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Contact Information Attendance & Participation Questions Leadership vs. Management What is management? What is leadership? What has effected the nature of management and leadership? Focus will be on leadership Your success as both a manager and leader will depend upon your willingness and ability to change Functions of Management

Planning Organizing Coordinating Staffing Directing Controlling Why does the gap exist between these functions and actual behavior of managers? Management Roles Interpersonal

Informational figurehead, leader, liaison monitor, disseminator, spokesperson Decisional Entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator, negotiator Theory of Management Skills Technical

Human Relations Conceptual Which is more important? Traditional Management Styles Autocratic Bureaucratic

Democratic Which styles are best and when? Focus vs. Vision Focus of Management Do things right Direct operations Enforce policies and rules Design procedures and tasks Control results Foster stability

Vision of Leadership Do the right things Monitor guest expectations Communicate vision and values Manage systems and procedures Support people Engage in continuous improvement What Is Leadership Today? Then

Commerce Work Answers High-tech Directives Rationalism Serious Independent Exclusive Return-on-investment Now

Compassion Balance life and work Questions High-touch Participation Spirituality Fun Interdependence Inclusive Human worth and still theres more! Then

Directives Homeostasis Company goals Conventional Speaks Objective Colloquial Now

Conversations Ambiguity Self-knowledge Unconventional Listens Relational Global Leadership Theories Personality-based Situational Transactional

Transformational Next Week Chapter 1: The Changing Nature of Leadership and Management Tom Segesta Four Seasons Hotel

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