for watershed

restoration Partial membership overlap between the two RiverFest Local (Fort Wayne) annual weekend at IPFW on the banks of the St. Joe River Upper Maumee has a presence, including volunteers, hand-outs, and a photo contest

Photo Contest Submissions Submissions are open from May 15 June 15 Submissions must be Electronic images, 5 -7 MB in size Taken on/near/showing the Maumee River Become property of UMWG Must be noted as to photographer, location, date

Photo Contest Selection Submissions will be juried before RF 15-20 submissions will be presented at RF Each submission will have a can in front where votes from the public can be cast Each public voter will be given ten corn kernels as votes Votes can be spread among several submissions or concentrated on one Top three vote recipients will be awarded prizes

(UMWG T-shirts) and recognition RiverFest RiverFest is a one-day festival celebrating our rivers with music, art, family, food, and fun along the St. Joseph River on the IPFW campus. Boat Show June 25-26, boats and trucks galore RiverWalk/Run - 4 km trek starting early and designed for families FamilyFest - Fun, hands-on activities and games for children of all ages ArtFest - Fine Arts and Crafts Sale featuring selected artists from

around the region FoodFest - Concessions throughout the day and adult beverages and food in the evening SplashFest River Activities - Canoe and kayak races, pontoon and kayak rides, ski show RockFest Music from noon to midnight, plus fireworks and floating cauldrons of fire on the St. Joseph River

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