Lose the Baby Weight - Eating Made Easy

LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT: Emotional Eating & Wrap Up Week 8 Emotional Eating The practice of consuming food in response to feelings instead of hunger

Emotional Eating Excitement Boredom Loneliness Stress Anxiety Relationship problems Poor self-esteem All-or-nothing thinking

Outside pressure Depression Emotional Eating Poll: Have you ever eaten for reasons other than hunger?

What does emotional eating lead to? Guilt Weight gain Inability to lose weight Feeling of being out of control VICIOUS CYCLE

Of Feeling Badly Overeating HOW TO DEAL? Learn to identify your eating triggers

Emotional Situational Physiological Social Emotional Triggers Eating in response to negative feelings like boredom

loneliness depression stress anxiety anger Situational Triggers Eating out of habit or temptation

Being around others who are eating Seeing food ads on TV Passing by restaurants or food stores Seeing free food at work or at an event Physiological Triggers

Eating to help soothe physical feelings in your body Fatigue Lack of energy Pain Thirst Not

sure Social Triggers Eating because Others encourage you to eat

Family tradition To fit in or make someone happy Its what others are doing Overeating at parties or events POLL: WHAT USUALLY TRIGGERS YOU? Emotional Situational Physiological

Social COMMON TRIGGERS FOR BUSY MOMS Fatigue! Kid food lying around Encouraging your kids to eat Bored at home Pregnancy habits die hard

BREAKING THE CYCLE ITS POSSIBLE! 1. Keep a food and exercise diary See food/emotion associations Identify patterns

Identify triggers BREAKING THE CYCLE 2. Make a list of non-food activities you enjoy.

Magazine Music

Walk around block Yoga pose 5 minutes of couch time Vacuum Organize a drawer Write an email to a friend Phone a friend (emergency contact) Question game with spouse Take a shower

BREAKING THE CYCLE 3. Post list in a visible place On fridge or cupboard BREAKING THE CYCLE

When a craving strikes, follow 4 steps: STEP 1 Stop. When youre about to reach for food, simply stop

STEP 2 Breathe. Close your eyes for 4 breaths Helps stop the emotional reaction

STEP 3 Reflect. Ask yourself why youre about to eat Bring mindfulness to eating Opportunity to make a good decision

STEP 4 Choose how to proceed. Eat a pre-thought-out portion Practice mindfulness while eating the food you were craving Do a non-food activity

BREAKING THE CYCLE Replace old habits with new ones Ex: smoke break BREAKING THE CYCLE

Habituating new habits Good habits just as hard to break as bad habits REWARD YOURSELF FOR PROGRESS

Recognize small successes by Verbal encouragement Self-rewards REWARD IDEAS Earn the things you love

Point system? Encouragement from someone Something every time you avoid emotional eating THE ULTIMATE REWARD

Seeing results and getting closer to your goal! SUMMARY Keep a food record Identify your personal eating triggers Develop a list of alternatives to eating Follow the 4 steps when an urge strikes

Reward yourself along the way HELP YOUR CHILD AVOID EMOTIONAL EATING Encourage open communication Dont make food a battleground Provide a healthy food environment at home

Allow kids to listen to their bodies what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat Involve kids in healthy food prep All foods created equal Establish routines Limits are OK youre in charge! Accept and be flexible with yourself model

how you want them to treat themselves GIVEAWAY Metromint WRAP UP

Access to website & forum Until Send me your food record for review Until

end of 2011 end of 2011 Keep doing your homework! WE WANT YOUR FEEDBACK! Emailed survey Testimonials

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