Life to Eagle Seminar - Great Smoky Mountain Council

Life to Eagle Seminar Adopted by The Echota District Advancement Committee Boy Scouts of America March 11, 2010 Echota District 1 Notice This presentation is NOT an official

publication of the Boy Scouts of America nor the Great Smoky Mountain Council It is prepared to assist Scouts, Parents, and Scout Leaders. Echota District 2 Introduction Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is a special event. Fewer than 2% of youth registered as Scouts earn this distinction each year.

In the history of the United States of America, 2 million Scouts have earned the Eagle Rank since 1912. Echota District 3 To Achieve the Eagle Scout Rank a Scout Must Earn five prior Scouting Ranks Meet 60 achievement requirements Satisfactorily complete 1,255 different tasks Be reviewed by Adult Scouters at the Unit,

District, Council and National level at least 70 times Echota District 4 Purpose of this Seminar Review the 12 steps from Life to Eagle Review the Requirements for the Eagle Scout Review the Eagle Service Project Requirements

Echota District 5 Target Audiences Life and Star Rank Boy Scouts Parents Scout Leaders Scoutmasters Advancement Chairs Committee Members Echota District 6

Who Sets Eagle Requirements? Set by BSA National Committee Echota District Advancement Committee implements policies and procedures of BSA National Committee and Council Echota District 7 The Seven Eagle Requirements 1. Be active for six (6) months after Life rank.

2. Live by the Scout Oath and Law 3. Earn at least 21 Merit Badges (including those required for the Eagle Rank) 4. Hold a position of responsibility for a period of 6 months 5. Complete an Eagle Leadership Project 6. Take part in a Scoutmaster Conference 7. Successfully complete Eagle Board of Review Echota District 8 Be Aware

NO Council, District, Unit or Individual has the authority to ADD to or SUBTRACT from any BSA advancement requirement Echota District 9 Reference Advancement Committee Policies & Procedures, revised annually

Boy Scout Requirements, revised annually Boy Scout Handbook Eagle Scout Application, latest revision Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook, Echota District latest revision 10 How Do I Get From Life to Eagle? It takes 12 steps

Echota District 11 12 Steps from Life to Eagle 1. Fill out Eagle Scout Application Form Obtain the most current application form available from the Website http:// All dates must be correct Complete Requirements as specified 2. Complete Service Project (use workbook

also available at 3. Do Req. 1-5 before your 18th birthday Echota District 12 12 Steps from Life to Eagle 4. Fill out Eagle Scout Application Form Must be completely filled out (with the signatures of Unit Leader and Unit Committee Chair)* NO exceptions Submit completed application to your Districts Eagle Chairperson Five or six letters of recommendation are

requested and are to be sent by the references listed on the application to your Scoutmaster Echota District 13 12 Steps Continued 5. Your application is hand carried to Council for verification GSMC informs the Districts Eagle Committee that application is ready Board of Review is authorized 6. District actions at same time as

GSMC Maintain critical path information Verify Eagle Project Workbook Collect Letters of Recommendation Echota District 14 12 Steps from Life to Eagle 7. District Eagle Committee receives the verified application from GSMC and prepares the Eagle Board of Review Packet 8. Board of Review arranged by District Eagle Chairman (3 to 6 members)

9. The Eagle Board of Review is held. Unit Leader introduces candidate to the members but is not a board member Requires unanimous decision Echota District 15 12 Steps Continued 10.Board of Review signs off if the candidate is passed. Application and Advancement Form is taken to Council for processing 11.Council Scout Executive signs Application

12.Application sent to National which verifies and authorizes award (Done electronically within 2 weeks, in some cases; target 6 weeks) Echota District 16 Requirement #1 Be Active Be active in your troop, team, ship or crew for a period of at least six (6) months after you achieve the rank of Life Scout

Any six (6) month period, not necessarily consecutive ACTIVE means registered and not suspended for discipline Echota District 17 Requirement #2 Scout Spirit Demonstrate that you live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life. This requirement is NOT for how you act in your Unit, but how you live

your life! Echota District 18 Live by Oath & Law Continued This is NOT Troop Spirit This is NOT wearing the uniform This IS about everyday life Do you abide by the principles of the Oath and Law in your everyday life? Echota District 19

Requirement #3 Earn 21 Merit Badges Earn a total of 21 Merit Badges (4 required, 6 total for STAR: 3 required, 11 total for Life Scout: 5 required, 21 total for Eagle) including the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. First Aid Citizenship in the Community Citizenship in the Nation Citizenship in the World Communications Personal Fitness Emergency Preparedness OR Lifesaving ** 8. Environmental Science 9. Personal Management

10. Swimming OR Hiking OR Cycling ** 11. Camping 12. Family Life (** You must choose only one of these merit badges. If you have earned more than one of the badges listed, choose one and list the remaining badges to make your total of 21) Echota District 20

Merit badges must be.. APPROVED in advance by the Unit Leader EARNED with approved Merit Badge Counselors REPORTED to Council by the Unit Representative NOTE: Keep your MERIT BADGE ADVANCEMENT CARDS, They are your proof of completion! Echota District 21 Merit Badges and Scouts with Disabilities

There are special exceptions for Scouts with disabilities Contact the District Advancement Chairman for guidance Echota District 22 REQUIREMENT #4 Position of Responsibility

While a Life Scout, serve actively for a period of six (6) months in one or more qualified positions of responsibility. List only those positions served after your Life Board of Review Date. Note: The Eagle rank does not accept a Scoutmaster created position of leadership (i.e.: Den Chief Trainer, Physicians Aid, Record Keeper, Etc.) only those clearly indicated in the handbook and on the Eagle Scout Application are acceptable. (See next page for acceptable positions) Echota District 23 Boy Scout Troop Eligible Positions

Patrol Leader Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Senior Patrol Leader Troop Guide Order of the Arrow Troop Representative Den Chief Scribe Librarian Historian Quartermaster Junior Assistant Scoutmaster

Chaplain Aid Instructor See the manual for Venturing, Sea Scouting or Varsity for appropriate positions in those programs Echota District 24 Serve Actively in your Position of Responsibility Time carried on the unit records in the position is

all that may be required. You do not have to hold one position for six (6) months. You do not have to hold the position for six (6) consecutive months. You may meet this requirement any time while a Life Scout. Echota District 25 Performance in the Position of Responsibility A Scout may not be held to an extraordinary standard of performance.

The standard of performance used to measure this requirement shall be the same as that applied to other Star, Life or Eagle Scout candidates. No unit may set a standard of performance other than time in position. Otherwise, the Eagle candidate shall be presumed to have satisfactorily fulfilled this requirement. Unit leaders may not expect any Scout to meet an undefined or unknown standard of performance. Echota District 26 Requirement #5

Eagle Service Project While a Life Scout, plan, develop, and give leadership to others in a service project helpful to any religious institution, any school, or your community Echota District

27 Requirement #6 Scoutmaster Conference Take part in a Scoutmaster conference with your unit leader. A Scoutmaster conference is a positive experience, the objective of which is to help a Scout evaluate his accomplishments and set new goals. Even goals beyond the rank of Eagle and/or the age of 18

Echota District 28 Scoutmaster Conference - continued A Scoutmaster conference may be conducted at the request of an Eagle candidate, or be initiated by the unit leader. When there is a reason to believe that an Eagle candidate will not be qualified to achieve the Eagle Scout award within the six month period prior to his eighteenth birthday, the unit leader is obligated to initiate a counseling session, on a timely basis, so as to give the Eagle candidate every reasonable opportunity to become

qualified. Echota District 29 What if I have a problem? Get HELP: (Quickly, do not wait for it to get better on its own) 1. Talk to your Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor, Ship Skipper or Team Coach. 2. Talk to your Advancement Chairperson. 3. Talk to your Committee Chairperson. 4. Talk to your District Advancement

Chairperson. Echota District 30 Have a Problem?? What can I do if I am having a problem with my Scoutmaster or any other Adult Leader? Echota District

31 Having a Problem continued All Scouts have the right to ask for a board of review at any time to review an adverse advancement decision. If you think you are not being treated fairly or that you are being held to extraordinary standards, contact the District Advancement Chairperson or the District Chairperson. Do not delay, the more promptly problems can be resolved the better. Echota District

32 Having a Problem continued Remember, NO Council, District, Unit or Individual has the authority to add to or subtract from any advancement requirements. Unfortunately ignorance is no excuse for imposing old requirements, self created requirements, or unit created requirements. Echota District

33 Requirement #7 Board of Review 3 to 6 members over 21 years of age (1 District and/or Council Member must participate) Unanimous decision must be reached If the candidate is not approved then an appeal process is available Candidates may not repeat a board of review, an adverse decision can only be overturned by appeal

Echota District 34 Complete the Eagle Award Application Fill it out completely List references as requested Be sure all dates are correct Include unit numbers for merit badges List only 21 merit badges Complete and sign the back side Attach to your project

workbook Always check to see if you have the current version Echota District 35 Your Life Ambitions

Attach to your Eagle Scout Award Application a statement of your ambitions and life purpose and a listing of positions held in your religious institution, school, camp, community or other organizations during which you demonstrated leadership skills. Include any honors and awards received during this service Echota District 36 Letters of Reference You must get at least six letters of reference

(one from your parents, an Educator, two from Friends, your employer, and one from a religious leader over the age of 21). If no employer, you may provide only five letters of reference. The letters must match the references listed on the Application. The letters must be sent to the Scoutmaster who will bring the sealed letters to the Eagle Board at the time of review. Echota District 37 What if no Religious reference? On your Eagle application, you must list your

parents on the line for Religious reference since it was your parents responsibility to expose you to religion. You must also write, in addition to the life ambition, a Statement of Religious belief. This is a letter stating that you believe in a supreme being and submit this along with the Eagle Application. Echota District 38 What if no employer If you are not employed, you need not provide a letter of reference.

Echota District 39 The Dreaded 18 th Birthday Problem Echota District

40 If you are 17 PAY ATTENTION Echota District 41 Your 18th Birthday!! Most people receive about 18 years advanced warning of the date on which they will turn 18. It is not an emergency or an unexpected event. You know the date. Echota District

42 You Must Do the Following BEFORE your 18th Birthday: Complete all your merit badges. Complete your Eagle Service Project. Complete your Scoutmaster Conference*. Be active as a Life Scout for six months. Serve actively in a position of responsibility for six months while a Life Scout. Echota District 43

Eagle Scout Leadership Project Echota District Boy Scouts of America Echota District 44 Start planning as soon as you reach Life rank You may start planning your Eagle Scout Leadership Project just as soon after achieving

the rank of Life Scout as is practical. All work on your Eagle Leadership Project must be undertaken while you are a Life Scout and completed before your eighteenth birthday. Echota District 46 1. The Project Must be a project that conforms to the wishes and regulations of those for whom the project is undertaken. Must be where the Eagle Scout demonstrates leadership skills learned in Scouting. Be done outside the sphere of Scouting (not a Troop

function). The Scout must plan the work, organize the personnel needed, and direct the project to completion. Routine labor, a job normally rendered should not be considered. There is NO minimum or maximum number of volunteers or hours of work needed to carry out your Eagle Leadership Project. Echota District 47 The Project Approvals by the Recipient, your Unit Leader, Unit Committee and District

Representative MUST be obtained IN WRITING before you begin. The Project may not involve council or BSA properties, may not be performed for a business, may not be of a commercial nature, may not be routine labor or maintenance and may not be for the benefit of an individual. You must do your own project A candidate may not use his participation in the service project of another Eagle candidate to satisfy the Eagle Leadership Project requirement You may not copy or otherwise share your

responsibilities for planning, developing or providing leadership to others Its all about showing LEADERSHIP Echota District 49 2. Have Measurable Goals The amount of time spent must be sufficient for the Scout to demonstrate leadership skills The project idea must be approved by the District Eagle Board before work is begun

Echota District 50 3. Plan, Develop, Carry Out You are expected toplan, develop and give leadership to others Determine what kinds and quantities of materials and/or supplies are needed Their costs and how they will be acquired Keep accurate inventory records and a log of work activities Manage the resources and purposefully direct the project to its completion

Echota District 51 A few words about Fund Raising Fundraising is permitted only for the purpose of acquiring the materials and supplies needed to carry out your project. Fundraising is not a requirement. Fundraising must not be part of the project itself. Fundraising must conform to the Guide to Safe Scouting (Tour Permits, Parental Consent, Supervision and most important is safety). Echota District

52 What if things go wrong? Even the best planned activities sometimes need change. You will not necessarily be penalized if you had to vary from your plan. On the other hand, if your project did not substantially follow your plan . . . then have you truly demonstrated the leadership skills expected of an Eagle Scout? Echota District 53

4. Opportunity to Show Leadership The Board of Review will expect your Eagle Leadership Project to be helpful and of significance to the beneficiary for whom it is undertaken Echota District 54 Who can help? Other Scouts, Family, Friends and

Classmates, Church Members, other youth groups, etc., of any age or type may volunteer; they do not have to be scouts You should recruit, train, organize and schedule the personnel needed Echota District 55 What about adult supervision? An Eagle Leadership Project is not an official unit activity, it is an Eagle Scout Leadership Project.

Proper planning, however, includes preparing for appropriate adult participation and safety concerns. See the Guide to Safe Scouting. Echota District 56 5. A qualified beneficiary Service to others is an important philosophy to the Eagle Leadership

Project. Therefore, your Eagle Leadership Project must be done outside of Scouting. Projects can not be done for your Council, Troop or for the District. You can do a project for your Troop Sponsor if it meets other requirements. Echota District 57 5. A qualified beneficiary A community organization is defined as any government agency, or an institution qualified under Section 501(c) of the US

Internal Revenue Code as a not-for-profit charitable, educational or religious organization. Echota District 58 What your Beneficiary wants Your Eagle Leadership Project must conform to the wishes of those for whom it is undertaken. The detailed plan for your Eagle Leadership Project must be approved by and a signature obtained from proper

official of the beneficiary, before it is submitted to your Unit Leader, Unit Committee or the District Advancement Committee. Echota District 59 Help Choosing a Project Please take a moment to answer each question on a separate sheet of paper as completely as you can. Question 1: What are your current interests outside

of Scouting? (i.e.: football, hockey, chess, speaking, building, computers, teaching, hiking, boating, theater, etc. Echota District 60 Help Choosing a Project Question 2: What are your best skills? (i.e.: organizing, books, technology, physical, planning, leading, acting, writing, etc. Echota District

61 Help Choosing a Project Question 3: What schools, churches and community groups have influenced your life? Are they non-profit and non-BSA? Echota District 62 Help Choosing a Project Question 4:

What needs to be done for these groups? (it can not be maintenance or fundraising) Echota District 63 Help Choosing a Project Question 5: Who would you contact to find how to help? (School Principal, Church Minister/ Grounds Keeper, Superintendent, Ranger, Administrator) Echota District

64 Use the Workbook.. You may use the Eagle Leadership Project Workbook in meeting this requirement. Eagle Scout Leadership Project Workbook (Note: Always check to see if you have the current version) Echota District 65

Workbook Sections Cover page Name, Unit, District Plan Identify beneficiary Describe project broadly Echota District 66 Workbook Sections, continued Develop

Create a detailed plan Material, time, labor Leadership Carry out Describe results Show logs of your efforts What happened Echota District 67 Workbook Signature Page Before you can start the Eagle Project

Unit Leader Beneficiary Unit Committee Chair District Advancement Chair After the project is completed

Answer the questions on page 3-4 of Project Workbook You Sign District Eagle Advisor Signs Beneficiary Signs Echota District 68 You CAN DO the Following AFTER your 18th Birthday: Have your Eagle Scout Board of Review. Have your Eagle Court of Honor. Echota District

69 Time Extensions?? Can I get a Time Extension to complete my Eagle? Echota District 70 Can I get an Extension? You may file a petition in writing for special permission to continue to work toward the award after reaching age 18

But Echota District 71 Extensions.. The petition must show good and sufficient evidence and detail extenuating circumstances. Extenuating circumstances are defined as conditions or situations that are totally beyond the control of the Scout. Late is Late, Late is NOT an excuse!!

Echota District 72 If you are almost 18. Work hard to complete your requirements. Talk to your leaders now so that they can help you and warn you of problems. Remember that adult leaders have busy lives. Dont ask a leader to give up a vacation because you forgot your 18th birthday. Know your deadlines in advance Echota District

73 In Summary Your GOAL is to soar as an Eagle. Keep your eye on your goal. Accomplish your goal Plan ahead (with a calendar) and you will Soar as an Eagle. Echota District 74 Credit where Credit is due

Original slide content from this presentation were taken from the South Florida Council; and it was modified for layout, content and redeveloped for use. (Input from Karl H. Johnson, ADC, Lakes District, as part of a Wood Badge Ticket, WE1-612-1-03, Fox Patrol Member) ( again updated in 2004 by Lou Hardin, OCC, District Advancement Committee, and is also a Wood Badge member of the Beaver Patrol WE4-51-2-01) The second edition was completed at Philmont Training Center with the aid of the National Councils Advancement Committee members: John Ertel, Ed Mercer and its Professional Staff advisor, Terry C. Lawson. Edition:9/8/05 This edition is a slightly modified version of the one completed at Philmont Training

Center in 2005. It was modified by the Echota District Advancement Committee of the Great Smoky Mountain Council for their use in district advancement training. (Sheree Hamblin, Advancement Chair, Ted Hatfield, Eagle Board Chair, Randol Waters, Training Chair) Edition:3/11/2010 Echota District 75 Q & A and Echota Website At this time we would like to answer any

unanswered questions. Please feel free to contact Ted Hatfield, Echota Eagle Board Chair, at (865) 9259606 or [email protected] with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your attention and participation Echota District 76 Eagle Project Some Examples

Echota District 77 Develop a five mile Trail to benefit Yosemite National Park This example is a worthy project because it is a significant effort, with a measurable goal and a defined objective that requires thoughtful planning and development, provides an Eagle candidate with an adequate opportunity to provide leadership to others, and is undertaken for a qualified beneficiary.

Echota District 78 Develop a new hiking trail at Lost Valley Boy Scout reservation This example is not an acceptable project because it does not set forth a measurable goal, and is to be performed for an unqualified beneficiary. Echota District

79 Make and install 4 benches and plant 12 different varieties of plants in the courtyard of Oakbrook Elementary School This example is a worthy project because it is a significant effort, with a measurable goal and a defined objective that requires thoughtful planning and development, provides an Eagle candidate with an adequate opportunity to provide leadership to others, and is undertaken for a qualified beneficiary. Echota District

80 Clean up and remove the trash at Santiago Park This example is not an acceptable project because it is not an extraordinary effort, does not set forth a measurable goal, requires no meaningful planning or development, and can be performed by an Eagle candidate without any need to give leadership to others. Echota District

81 Tough Situations Some service projects can be worthwhile and beneficial but still not qualify. Replacing a fence for an elderly person at their home is worthy but not acceptable as an Eagle Project because it benefits an individual rather than the community. Some may be tough calls. A blood drive usually lacks the leadership needed for the project, but it is still possible to qualify under some circumstances. Echota District

82 Having a Problem continued Some examples of Eagle Myths: The project must involve wood construction Detailed drawings to scale/CAD/3D must be included The Scout can not receive help from his parent Can not involve any volunteers from outside the unit Must include multi-media presentations The project must be completed within 30 days The Project must be completed as the last requirement The project write-up must be done in such a way thatany other Scout could complete it

The Scout must be 16 years of age before beginning work The project must have a minimum of 200 hours Echota District 83 End of the Life to Eagle Seminar We would like to thank the Orange County Council for letting the Echota District use this very helpful Life to Eagle Seminar presentation. Echota District


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