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Life Lessons Through Disney Submitted by Breanna Bang Resident Assistant University of Denver Looking at classic Disney movies through a different lens allows you to think about

the lessons they teach. The fairytales arent quite the same if you look at the message they are sending. Dating Tips From Disney Prince and Princesses There is nothing weird about kissing girls

while theyre unconscious. -Prince Philip, Sleeping Beauty The cold terrible beast who threatens your family is really just the prince you havent met! Belle, Beauty and the Beast

When youre trapped with the same person for a long time, it starts to feel like home. Belle, Beauty and the Beast

You dont need to have fancy people friends, things around your house can be your friend. Dont just sit on your furniture, talk to it! Belle Dont be afraid to abandon your family and friends and entire way of life on the first date!

Ariel Its okay to lie about who you are if you think she is shallow and superficial. Aladdin Looks and personality dont matter as long as you have a violent temper and money.

-Prince Adam (the Beast) Having a realistic body or even waist line is overrated. All Disney Princesses Dress to impress! Princes

like women in painfully elaborate evening wear. Cinderella You can work and work and work, but until you wish on a star and without a prince, your

dreams will never come true. Tiana, Princess and the Frog If a woman saves your life, that isnt good enough, she has to save an entire country before you should ask her out. Shang, Mulan

If your having issues with your family (particularly jealous stepmothers), dont worry, strange men will always take you. Snow White Its okay to sneak up on and grab women from behind when theyre

not looking. Just start singing. Theyre run at first but you can find them again later. - Prince Philip, Sleeping Beauty Dont worry, if you cant stand up for yourself, a

fairy god-mother will come help you. -Cinderella

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