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Hinwick Hall College Homefield College Landmarks Linkage Community Trust Portland College RNIB College, Loughborough There is a lack of information for colleges wishing to establish enterprise activities Many ISCs are small and as a result there

may be a lack of knowledge and skills within the staff body to be able to get the enterprise right first time This could have a financial impact, reduce the opportunities for learning and may not meet Ofsted expectations for a practical and dynamic curriculum

Explore and produce a best practice guide to support colleges when establishing enterprises and also in developing and growing existing enterprises Enable colleges to learn from others ie share best practice

A number of ISCs already operate extremely successful projects. We visited : Derwen College: Farm Shop Homefield College: Barrow of Treats caf; Sip & Surf e-bay shop Linkage College: Image Lab; Gatehouse Cafe Strathmore College: Apedale caf, Jasmine florist/cafe, woodwork workshop

Thanks to all the above! Have a number of enterprises: Farm shop Coffee shop Orangery Restaurant Car Valeting Garden Centre

Gallery College Office Jasmine Caf is a caf and florist, it also pretrains learners to work at the Apedale cafe Apedale caf is owned by the Heritage Trust who work in partnership with the College. The College staffs the Heritage caf which provides a service to visitors to the museum.

Woodwork Workshop Located in a rented business unit on an industrial estate The enterprise makes a variety of items out of wood such as radiator covers and garden furniture

Barrow of Treats Caf Situated in a Leicestershire village. Internet access, traditional sweet shop and caf.

Set up 2 years ago Sip & Surf E-retail enterprise selling donated and customer items on eBay for 15% commission Gift shop selling items produced by learners at the College

Internet caf with high tech i-desks Situated in Loughborough town centre Set up through the Karten Trust Enterprise developed from Aladkins Cave, published on the LSIS Excellence Gateway

Image Lab Photographic enterprise On campus Set up 3 years ago Won JISC award Innovation and Inclusion Set up through the Karten Trust

Gatehouse Caf Located in the community adjacent to East Lindsey District Council Offices in Lincolnshire Linkage Trust won a tender to provide the caf in the council owned building

A standard questionnaire was completed by the visiting PRD member at each enterprise. Any additional factors/discussions of interest/relevance were noted The completed form was then circulated and shared with the other PRD members via email. Comments/suggestions were welcomed

A meeting took place with PRD members on the 8th March 2011 to discuss the lessons learnt from the enterprises visited From the meeting a Best Practice Guide was developed - available on the table or email [email protected]

Please speak to: Norma Curtis Steve Dorris Kathy Cox Vic Myko

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