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Looking Glass Self No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Eleanor Roosevelt What does she mean by this? Is this true?

When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, are you dressing for yourself or for others see you? If not for rules and expectations, would you dress differently than you do? How and why?

Cooley and Looking-glass Self Looking-glass self: a self-concept based on our idea of others judgments of us. (1) We Imagine How We Appear to Others Im Very Cool (2) We Interpret Others Reactions

Do you like me? (3) We Develop a Self-Concept Positive and Negative Mead and Role Taking I versus Me Self Concept An image of yourself as having an identity

separate from other people. What is the difference between I and Me? I is how you see yourself. I does the action. I is spontaneous Me is myself and how others see me. Me receives the action Role taking allows us to see ourselves through the eyes of

someone else. Walking in someone else's shoes Significant Others those people whose reactions are most important to your self concept

Generalized Others- Conception of norms, values, and beliefs of ones community or society. Socialization into the Self and Mind Copyright Allyn & Bacon 2007

8 Assignment Identify a song that you like that deals with the topic of a personal relationship.

What are the emotions being expressed and imagine that you have that relationship like the people in the song. How does what we have discussed come into play?

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